Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi coming home happily as he has patched u with Harish. He asks Ayesha for the pills and she asks him to sleep. He insists and she goes to bring milk and pills. She comes back and is happy seeing him sleep without the pills. She thinks its good he slept without pills. Adi talks in pills and says he is feeling good, and he would have felt happier if Pankhudi was with him. Ayesha hears him and gets sad. She thinks about Avantika’s warning to be away from Adi. She thinks that Nani said Adi needs her. She sits near him and caresses his hair. He says Pankhudi. Some mantras play and he holds her hand. She takes him in her lap.

He says I have everything and still I feel incomplete. She cries seeing Pankhudi’s pic. Avantika comes home and sees light in Adi’s room. She sees Ayesha coming from there and is shocked. She calls Ayesha downstairs. She asks Ayesha what was she doing in Adi’s room. Ayesha says I….. Avantika scolds her and says red light women want me to sort their lives. And I can’t help the dirt in my house, what will I help them. Ayesha is shocked and says Mrs. Kumar.

Avantika says I know your intentions. Ayesha says I respect your worry for your son, but don’t hurt my self respect. She says yes, I was in Adi’s room, as he needed me, I was with him as he wants someone to share his pain. Avantika asks why she did this. Ayesha says you will not understand this. Avantika says you are living a fairytale life. Ayesha says I love Adi a lot. Avantika is shocked. Ayesha says if its love to worry for him, then yes I love him, if its love to see him happy, yes I love him, I can’t see him worried.

Avantika says wow, master stroke Ayesha, I expected this. I mean you want permanent space in Adi’s life so you are doing this. Ayesha says no, I really love him. Avantika says you show your face to him to make him stay with you, till he forgets Pankhudi, he can’t be happy. She says I m not your enemym but what you are doing, Adi and you will suffer, he regards you his friend, I know him, he will continue to be your friend, if he accepts you, it will be just this face not Ayesha. She says tell me will you like to live anyone else life. Ayesha cries.

She says I know you both spend time. The day Adi knows you love him, he will go far from you forever, as he did not marry Ayesha, but this face. I m tired of explaining you, I m sure you are sensible and can understand. Ayesha stops her. Ayesha promises her that she will do what she tells her, as her love is not selfish, as a mum can’t take wrong decision for her child. Avantika leaves. Ayesha says she will go far from Adi to keep him happy.

She comes to see Adi. Pyaar ka dard hai……………plays……………….Ayesha comes to Nani and cries. She says Adi slept without the pills. Nani says its good, why are you crying. Ayesha hides her promise from Nani. Adi wakes up in morning and says it’s a nice day. Anuj asks Rubel about Payal not giving her progress report. Rubel says you ask her. Anuj asks him is he happy. Rubel says yes, I m just wondering why do things change in relationships. He says does this happen with everyone. Anuj says always remember one thing, water and love is needed by everyone to be alive. He says like this water, love can’t get extra, everyone has such crisis and we have to leave ego and try to solve problems. I m sure everything will be fine.

Rubel says I m sorry dad, I don’t think this problem can solve, thanks for your concern. Avantika comes to Ayesha. She asks will she do what she says. Ayesha says I would be lucky if I could impress you, but I will keep my promise. Avantika asks her to think till 10pm and she can back out if she wants, as what she is asking her to do is tough. Ayesha says tell me what to do.

Avantika asks Ayesha will she change her decision. She says I want Pankhudi to come back in Adi’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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