Veera 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Biji says, why she gone to her home. Ranveer says, nobody will go and meet her. Biji says, you can atleast tell me. Ranveer says, i will tell you everything after sometime but right now i cant tell you anything. I will come back after sometime. Bansari taiji ask from gunjan, why you came at late night. Baldev says, ranveer has sent you? I will ask from ranveer. gunjan says, i missed you alot thats why i came here. Bansari says, now ranveer’s home is your home and you have to go there. Balwant tayaji says, if gunjan missed us then she didnt do anything wrong. Go putar, go to your room. GUnjan reaches her room.
Gunjan sees a dream that ranveer is giving bangles to her and here ranveer sees gunjan. Veera reaches and ask from ranveer, dont hide your pain from me. please tell me, what happen? Ranveer says, what will i tell you. YOu saw everything from day one. Our relation is just like thread and it is broken down. It is really paining in my heart. I am feeling worthless. Veera says to sorry to ranveer from heart. Veera says, everything will be alright. Ranveer says, everything is right. BIji cries in dark room and chaiji reaches there and encourages her.
Biji says, why all this happens to ranveer. Ranveer didnt get his love from father, his education and now his love. Veera prepare food for ranveer. baldev calls veera but veera rejects it. Baldev reaches into kitchen and says to veera, why will you not picking my phone. Veera says, dont you think about anything. Dont you see about your sister. Your sister spoils my veerji, my chaiji and my biji. If you cant do anything then atleast leave my way. Veera see that ranveer behind the curtain and says, i know that you compromised with your marriage but now i think that she loves you but i was wrong. I didnt do for you. It was biji behind the curtain!!!!!!!!!!
Biji asked from veera, why you said this that gunjan is not happy with ranveer???
Biji put veera’s hand on her head and says, now tell me the truth. THen veera tells the complete truth to biji. Biji says to veera, come with me. Ranveer see vermilion of gunjan.
Biji reaches at ranveer room and ranveer ask from biji, what happen? Biji says, you tell me ranveer. Why dont you ask anything from me…Because i want to tell you anything. YOu tell lie to me alot. I was worried about you but you didnt tell truth to me. But unfortunately i heard all the truth from veera. Now i am feeling outward.

Precap:- Biji reaches at bansari ji’s home and says that i want to talk with gunjan lonely.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. I wish silly Ranveer would understand that Gunjan has really changed and bring her back.

  2. Really nice episode and very interesting, Gunjan aur Ranveer ka feeling very good. so romantic.

  3. Ranveer Gunjan aap ko bahuth pyar karthi hooooooo aap jaldhi Gunjan ko vapas aap ki gar le kar aa jahiye.

  4. Veera n Baldev’s jodi is awesome……

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