Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th December 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Sharda wondering where Karan would be and what has he written in this letter. Dadi comes there. Sharda tells her she knows she cannot read whatever is written in here but I know all this is important. Don’t know where my son is. Dadi quietens her. You are wasting your time thinking over this letter when there is so much work left to do. Sharda is still worried for Karan but Dadi stays put. He must have gone for some work, don’t worry.

Karan is at his friend’s home. Rohan initially scares Karan about marriage but then sensibly asks him to talk to his dad. Karan denies. My dad doesn’t listen to anyone. He is worried not for himself but for his mom. I did all the wrong things and dad used to scold mom. He gets a call from Sharda. She asks about his whereabouts.

Rohan prods him to speak up as this is the chance but Karan shushes him. She asks him about the letter as well. You are not going to do something wrong? He stammers and then declines. I was out for some time. His friends again push him to speak up. Karan ends up agreeing to come home. He tells his friends if he doesn’t go home then don’t know what will happen with mom. They point out now he will have to get engaged. He cannot understand what to do.

Karan’s aunt and uncle reach Modi House. They follow muhurats very much. They ask about the bride from Sharda. She tells them she is very beautiful (even though she hasn’t seen her herself). Karan’s uncle compliments Karan as well. Dadi takes them with her. Kaveri tells Sharda that the priest is calling her with vermilion and a pot of water. Sharda nods.

Sakshi reaches Modi House. She is wearing the yellow saree. She looks at the house and recalls Sharda’s words. Her mom comes and stands next to her. I dint really notice but I had got you a designer wear dress. Instead of that you chose this old fashioned saree? Sakshi says she liked the saree for its unique. There is no other reason. Her mom isn’t happy and then turns to go leaving her behind. Sakshi stands alone. As soon as she takes one step towards the house, Sharda feels something and stops. She turns and looks in the direction of the main door. She tries to see outside but I guess she cannot see Sakshi properly. Everyone else goes to welcome the bride’s family. sharda too goes and is holding a thaal in her hand which slips as Diya collides with her. sakshi’s feet gets drenched with vermilion and water. Sharda begins to explain but then stops seeing Sakshi. They both are surprised to see each other. Everyone else go quiet as well. Dadi calls it auspicious. She asks Sharda how she liked the bride. She is just like you thought her to be, right? Sharda recalls the whole incident with Sakshi. Sharda cannot help but stare at Sakshi. Latika says I know she is very beautiful but why are you staring at her like that? Is there something to tell? Suresh tells her to welcome the bride and invite everyone else inside. Sharda composes herself and invites them in.

Sakshi enters followed by everyone else. They all head inside while Sharda stays there only as she looks at the red marks made by Sakshi’s feet. Sakshi is sitting worried / hesitantly as Sharda looks at her. Dadi compliments Sakshi’s saree. She also tells Sharda even she wouldn’t be able to get such a beautiful saree. Its good that you lost the one you had bought. Sakshi’s mom talks in full business style as she talks about the alliance (and the merger). Kaveri calls Sharda aside for a minute. She is confused about the gifts….which to give whom. Sakshi’s mom notices her as she explains it all to Kaveri. Sharda sends her off to call Mangal to help her. Sakshi’s mom comes to her. She looks at the gift. She calls her a perfect event manager (in English). Sharda doesn’t understand it but Suresh too hears it. He controls the situation somehow. She compliments Sharda for handling everything singlehandedly. Sharda doesn’t understand any of it but feels happy when Suresh in a way tells her she is being appreciated. Sakshi’s mom tells Sharda to call Karan. She goes to check on her guests. Suresh tells Sharda to call her beloved son now that all the guests have come.

Sharda is going to call Karan when Latika tells her to change Diya’s clothes as she has spilled ice cream over them. Sharda has no option but to do it. Sakshi watches Sharda go and is worried. Diya and Sharda have a cute moment as they come back after changing Diya’s dress. Sharda is surprised to see Sakshi waiting for her. they both want to talk to each other. Sharda calls her in a room. Sakshi obliges. She says she is ready for this marriage. I have agreed to get married as per my own wish. I only want to sort the misunderstanding that you have in your mind regarding me. sharda replies I never had a misunderstanding regarding you. I know everything about you. Sakshi replies I am responsible for your worries. Sharda denies. If I make a wrong decision for my son even after knowing everything then I am responsible not you. I am only thinking about my son’s good. Latika comes there. You must have asked her everything by now? Sharda nods. Latika wants to introduce Sakshi to her friends. She leaves after telling Sharda to get Karan too as everyone is waiting for him. Sharda too leaves from there even though Sakshi wanted to talk to her.

Sharda comes to Karan’s room and is worried as to why isn’t he home yet. She calls him but his number is unavailable. She is very much worried.

Sakshi’s friends like the arrangements. Everyone is waiting for the groom. They also joke if he ran away from the wedding. They notice Sakshi looking worried. They tease her taking Karan’s name.

Sharda looks at the letter. Karan said there is nothing wrong in this letter. Hope he is not making any wrong decision. I will have to know somehow what’s written in it. I will have to ask someone to read it but from whom? Sharda comes downstairs and collides with Sakshi’s mom. The letter falls on the floor in the process. Sakshi’s mom bends down to pick the letter after apologizing to her. She is about to read it when Suresh comes there. He asks for the letter wondering what it is. Sakshi’s mom gives it to him. He reads it and is upset.

Suresh hides his anger in front of Sakshi’s mom. He lies that it is his friend’s letter. He cannot attend this wedding actually. He diverts her attention to some guests who were asking for her. sakshi’s mom goes to meet them. Suresh calls Sharda aside as he wants to talk to her.

He asks her about the letter. What’s written in it? How many times will you be fooled? You gave it in Padma ji’s (Sakshi’s mom) hands to show what that your son doesn’t care about his father? Sharda tries to explain but he cuts her off. She wants to know what’s written in it. He tells her her son has run off from home. If Padma ji would have read it then everything would have been over…the relation, the business everything! I know you are illiterate but I came to realise it today that you know nothing about life. Your son is missing from home since morning on his engagement day…you find a letter in his room and yet you don’t understand a thing? He tries to call Karan but his phone is off. He blames Sharda for spoiling Karan. You have ruined it so the responsibility to make amends is yours only. You only have half an hour. Go and get your son from anywhere before the auspicious time for the engagement. He leaves. Sharda cannot help herself from crying for her son.

Precap: Sakshi says (to Sharda) I know you wouldn’t say anything as you are very good. But I can say right. I will go and tell mom everything. Sharda tries to stop her but Sakshi goes to her mom telling her she wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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