Rang Rasiya 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 20th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
You only know how to break relation and go away forever, nothing new is proved. You only proved that you are women, paro says you proved that you are BSD officer, thakur was right, heartless, animal, monster and weapon holder, this is not the first time you people did with me and about abandoning me, if my people have accepted me you would have killed them all, for one paro you would have killed many, they did right, rudra says and left you to die, paro says what these innocent people would have done then. Rudra says dont know about them but now you will see what this animal and monster will do with you, enough of guest welcoming, now before eating something you have to tell me everything, you can drink water as much as you want but not food. he goes out throwing stool.


Thakurain says to mami why didnt you tell that paro came here, i would have seen her once, mami says nothing is left in her she was just alive but life wasnt left in her. Thakur comes and says i am sorry for what happened but sacrifice was needed. mami says 1st her parents left her then her husband, its her fate.
Thakur says not fate but bsd officers, 1st they killed her parents then her varun and now they are finishing her identity. Thakurain says there must be some way to free paro, thakur says what should i do, should i sell my dignity, should i sell my people, my pride and my village? I can save paro but then this BSD will enter into our village then our homes. I cant put respect of all women at stake for paro only. Mami says i understand but just save my paro, she pleads alot, thakur says ok i will see what i can do for paro but you have to leave the village. You go to jaipur i will paro there. mami thanks thakur.
Thakur is thinking when servent ask whether paro will be back here? thakur says paro is dangerous for us so we need to kill her, find a man who can enter in bsd headquarter and finish her asap.

Scene 3
In headquarter, rudra is constantly watching paro from his room. He listens to her voice through microphone, she is murmuring Jai bholenath.. jai bholenath.. Paro sees empty bowl of food. Aman is about to give her water, rudra stops her. Precap. rudra says she is very important to us so water will be checked by me before giving it to her. Rudra winces in pain and leaves.

Scene 4
He comes to laila and she says i was waiting for you, she sees him injured and says i will bandage your wounds, come. she is tensed and takes out the medicine box but rudra stops her, laila says i know you are a scorpion and need poison, she gives him drink. Rudra says we both have poison in us. they lie on bed, laila ask why you captured that bride? is she beautiful? rudra ask her to shut up. Laila says i know you hate beauty of ladies. she says when earlier you used to tell me that i am beautiful i used to feel the weird good feelings but now i feel pained. rudra pins her to bed with he on top of her and says stop rubbish.

Scene 5
In palace, thakur tries to make thakurain eat and ask you dont beileve, i said i will take out paro. Thakurain puts brooch on his sherwani and says i believe you thats why i am with you. thakur says it seem like we met 24 hours ago only, you are still beautiful, thakurain smiles. She ask who is this new soldier who killed whole barat, whats his name? before thakur can tell, servant calls him.

Scene 6
paro cries and says some lines to pray.
In palace thakur says i hope you have found the way to eliminate paro, i dont know she have seen anything but she in bsd custody so finish her. Servant says we have hired a bsd officer who is very clever and can finish his work without any proof left. We see a new officer arrives at headquarter and ask about rudra who is not present there. Here thakur says i dont like to break thakurain’s promise but i cant take the risk. Sorry paro but you have sacrifice.

PRECAP- Rudra is badly injured and tries to reach out to something, infront of him paro is satnding with gun in her hand and says how you killed all

Update Credit to: Atiba

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