Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
While all are having a happy family banter, at the breakfast table, Samrat comes down and joines in with them too, complimenting at the breakfast spread. shashi says that its because the entire family is staying together. aditi thanks samrat that he forgave her. samrat says that apology is a huge word, saying that it shouldnt be asked and given so easily, but advice always says that elders should forget and forgive the mistakes. aditi thanks urmi for having been able to do this. Samrat’s father too agrees that urmi made the family complete. samrat says that one thing is missing. all are confused. He excuses himself, while all begin with their breakfast. As urmi gets up, he is shocked to find amrit walking in with Samrat. All are upset to see him. Aditi asks whats this. samrat says that the family was incomplete without him, and one part was missing, but not anymore. He tries to lighten up the mood. but aditi defiantly says that he doesnt need him anymore, and he isnt missing in her life, infact her presence is an incompleteness. samrat asks her to get rid of her marital status and its symbols altogether then. urmi asks why should she be with amrit, after what he did. samrat says that amrit repents what he did, and would apologise to everyone, and thats a huge thing for a man to do, and this should be appreciated. aditi says that she doesnt have faith on him. samrat says that he would have to, as he’s her husband and most importantly is that, he believes and approves him now, and would get to work with him, and asks aditi to let bygones be bygones. Urmi asks samrat what kind of talk is he insinuating, as this is wrong. samrat gets into a rage as sheconfronts him yet again, but he composes himself, and manages to say in a composed tone, that this is absolutely right. His father too supports urmi, but samrat says that everyone makes mistakes, and he is only wishing well for aditi, as she has already tarnished the image once and not again. aditi tries to speak, but samrat says that this house has rules, and she may never have cared for it, but now she would have to, and divorces are unacceptable, and she would have to keep this marriage. Aditi tells them all that she cant stay with amrit in this hosue, after what he did to her. samrat says that if they have to live in the society, they would have to follow the norms, and if aditi wants to stay in this house, they would have to live as a married couple, as he wont give her another chance to tarnish their image. He leaves, while all are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Trisha’s room
Trisha finds a message on the mirror, written in blood, a warning, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU, as she goes to freshen up in the bathroom. She is shocked and horrified, but then discards it off thinking that it must have been her friend, nisha’s prank. she comes out after freshening up. meanwhile, someone is shown to be approaching, and watching her movements from a distance. she switches off the lights and doses off. The night progresses. Later, a hand is shown to move over her face, and she gets up to find noone. she switches on the lights but finds noone. she finds the window open, and is baffled as to who it could have been. she is scared as she gazes at the open window.

Scene 3:
location: Annu’s and samrat’s residence
The next morning, devi is telling about how newsreports are there about good incidents too. All are tensed as rashmi doesnt come down to help saroj in the kitchen. saroj asks them to let be, as she was in a bad mood last night. finally gaurav arrives, with a note in his hand and collapses on the sofa. All are tensed seeing this. they all ask about rashmi and ask him why he looks so tensed. Gaurav doesnt respond. Devi notices the letter and takes it. devi reads it aloud saying that she has left the house forever, as she has done enough compromises with her life in their house, and that her life has given her a golden chance that she wont let go of at any cost, and that they shouldnt wait for her at all. they are all shocked, while gaurav sits stunned.

Scene 4:
location: Samrat’s residence
urmi gives tea to samrat and hesitatingly brings up the topic of aditi saying that he shouldnt be strict as she is traumkatised and tensed, and asks him to be concerned with her. samrat says that he isnt angry at her all the time. His father says that amrit may be here but aftre what he did, he doesnt think that he would change, and maybe this would be a wrong descision. Just then, Urmi comes down rushing and samrat is tensed for her. Urmi says that saroj just called to say that rashmi just went somewhere, and that saroj wants them come. they are all shocked too. They all get dressed to go there and leave.

Scene 5:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Rashmi’s parents are shocked that rashmi did something like this, as she has been distractyed and discarded all the traditions and rituals of marriage. shashi is tensed. She asks saroj if there was any arguement. saroj denies anything liek that. Buaji talks about her acting and modelling passion. urmi says that she wont leave the house like that for this pupose. buaji says that she’s sure that she ran away with Makhan. samrat reprimands them for keeping makhan in the home, without having done a background check, when anu is also in the house. He asks them to have atleast also kept Makhan in check, and that Rashmi is as it is a fool, and must have been distracted by him. Granny and devi agree with samrat and say that rashmi actually insulted them completely. garnny says that they kept rashmi wot

Samrat says that Gaurav is at fault, as if he had kept her in check and controlled her, she wouldnt have had the guts to ever do something like this and cause the entire family, insult and infamy. All are tensed, while gaurav sits silently. samrat says that women can never be trusted. rashmi’s mother asks for her to be found out, so that they can get her back. samrat says that its too late now, and that rashmi isnt a child, and that there’s no point now for her to come back. devi is asked by him if they would accept her back. urmi is shocked at samrat’s double standards. devi says that he wont allow her to come back. samrat says that daughter in laws, should never be made daughters and should always be kept at a distance. Urmi is shocked. urmi says that this opinion doesnt spoil the girl, and that every woman cant be generalised and that every woman should be respected and doing anything against it, is wrong for the family and the society. urmi asks samrat not to generalise all women in rashmi’s name. All are tensed, as urmi silences samrat. The screen freezes on Samrat’s angry face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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