Doli Armaanon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Function venue
Gaurav asks ishaan how did samrat feel about trisha’s behaviour. ishaan asks him not to worry. buaji comes in to amsue them. meanwhile, urmi and trisha are tensed. trisha asks urmi if she’s angry at her. urmi says that she knows that she didnt do it intentionally, but hopes that samrat and his family understand it oo. buaji comes in there too, initiating a conversation, and lightening the mood. Samrat’s bhabhi compliments urmi for her dance. urmi thanks her refrring to her as bhabhi. She gets angry and asks her not to call that. urmi is tensed and asks what to say then. she relives urmi and others by saying that urmi should call her sister. urmi happily accepts. kanchan, urmi’s bhabhi, is surprised to see her bade papa, also

having come there. He compliments urmi on her dance and behaviour too. He says that he has to leave now. he excuses himself. Saroj asks about samrat’s mother, shashi.

Shashi comes fuming along with rashmi and her mother. shashi comes in while they are tensed. Shashi says that they came to meet trisha and ask about her health. trisha says that she felt like vomitting and very nauseous. Shashi says that she also couldnt digest why trisha would insult samrat. All get tensed. trisha’s mother comes to her rescue saying that they cant event hink of that. Rasshmi speaks on shashi’s behalf, apologising secretively on her behalf, that triahs should be sorry for this, and had it been someone else other than shashi, she would have been very angry. shashi asks her to let things be now. trisha again apologises. ishaan comes into lighten the mood, by getting her lemonade. triahs’s parents apologise profusely for her behaviour. in her garb of showing concern,. shashi doesnt leave any chance to taunt trisha on her behaviour. all are tensed. ishaan asks her to sit down, but shashi says that she’s very busy, and has to attend to other guests too. urmi is very tensed. shashi leaves, saying that she just came for trisha. After she leaves, ishaan tries to lighten the mood, but everyone is tensed. Samrat comes in asking whats the matter and why they all look so tensed. Buaji smilingly says that they are all scared of his anger. Trisha’s father apologises to samrat for trisha’s bad behaviour. Samrat says that he doesnt need to apologise as trisha didnt do it intentionally, and she wasnt well too, and needed rest. trisha eyes samrat curtly while samrat smiles evilly. trisha’s father is relieved, while all praise him for his down to earth behaviour. ishaan asks them to relax now atleast, praising samrat. samrat thinks that now on, as days pass, urmi would herself refuse to get her in her marriage. All thank samrat profusely. after he is gone, urmi and other are relieved. urmi asks for the washbasin, and moves towards it. samrat finds her going and goes after her.

While she’s washing her hands in the basin, samrat creeps in behind her and she gets scared. She is shy while samrat takes her hand and asks her not to be scared as long as he is there, and that they should get a chance to talk, as they are getting married after all. He asks for some time from her, to be able to talk. urmi is happy inside, but is shy on the outside. Samrat says that he’s waiting for urmi at the terrace. urmi asks that there are so many guests, how would she be able to come. Samrat says that he doesnt know that, but she should think not about the guests, but about him, that what he would feel, if she doesnt come. he asks her to come soon and leaves. urmi is shy but excited inside too. anu comes and asks what was he asking for and when she knows anu gets very excited. urmi asks what reason would she give to all the people sitting. anu says that they would excuse themselves for the washroom. Anu goes along with urmi, and takes her on the pretext of the washroom, while samrat waits on the terrace.

urmi gets up on the terrace with anu, and goes onto meet samrat, shyly and nervously. Smart is oblivious of her presence. He turns around to find her standing. He compliments her on her dancing skills. urmi asks if he liked it. he asks how could he not. urmi asks what did he want to talk about. samrat says that he didnt want, but he would have to. While urmi is happily dreaming, samrat brings up the topic of trisha, saying that whats he did wasnt good, and she didnt like it. urmi gets tensed, and tries to make up for her, saying that she wasnt well, or she wouldnt have done that. samrat says that trisha doesnt like him, and she shouldnt hide it. Urmi is tensed, and says that they are just both different people, with different opinions. samrat says that he never bears the wrong. He reminds how he had made his own mother apologise to them. urmi says that they all rever him for that, but trisha’s case was something different. Samrat says that he doesnt let anyone particularly anyone, to play with his respect, not even trisha. He says that he didnt create a scene, just to keep their respect, otherwise this was something he wouldnt ever have tolerated. urmi says that he’s thinking wrong, as she didnt do it intentionally. smart says that he doesnt care for that, but the fact is that she did, and thats beyond his toleration. urmi is highly tensed. she apologises. Samrat says what good would that do. urmi says that she would just get trisha over here to apologise. samrat says that he doesnt need that. samrat says that he just wants one thing. urmi asks what. samrat says that he doesnt want trisha to be at the marriage. urmi asks what does he mean. samrat says that one who isnt happy with this marriage, wont be a part of that ceremony. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Samrat tells urmi that she’s going to be his wife, and therefore his respect is hers, and his disrespect also is hers. He says that if she cares for him even a little bit, then he shouldnt find trisha at the wedding. urmi is highly tensed and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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