Doli Armaanon Ki 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel
Urmi recognises samrat’s silhouette, but then seeing it with a girl, she thinks that she was mistaken, as samrat couldnt be here, and that out of her love, she is seeing him everywhere. Natshsa asks for her to come along. As they come out, natasha is shocked that urmi has kept such a rigorous fast for samrat, while urmi rants about her love for samrat. natasha says that she is dying to meet samrat. urmi asks her to hasten as its going to rain soon. While they are in the lobby, they wait for the car. As it comes, they get in, but just then, urmi notices samrat’s car parked in the driveway too. She is shocked, and gets out. natasha is surprised. urmi is shocked connecting the dots together. natasha keeps asking whats the matter, while urmi says that she remembered a very important work, and would catch up, after finishing it, while instructing the driver to go and take natasha to the temple to meet her family. natshsa is boggled but complies. urmirushes inside.

When urmi asks the recepion manager about samrat singh rathore, he gives her a dirty look, saying that she too wants to go to samrat’s room. she is shocked. the manager leeringly says that its room 208, and she remembers seeing the intimate couple there. She is distraught and apalled, as she remembers samrat’s lies one by one. she gets inside the lift in a daze, and finally reaches room no. 208, and with stumbling hands, and shaking confidence she finally rings the bell, unable to keep her composure, at what she is about to face. She wipes her tears, and keeps her stance. As urmi rings the bell, and the girl in a bathrobe opens the door, urmi walks in a daze and in a stance, teary yeed, with uncontrollable stream of tears from both eyes, while the girl is baffled, as samrat hollers who’s there, and urmi recognises the voice. the girl tries to stop urmi, but she continues walking. Urmi catches samrat, red handed and guilty, as he lies naked in the bed, asking the girl to get rid of whoever’s there. Urmi’s world is shattered, while samrat is stunned at having been caught in his infidel act. She barely holds onto the pillar for support, seeing her husband like this, while he is shattered. samrat is shocked, beyond belief, stunned into silence. urmi finally rushes out and makes a mad dash for the stairs, struggling hard to keep her pace, as she goes out, with everyone seeing her. She runs out into the rain.

On the road, urmi completely wet and drenched, starts walksing, in a daze, at having her whole world collapse around her, having seen samrat in such a compromising position with a girl. the memories of samrat’s infidelity continue to haunt her, and she starts connecting all the dots together, right from goa, to his infidelity in Bhopal. Her entire marriage comes in front of her in a flashback, and she screams in horror, unable to take the broken heartache any longer.

Scene 2:
Location: At the temple
All wait anxiously for urmi to return, while shashi is frustrated. saroj asks natasha, and she tells what urmi told her. saroj is highly tensed. anu and granny are worried too. Saroj says that she is very scared, as urmi can never be late, but granny composes her. Finally, when urmi doesnt return even up until pretty late, they begin with the puja and finish it.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As all come home and find the room all dark, they light up the room and all are shocked to find urmi, sitting in a dishevelled and distraught state. All including shaurya and mandira ask her, while she sits in a daze. Shashi instantly starts reprimanding her, while kanchan finds that something’s wrong. she asks mandira to take shaurya to her room. mandira complies. all beg her to speak, but she is stunned into silence. samrat comes home, and asks shashi to ask what was she doing, when all others are fasting. He instantly starts to blame urmi in front of everyone, and shashi too joins in and begins to reprimand urmi. samrat says that she was somewhere else, in hotel diamond presidency’s room, and asks what was she doing in the hotel, leaving all puja. aditi and kanchan say that she had gone to pick up her friend. samrat asks them to continue to ask what happened then, as natasha came but she didnt. He says that urmi stayed behind for a bad thinking. rudra asks him not to beat around the bush and clarify whats the matter. Samrat blames her for being intimate with another man, while all her fast and puja was a farce for all of them. Samrat says that urmi was just dramatising. urmi clenches her fists in anger. He starts blaming her for being infidel instead, and places the blame of promiscuity instead on urmi. all are shocked. samrat says that urmi is a taint in the name of a woman. She finally gets up. Samrat starts to do a drama, saying that he has been bearing with this infidel wife, and shashi instantly believes it, as samrat starts putting urmi down, saying that she didnt even think about samrat. as urmi approaches samrat, he is tensed and visibly at discomfort. Samrat starts hollering as to what else can he say about her. urmi, silent all along, but unable to bear it any longer, slaps him hard and tight, knocking the winds out of samrat, and shocking everyone else. He isnt able to believe what just happened. the screen freezes on his shocked face.

Precap: urmi tells samrat that the relation between them, their promise,heir bond, their marriage and their seven circles around the pious fire is all over now. Samreat is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. poor urmi 🙁

  2. samrat is a pig

  3. Great … finally she speaks out 🙂 am happy for her ….

  4. Dhanna Sarjoo

    OMG!!!!! Samrat!!!!!! Don’t u have any shame, ur putting ur dirtiness on urmi?????
    I hope she tells everyone what she saw.

    1. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  5. Hi guys …..I am new to the comment but nt with update…..For the first tym urmi slapped samrat wat an epi….can’t wait fr tommorow….

  6. Wow!! I love it…. Nice episode*~*

  7. Yeh baaat!

  8. Rosheena Singh


  9. The writers really dragging this out….

  10. About time urmi

  11. One good shot by Urmi will teach Samrat a good lesson for playing with Urmis trust n innocence and love

  12. Iss samrat ko achche se sabak sikhae. I wish story line aisa hota or urmi should never forgive samrat

  13. I hope her father will also support urmi after getting to know truth…. Bad guy she shd divorce and get married to someone

  14. urmi get divorce frm dis PIG :@

  15. I MISS TAUJI…. 🙁

  16. You tube is not responding for watching serial

  17. wow this is a goooood one from urmi i wish uncle was there

  18. Better late than never. Way to go Urmi! Give Samrat another slap, pulizzzzzzzzzzz!!

  19. And Urmi, don’t allow anyone, not even granny sway your decision to leave Samrat this time, the pig!!

  20. I have read yesterday that her father will be against her

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