Doli Armaanon Ki 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi court
Samrat is shocked at shaurya’s replies, and asks himnot to lie. Ishaan applauds shaurya for speaking the truth, unscared, and asks him to tell everything to the judge. Niranjan sks him not to put words in shaurya’s mouth. Ishaan asks him to stop. the judge asks them to stop, and then asks shaurya how is his father, and he starts narrating all the atrocities that samrat has put him through, and how urmi is the ideal mother. samrat is shocked, as shaurya narrates everything, as to how he was threatened. Urmi is disgusted and apalled, and asks samrat how can he do this to his own child, and how he burnt his own hand. Samrat says that urmi has created a pressure on him, and hence he is saying such things. A series of accusations and counter allegations begin, where niranjan blames urmi for being a manipulist and sympathy gainer. She asks if he forgot humanity by professions. Ishaan asks him to stop manipulating, as he can try the best, but he wont be able to get a child to lie. Niranjan says that lets assume he did it, but then why did he bring shaurya to the court too. Niranjan tries to get the court in his favour. Meanwhile, shaurya has a fainting spell, as he dizzies through. ishaan and urmi rush to him, while niranjan signals samrat to pretend to be a concerned parent, and he rushes to shaurya. Urmi asks samrat not to even dare touch him, and asks him to stay away from shaurya. samrat is stunned. Ishaan tries to get him to gain consciosuness. samrat points this to the judge as overbearing nature of urmi. The judge asks him to be quiet and stand in the witness box. As shaurya gets bnack to senses, the judge is assured that he is okay. Urmi stands with shaurya in the lap, pleading shaurya to be kept to her, and out of all these allegations. samrat pretends to stop this now, and niranjan asks him to calm down, and gives him water. Samrat pretends to be very upset. urmi asks him to stop dramatising, asking how can he do this after behaving so barbaric with his own child, just for the sake of a win. Samrat continues to allege her of doing this always. samrat asks niranjan to let it be, and asks her to keep the child. the judge asks him to stay within his limits, and not order him, as to what should be done. samrat pretends to be upset. urmi says that she begs the judge to decide whats right. The judge silences her too, asking what kind of parents they are, as they both are careless, as between their fights, the son is getting hampered. The judge says that if anythin ghappens to the child during the court stay, they shall be punished. The judge orders both the lawyers, to gather solid evidence, and then call for an early hearig, instead of wasting their time. Urmi is distraught. Samrat eyes them sternly.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Murti is scared, while shashi orders him to continue with the shifting, throwing tantrums and ordrs around, as the owner of the house. She is shocked, to find samrat standing behind her, aangry and full of rage. Samrat asks her if she has so much guts to throw him out of his own room. He drags her outside, and says that today she shall be taught a lesson. he drags her forcibly out and down the stairs, and tries to throw her out, while she lets her hand off with a jerk. She reminds him that she is the owner of the house, and asks him to shut up, saying that if she gets angry, he would be thrown out. He dials the number so that he gets the property back in a day. She asks him not to do so, as he got so angry, and that due to the pain, she couldnt think clearly. samrat gets irritated and asks her to stay in her limits now. kanchan and rudra are frustrated with the drama everyday. Samrat hastily goes to his room. Shashi is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
urmi and ishaan are shocked at what samrat did, and urmi spews out venom against the child, while shaurya sits inher lap, stunned and dazed, and psychologically affected. She hugs him, saying that she is very scared that samrat can hurt shaurya. Ishaan assures that he has hired a security guard for shaurya, and now samrat cant hurt him, even if he wants to.

Scene 4:
Location: Lawyer’s office
Shashi shows the lawyer the property papers, and says that they shall purchase the property. She doesnt realise that she is actually being befooled, as they do a completely profitable deal, quoting one third the price, as 1 crore, and shashi vehemently agreeing to it. they keep a condition, tht they shall pay 20 lakhs on paper, but give the remaining 80 lkhs in cash. She is more than happy. She alspo allows them to visit the house tomorrow, for a site seeing. She leaves happily, having gotten an advance of 5lakhs. They say that the actual estimate is 3 crores, and they shall get in mere 20lakhs. They are amused.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
the priest tells samrat, that he would have to change the entire layout of the house, to get her son back, and if he doesnt do it, he would lose the court and the son. Samrat agrees and decides to shift to their guesthouse tomorrow. Just then, Shashi comes in asking who is selling the house, when she is present. Samrat is irritated, and shashi asks whats this problem of shifting to the guesthouse. Samrat tells her what they are planning, and makes an excuse of having gone to a friend’s house. Shashi wonders to use this to her advantage.

Scene 6:
Location: At the temple
Urmi prays saying that so much happened, she never complained, but she wont be able to bear that her son gets harmed, and that he would have to take responsibility of keeping her child safe. she turns around, to find radha praying, and is surprised, as she eyes her wih her eyes closed, praying. She descends down the stairs. radha finishes her prayers. Ishaan and urmi decide to distribute food packets to the starving children. As urmi and ishnaan stand outside the temple, they find radha going past them, and both recognis her, from having seen her somewhere, as she is very familiar to this face. urmi says that she saw this girl at samrat’s house the other day, she she went over there. ishaan says that when he saw her in the market, she was buying a mangalsutra. Urmi is surprised. They both wonder what she was doing at samrat’s place and wonder who is she. the screen freezes on her baffled face.

Precap: Ishaan asks urmi that now they would have to come up with something really strong, to prove once and for all, that samrat is completely incapable for shaurya’s custody. she asks what. Meanwhile, at samrat’s bedroom, he is tensed with the CCTV as radha gets in his room, and he gtries to get intimate with her, and he covers the camera with a handkerchief. As he gets down to business, he doesnt realise that the hankey slipped off, and the camera records their physical intimacy.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    Now the task is to get this video into Ishan’s hands to use in court.

  2. That Samrat is a stinky pig!

  3. SAMrat’s bad days will soon start… vry exicited

  4. Agreed Majesty, Samrat is a pig and deserves to be treated as such.

  5. what wrong with that judge you want to tell me he is seeing clearly that the boy hand is burnt by the father and he has the audacity to be chastising urmi asking what kind of parents are they he cannot see that is samrath is the evil one what he is waiting for murder to take place I cannot understand so much evidence with the trauma that urmi experienced with samrath why is it that Ishaan is not using those situations she encountered like when he beat her up and she dropped the charges and in the elevator when he injected her and killed the baby come on judge yuh dotish or what judge I think you need to be judged also this hearing is prolonging toooooooooooooo much shit shit shit

  6. Samrat bad days begin

  7. Samrat ka bad days anaiwala hai

  8. I think that judge is high why he didn’t keep the court under control when both parties were going at each other?! nonsense and the evidence was right in front of his eyes why he fixed another date?!

    1. fan of the show

      I think the author probably never went to court – just had to make it up what happens to suit the story line…. kinda like an actor who puts both hands on the same side of the flute and you know they never played a flute because they are faking it wrong….

      1. I agree with your comment. It is not likely the court put a 4 years old child at the witness stand. The writer should do her/his homework to consult with an attorney or go to court to see the proceeding

  9. I think that the writters are going to make Radha pregnant !!! It Will be a big big twist for Samrat

  10. And why they don’t get the inspector testimony ??? When samrat hitted urmi

  11. Umri should tell Ishaan about the evidence the police have when Samrath beat her up. The police can testify in court, and how the hell samrath get Shaurya in court in the frirst place when he was in Umri protection, that is like kidnap the child and took him to court, also i think he was suppose to get the court permission to take such a small child to the witness stand. What the hell Ishaan was doing he was suppose to question that in court, this looks like children playing

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