Doli Armaanon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 20th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s, Trisha’s and Urmi’s Residence
Ishaan on the roof, remembers samrat’s outburst. diwaker comes upto him. both are tensed. He asks him not to spoil his mood as its habitual. ishaan says that it happens because they let it to, and tell how his money earning, has shut their mouths. He says that this maybe a family business, but actually he is a servant ans gets salaray like others, as he is the all in all. ishaan is shocked to hear this. Diwaker says that it would be highly disrespectful, for the family, if he goes out, leaving the family business. ishaan says that this is dictatorship. He says that it is, and maybe they thought, marriage would change but now that hope is trashed too.

urmi gets Granny’s call, and is surprised.

Urmi asks if everything is okay there. she says that it is, and asks about the condition there. urmi says that she got tensed about mausa-masi. Granny says that their own relatives are also to be blamed, as samrat isnt mad. Granny starts giving the same logic, that rashmi gave them, and tells urmi that she has to take care, and hence she called her to make her understand. she tells urmi that she has to start over, and they are there to salvage relationships. she asks urmi not to let it affect their marriage. she says that they have to live together and adapt according to that family, and its traditions. urmi complies. Granny cancels the phone, blessing her to be happy and wise, in her marital life. Samrat comes in and sits down tensedly. He asks her to wake him up early, as he has to go early. she complies. He asks her to put an alarm for 6 in the morning, in which he would finish the work, in an hour and then return. She dowsnt say anything. He asks her if she’s okay. He asks if she doesnt have any other gown, as she wears the same one everyday, and asks her to keep changing. He lies down, while she barely controls her tears and then resigns and lies down on her side of the bed. She lies down, her back facing samrat. He says that she is angry too at him. she doesnt respond. He places his hand on her, saying that they have to keep the urmi drama outside the room, and in the bedroom, they will be husband and wife. He tells that the fights maybe in the day, but in the end, they have to love and make up. Urmi says that he’s very different in the day, and all his love comes during the night only. he says that it doesnt look good that the wife gives such lectures in the night. he goes onto passionately embrace and kiss her, while urmi resignedly complies.

The next morning, the servant says that someone has come for ishaan. he goes to meet the person. he finds that the flight tickets have come and is happy. Shashi asks whats this. Ishaan tells shashi and shows the tickets, that he has planned to go today only. she asks him to stay a few more days. He says that he came here for the marriage, and thats done now. shashi asks him not to do this, as she knows that he’s leaving the house, due to being angry at Samrat, and asks him to forget and move on. Meanwhile, Samrat comes in and sees the tickets. to ishaan’s surprise, he tears off the flight tickets, to bits and then asks ishaan to go now, if possible. as samrat leaves, ishaan, shashi and urmi are surprised. Ishaaan gets angry asking if he thinks that he can rule over him too. he is determined to leave. shashi is upset and eyes urmi tensedly and leaves too. urmi is upset.

urmi comes and finds that ishaan is packing. Ishaan says that he has made up his mind to go today only. urmi asks him not to break his childhood friendship with samrat. He says that he cant tolerate it anymore, the way he treats her or everyone around him, like a dictator. urmi says that mayeb she[‘s his wife, so he exercises his rights over her. Ishaan says that she’s very nice, to be saying such things after what happened. urmi saya that samrat too is very good. Ishaan says that he wouldnt have done with her relatives, if he had been good. She gives the same logic, that granny gave her. ishaan is surprised to see her stance. She says that he knows better than anyone else, that samrat isnt a bad man, he just doesnt know how to exp0ress what he feels for others, and asks him to understand it himself too. urmi tells ishaan that if their friendship gets bitter, due to her, she wont be able to forgive herself.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s hotel
Samrat is talking to the manager, while they overhear angry customers, who have bveen served nonveg food to veg people. the manager goes onto calm down. They tell everything to the manager, while reprimanding the jmanager and the boss too. Finally samrat comes in. seeing him angry, the manager tells samrat that they would handle it. but samrat signals him to stop. Samrat apologises sweetly, saying that he understands their pain, and asks for a chance. But they dont budge. samrat apologises on everyone’s behalf. They say they dont need this anymore. He says that they dont have trust on their hotel anymore. Samrat still continues getting them emotional, saying that they deserve a second chance, saying that he felt like he’s talking to his father and asks for an apology from his son. He gets everyone in a good mood again. He tells the manager to serve everyone, everything, and without any cost. he also interacts with theb kids, asking about their icecreams. The customers are finally happy with his customer dealing. But samerat is visibly enraged at the waiter’s mistake.

Scene 3:
Location: samrat’s residence
urmi tells about the honeymoon package that samrat has kept as a surprise for her. Ishaan remembesr how he had refused to take the gift, that diwaker had given to samrat as a gift. urmi says that one hand, he makes her feel, that he doesnt consider her anything, but on the other hand, he has kept honeymoon packages to gift her. She is very happy, while ishaan is tensed to hear this. He asks how does she know. she says that she accidentally stumbled upon it. While urmi gloats about her plans, ishaan is tensed for her and her hopes dashing. She says that she would have felt bad had he not taken her anywhere, but now everything is okay as he has started undertanding her. she asks him not to take samrat otherwise, as he is responding to everyone’s feelings. Ishaan remembers how Samrat had resolved that he wont go anywhereb for honeymoon. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Samrat asks urmi to come along. In the hospital, urmi asks him that anu has met with an accident. He taunts him sarcastically what should he do then, declare a national holiday. He says that he too has left his work and he cant delay it any longer. He asks her to take care of her husband and her new house, as now this is her house, and not her own family. As samrat leaves, urmi is tensed and teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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