Veera 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Veera 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan crying in her room. Chai ji sees her crying and pacifies her. She says even Ranvi is hurt as you, give him some time. Gunjan says I will wait all my life, but why does he not understand that I was not aborting the baby, Lord took away my baby and love. Chai ji asks her to have patience, Ranvi loves you a lot, every husband and wife have problems, see what Baldev did, but Veera is strong and patient, she did not lose, everything got fine between them, Ranvi loves you, everything will be fine. She hugs her.

Its morning, Manjeet and Bansuri see Veera mixing the medicines in milk glass for Baldev. Bansuri says she will get Baldev and goes to him. She states work in kitchen and calls him. Baldev comes there and Veera smiles hiding the medicines. He takes the glass to drink and Manjeet stops him. She asks him to ask Veera what did she add in this milk. Baldev says what will she mix, what are you saying. Bansuri looks on.

Manjeet shows the medicines and says this. Baldev is shocked and looks at Veera. Manjeet says she adds this daily, I caught her red handed today, come on Veera, say I m lying and making stories. Baldev asks Veera what is Tai ji saying. Veera gets tensed.

Manjeet signs Bansuri and smiles. He asks did she mix medicines. She says I won’t add anything that will harm you. Manjeet says she can’t lie now. Veera says yes, I mixed medicine in this. Baldev is shocked. Manjeet says maybe she is mixing some thing from Tantrik. Veera says enough, I was mixing medicine for Baldev which doctor gave, as he was in trauma, and he was very much hurt. He asks is this psychiatrist medicine? Manjeet says she regards my son mad and asks Bansuri. Veera says Bansuri and Balwant know about this, they were quiet knowing this as they know I m doing right. Baldev asks Bansuri do you know. Bansuri says I did not wish to hide, but Balwant wanted this.

Veera asks Baldev don’t he feel that he is better, self evaluate himself, I know you are in trauma and it can end when you take the medicine. Manjeet says she means you have gone mad, and you are not saying her anything. She says the one who can hide this and give medicine, she can add poison tomorrow for her benefit. He says you spoke about trust, you did this with me. Mahiya…………plays…………He leaves. Veera goes after him and asks him to listen to her once. He drives his jeep and goes. Manjeet tells Bansuri that their work is done, he will kick her out in evening, go to your bahu and sprinkle on her wounds.

Bansuri asks Veera how long will Baldev leave his home because of you, don’t you understand he does not know you stay here. Veera says she still loves him a lot, she will go to find Baldev, if he says I should leave this home, then I promise I will go from his life forever. She leaves. Manjeet says she is gone now, its good time and lets make some sweets. Bansuri agrees.

Gunjan talks to Dhingra. He says I regret what happened with you, you can come for rehearsals as Ranvi said this. She asks did he say this. Dhingra says yes, I want to take the date ahead. She says no, take Mona in the video, I will not come in rehearsals, I m not interested, I want to give my time in my family. Ranvi hears her. Dhingra asks her to think well. Gunjan says I have thought well. I will not work in this video, and ends the call.

She asks Ranvi will he say about her decision, that she will give her time to family. He says this is your life, do what you want. Veera calls Baldev and he switches off his mobile. She gets worried. Veera meets Billa and he gives her water asking her to tell him everything. She drinks water and tells him everything. She says Baldev was very annoyed, he feels what I did was wrong. He says what you did is right, I have seen his state, you tried a lot, he is fine today because of you, keep doing. She says what happened today, don’t know what Biji and Tai ji told him.

Balwant confronts Bansuri for this. She says truth has to come out one day. He says truth does not come out, it has to be brought out. You promised me you will not tell him, and you could have stopped Manjeet from saying the truth. Bansuri says she is elder. Balwant asks why did she become so elder, will you do anything if she says, what is the matter. Bansuri says there is nothing like that. Balwant asks him to say what is going on and why is she behaving like this.

Baldev confronts Veera and they argue. She says she is his wife and has full right on him, he has to give an answer to him. He holds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Baldev confess ur feeling s to veera

  2. chhahat kalra

    Precap written here is wrong..
    Precap: baldev confronts veera and they argue.. Veera says I m ur wife and I hv full right on u, baldev says achaa.! And brings her near to him and kisses her..

    1. Yaaeh u r crct..precap wrong

  3. Is it true? Then the track is getting well.

  4. chhahat kalra

    Yup.. @liya

  5. They consummate their marriage…
    Love u veeBa……..

  6. again our old veeba is back. love u soo much vishal & diga

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