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Code Red 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

March 2014
Pilibhat, Uttar Pradesh:
2 police jeeps arrive in the middle of a jungle. A guy is shown running to save himself from the police. There is firing from both the sides. They eventually kill the guy.

Media reporters reach there. Senior Inspector addresses them. Our CM is going to come over soon so the security was on high alert. 3 men were going on a bike. This dead man was one of them. our officers tried to stop them but in vain. They instead started firing back. Our officers did an operation afterwards. They fought bravely and killed one terrorist while two fled from the spot. Their search is on. Inspectors who had fought with that man give bites to the journalists as well. A reporter praises them in his news for they risk their lives while fighting with the terrorists, that too without any bullet proof jacket or any other cover.

CM too praises that police team for fighting with the terrorist bravely. Those 5 policemen will be awarded Rajya Puraskars. Two men are shown to be watching the news.

Doc tells the reporters that out of 5 people in the road accident, 2 are in casualty while 3 are injured. Kabir asks him if their injuries are severe. Doc denies. Just then an ambulance arrives. Ward boys take a dead body inside the morgue. Kabir notices it. A ward boy throws that man’s clothes and articles in the dustbin kept outside the morgue. Kabir asks the constable if the case is too big as you all are here. Constable tells him about the so called terrorist. His phone rings so he goes aside to talk to his senior.

Kabir notices an ID card (Driving license) peeking out from the trousers. He picks it up. The ward boy takes the bin away while Kabir looks at the Driving License in his hand.

Subedar Lakhan Singh’s House
Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh:
Kabir parks his bike outside and rings the doorbell. An old man (holding a crutch in his one hand) opens the door. Kabir takes Amar’s (the diseased) name. Lakhan ji (Amar’s father) tells Kabir that Amar is in Pilibhat. He got a job in a bank there. Are you his friend? I have never seen you before. He welcomes Kabir inside. Kabir agrees to come over some other day.

Sakshi asks Kabir what was the dilemma that prompted him to come out quietly. Kabir is tensed as the old man has no clue about his son’s reality. What will he feel after knowing the truth? Sakshi points out that he too is hiding the truth. It is your duty to unravel the truth. You cannot run away from your responsibilities by thinking of this. it is your mission to find the truth so you have to know and understand each aspect of this person’s life; and also the story behind it. For that you will have to go inside and tell everything to Amar’s father.

Kabir rings the bell again. This time he goes inside. Lakhan ji tells his wife to bring tea and snacks for him. Kabir takes a seat. He asks Lakhan ji if he was in the Indian Army earlier. Lakhan ji nods proudly. I was at the border. My leg got injured so I had to retire, though I don’t regret it as we had won that war. His daughter (Neha) is searching for her phone. Kabir finally gains the courage to talk to them. I am Kabir from Nayi Aawaz. You must have seen the news on tv about a terrorist. The terrorist in Pilibhit Encounter was none other than Amar. Everyone is stunned.

Lakhan ji dials Amar’s number but it is unavailable. But he isn’t ready to believe Kabir. We just spoke to AMar yesterday. Kabir shows him Amar’s Driving License. I got this from the hospital where his dead body was kept. I found it there only. The family members are devastated.

A while later, Lakhan ji asks Kabir how all this happened. Kabir too has no other info. Lakhan ji loses his cool. How dare you call my son a terrorist then? he is the son of a patriot so he cannot be a terrorist. His wife holds him to support / calm him. Kabir too tells him to calm down. I too don’t know the truth yet. But after meeting you I feel that there is something that maybe either the police or you people don’t know! Can you tell me something about Amar? How did he take this step? Neha says what step. Amar cannot do anything like that ever. He was our hero. He used to study day and night.

Flashback: There is no electricity so Amar is sitting next to a lantern so he could study. Neha insists him to check the problem with the fuse. He corrects it and then again resumes his studies. He was the apple of our eye. Amar’s mother was very ill one day. They took her to hospital. She has stone in her gall bladder yet she disagrees to go for the operation because of her fears. Amar agrees to make her understand but she stays put. ON their way back, Amar understands it that his mother is not ready to go for the operation because of money. She denies but the kids can sense it. Neha says my brother could see and feel the strained situations at home because of lack of money at home. A guy had come to meet Neha once for wedding but she refused to marry him even though she had liked that guy. Amar understood that as well. Neha adds that Amar wanted to do so much for his family. One day, Lakhan ji was trying to restart his scooter but it dint. His neighbour suggests him to buy a new one. Amar promises to get a new scooter for his father once he gets a job. In college, Amar was always the studious one. He even avoided eating out with friends, getting new shoes for himself to save money. One day he brought happiness in the home. Amar passed in his exams and has even got a placement in bank. It will help in mom’s operation and getting Neha married too. there is just one problem. I will have to go to Pilibhit for job. His mother was hesitant but Lakhan ji supports Amar. I too have travelled to so many places for my job. You never stopped me and Pilibhit is not even far. He advises Amar to work dedicatedly. Nothing is bigger than honesty and dedication. Samir and Vikas (Amar’s cousins) can help you in finding a house for you. Amar notices the sad face of his mother and they all share a group hug to cheer her up.

Present: Neha says my brother used to help and respect everyone. He was simple, smart, intelligent and honest. Kabir realises that he went to Pilibhit a month ago only. Lakhan ji points out that a simple guy cannot turn into a terrorist in a month’s time. Do you have an answer to that? Kabir is in thoughts.

Kabir takes Amar’s parents to meet the senior officer (Mr. Sharma) of police. He talks about proofs that prove it that Amar is a terrorist. Lakhan ji shows him Amar’s certificates. Such a smart guy turned into such a big terrorist in a month’s time that you had to ultimately kill him? I have fought for the country. You will have to get an investigation done. We wont sit quietly until then. Lakhan ji leaves with his wife while the SO stops Kabir. What’s all this? Kabir says I only want to find out the truth. SO repeats the same thing that his 5 policemen killed a terrorist. One month’s time is enough to brainwash someone’s mind. Kabir thanks him for giving him his time and walks out.

Amar’s family is sitting outside the police station only. They refuse to leave till they get an answer of their questions. Lakhan ji notices 2 guys peeking from behind the police jeep. He recognizes Vikas and Samir. Vikas signals him not to make any kind of noise. He calls them aside. They both request Lakhan ji to save them as police is after them. Kabir takes them with him.

Kabir takes them all to a vacant house. Be assured no one will come here. Lakhan ji requests Vikas and Samir to talk. AMar wont be proved innocent if you keep quiet. Vikas tells him that they had gone to drop Amar at his office on the first day.

One month ago: We advised him not to do any work on the first day of office. They had insisted but Amar wanted to start the work from that day itself. Amar finds a simple and small single room house for himself as he wants to send max money to his house. The house is not in a very good condition but Amar is happy with it all. He tells his mom that he will work hard and get promoted in one year only so he can fulfil all his responsibilities. He gets a little emotional when his mother remarks that he has grown up fast.

Amar’s eyes get teary as he receives his first cheque. His cousins insist for a party. Amar promises to treat them at home this time. Amar is against tripling on a bike as it is against traffic rules. His brothers cutely trick him into it. the security is on high alert today because of the CM visiting Pilibhit tomorrow. Amar is tensed while his brothers are cool with giving bride to the police. The constable who stops them refuses to take bribe. They get into a verbal fight. Amar tries to calm the situation but his cousins drive off. The on duty inspector starts beating Amar. They take him to the lockup and beat him badly. Amar pleads innocence but inspector wants to know about his cousins. Another senior inspector comes and takes out his belt to beat him but Amar is badly hurt. Seems like he wont live! They drive down to the middle of the jungle. Constables hold Amar so as to support him. Amar opens his eyes and is shocked to find two inspectors pointing their guns at him. he is too much hurt to even think properly or try to run away from there. He thinks of his parents and all his dreams for / of his family when the inspectors fire bullets at him. He dies on the spot. Inspector fires in random directions to create evidence for a counter fight. He makes the constable wipe his finger prints from the gun and makes Amar hold it.

Present: Amar’s family cries hearing the real story behind the incident. Kabir decides to raise a voice against this injustice. Lakhan ji decides to fast till Amar is proved innocent.

Lakhan ji and his family are sitting outside Pilibhit Police Station. Kabir makes up his mind to help them. He writes an article on the same. till when will this custom of doing what you want to continue? Till when will this system turn innocent people into criminals? We all will have to raise our voice against it and fight it together. His article creates the desired effect on people. People even hold candle march for Amar.

A week later:
Kabir encourages his fellow journalists to cover this story. Retired army officers association too comes to support Lakhan ji.

2 weeks later:
More people join Lakhan ji in the protest. They all sit quietly outside Pilibhit Police Station to support Amar’s family. In fact, police is somewhat scared of their silent protest. CM comes to request Lakhan ji to end his fast. Lakhan ji declines to do that till the time Amar’s innocence is proved. If you really feel sympathy for us then help us. Give orders for a CBI enquiry. Get those people punished who killed our innocent son in a fake encounter. Get them punished. CM promises to do so. He tells his PA (Raj) something in his ears.

Kabir says system had to wake up finally. They had to make an enquiry against those who were awarded the Rajya Puraskar. Police had killed an innocent man. A CBI probe was initiated against them.

CBI Court:
Lawyer tells in court that the report submitted was fake. Amar was brutally beaten a few hours before he died. There were many injuries on his body. Police presented a cold blooded murder as an encounter. They cooked up a false story. Their award should be taken back and they should be punished for the wrong that they have done.

3 weeks later:
CM gives the good news to Lakhan ji. He, his wife and Neha think of Amar. Lakhan ji finally takes a sip of juice but is unable to hold back his tears anymore. His wife is crying as well.

Kabir writes, Amar got justice finally but his family had to pay a heavy price for it. everyone is terrified of terrorists in today’s date. Plus it is true that police work under a lot of pressure but how can we sympathise with them on this topic? Those guys had made a small mistake but do they deserve such a big punishment? Police raised their hands on AMar, they beat him mercilessly and then to hide their mistakes they actually killed him! till when will the system continue to gain medals by using terrorism as a fake reason and hide their mistakes? A naive guy, who had so many dreams in his eyes, left this world and took those dreams with him! This should stop.

Sakshi says this was not a normal incident but such things do happen so it was important to talk about it. if something like this happens near you then don’t be quiet. It is your responsibility to raise your voice against it. it might be that your one gesture can help an innocent person in getting justice.

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