Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaan recalls Urmi saying on phone that she made a mistake by marrying him. He sees her doing sindhoor. He goes inside and tells her there is no need to do drama by putting sindhoor and mangalstura. He talks coldly and says he’s not that type of husband who keeps his wife with him forcefully. Damini gets happy. Urmi says she accepts she made, but what did she say that he’s behaving like this with her. Before Ishaan could answer, Damini comes in and tells Urmi to give coffee to Anirudh. Urmi leaves. Damini tells Ishaan that she thought he would be happy after his marriage, but now she feels she shouldn’t have said yes for marriage as he seems to be lost more nowadays. Ishaan doesn’t say anything.

Urmi gives coffee to Anirudh. He sees her upset and asks what’s the matter. Urmi tells him about Ishaan’s odd behavior. He says he also noticed there’s something wrong and encourages her to sort it out before it’s too late. Urmi says she tried a lot. He asks her to try harder and Holi is coming too. He is sure their problems will sort out in Holi.

Ishaan meets Gaurav at a cafe. Gaurav asks him where he is these days. He’s lost after marriage. And now they are relatives, they don’t have to meet in a cafe. Ishaan is in serious mood. He says he came to talk about Urmi. She is not happy with this marriage and she’s free to leave him. Gaurav asks what’s the matter. Ishaan tells him about her phone conversation with him. Gaurav clears his misunderstanding that she’s bothered by Samrat, not marriage with Ishaan. She meant she shouldn’t have married Ishaan as Samrat is bothering him and his family too now. Ishaan is still not convinced. He says he thought he would keep Urmi happy after marriage, but Urmi is not happy. Gaurav asks him to give some time to Urmi.

Holi puja begins. Urmi hopes to do puja with Ishaan and burn all their bitterness in fire. She imagines her and Ishaan doing puja happily. Ishaan comes there with Sanaya, keeping their hands in each other arms. All are confused while Damini loves it. Ishaan talks with guests. Sanaya goes and meets Urmi. She says she was excited to see Holi, so came with Ishaan. Urmi says good she came. Sanaya then says she will go and do puja with Ishaan as Urmi must have done it. She doesn’t let Urmi say anything and goes to Ishaan. Ishaan tells her he will do later, but she takes him forcefully. Urmi looks away. Ishaan thinks Urmi doesn’t care at all. It’s their first Holi and she is not interested. Damini is pleased seeing Ishaan and Sanaya together. Sandhya asks her if she did this or destiny did. Damini doesn’t answer directly. Anirudh sees Ishaan with Sanaya and goes to Urmi. He wants to talk to Ishaan, but Urmi stops him and says she will talk later. Sandhya tells Damini she will have to do something to get Anirudh out of Urmi’s trap. Damini says once she gets Ishaan out of the trap, all will come out. Urmi can’t see Ishaan with Sanaya and leaves.

She cries alone. Sanaya comes there and asks why she’s crying. Urmi says she didn’t expect this from her. Sanaya asks what she did.. why she’s talking like this. Urmi says she was waiting for Ishaan and she came and started doing puja. This is her first Holi with Ishaan and thought to do puja with Ishaan. She questions Sanaya why she did puja with Ishaan. Sanaya asks her why she was waiting? And what does it matter if she does puja or Urmi? Urmi is shocked. Sanaya further says she’s also Ishaan’s friend like Urmi. There is no difference. Urmi says they are husband and wife and she has right on Ishaan. Sanaya says that Urmi only said there is no relationship like husband and wife between them. And when she doesn’t love him, then why she’s getting all serious? Urmi has nothing to say. Sanaya then says and no one had problem either nor anyone felt bad. Urmi says, she doesn’t know about others, but she felt very bad. Sanaya asks why? Like how Ishaan is Urmi’s, he’s hers too. Urmi gets angry and tells her enough.

Precap: Sanaya and Urmi’s argument continues which lead to Urmi confessing that she loves Ishaan.

Update Credit to: Niki

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  1. Oh wow!! What an awesome precap! Urmi in love with Ishaan? Oh happy days!!! Let’s pray Damini’s evil plan boomerangs & instead bring Urmi. Ishaan even closer! Yipeee!!!

  2. Wow! I love dis precap

  3. We are getting somewhere!!! I hope this doesn’t change.

  4. Wah aft a long time good things s being shown, hope Ishaan listens to Urmi’s confession.. can som1 pls tel me wt was the song in the bckgrnd in sday’s episode while she dreams near the cake abt Ishaan?

    1. It’s from Masti – Dil De Diya Hai

      1. awesom! thnk uuu..

  5. Wah aft a long time good things r being shown, hope Ishaan listens to Urmi’s confession.. can som1 pls tel me wt was the song in the bckgrnd in sday’s episode while she dreams near the cake abt Ishaan?

  6. I hope Ishan listens to this not Damini or Sandhya the evil!

    1. I also hope he’s the one who listens.

  7. wow what a climax I am so happy

  8. fan of the show

    Thank you Niki for the update. It was starting to be at least one per week missing, and some were never added later, like this one was. Are you officially doing updates now?

  9. Sanaya was to frontish.Even though they are friends ,Urmi is married to Ishaan and at least she should have discussed it with her before doing the walk around the fire with Ishaan.There is a difference between friends and husband and wife .This was out of line.She has crossed the boundary of friendship.Urmi had a right to be upset.Damini you are so disgusting in the sight of a human being.As a woman who has a daughter ,you are not a nice mother or mother in law.You may be dressed up all dandy but your character is evil.You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.That is who you are Damini.

  10. Thank god! finaly Urmi realised her love for Ishaan.

  11. very good im happy hope no conspiracy between the 2 devil..damni nd sanyah

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