Do you think Savitri Devi College & Hospital lost its charm?

Colors’ Savitri Devi College and Hospital have entertained the audience by the medical drama. The love story of Veer and Sanchi was the most interesting part of the show, apart from the great rivalry between their families. Veer and Sanchi’s love and marriage phases were described beautifully. Viewers got to see two strong characters, who showed their strengths and selfless behavior under all circumstances. As known, good people in TV soaps have to suffer most of the time.

The show brings a separation track of Veer and Sanchi. She is getting blackmailed by Dr. Kabir, who uses her weakness Sunny into making her part ways with Veer. Sanchi feels Veer’s pain equally. Sanchi gets helpless to hide the truth from Veer. Veer gets deeply heartbroken when he learns about Sanchi and Dr. Kabir’s marriage. He congratulates Dr. Kabir for snatching everything from him, even Sanchi and their love. Sanchi’s shocking decisions make her end terms with Jaya as well. Sanchi wishes that her dear ones get strength to forget everything and move on in life. Do you think Savitri Devi College & Hospital lost its charm? Let us know your opinion.

  1. BaBa ji thullu???

    Who said show is interesting before this track ??????????? Ye show kanhi bhi interesting nahi tha . IT’S totally your opinion writer not other.

    1. Mona146

      true pehle bhi kaafi pakao tha

  2. First of all Savitri Devi isn’t interesting in veer and saanchi’s track… If is does then Rs was not separate to them… This show’s charm lies only in Dr. Kabir’s character.. btw now a days this show lost its charm just cos the CVS turned Kabir into grey shades….

  3. We want to see kaanchi being the lead pair bcoz their chemistry is soo good that every one like to watch it and pragya and veer they look perfect together if that would b the lead pair this makes the perfect story and show gets its charm back

  4. I think kanchi and praveer pairing will give more scope to the story. Sanveer hote hi fir se saas bahu drama start ho jayega. Abhi Kabir negative hai to bhi story interesting hai people r Keen to know why is he doing all this it’s not only to take revenge it’s something that is hidden. And I am just waiting when Kabir’s innocence will be proved . What will be the reaction of that kalyugi sita. I have a feeling he is doing all this to save the hospital. As it’s been shown that sdch is very important to him he told Jaya once “jab Tak Mai jinda hun iss hospital ko kabhi much nahi hoga.” And that day when veer login his email id his password was sdch. As veer said this hospital is very important for him so it sdch can be his password. Well now a days enjoying malohtra and Kabir scenes alot.

  5. I think the show will gain it’s charm again because now after kanchi mariage the trp of the show has increased from 0.6 to 0.7 all the kanchi fans have started watching the show
    I hope RS does not seperate kanchi

  6. Negisanyukta

    Ya even i am agree with the above commenters.The show isn’t interesting at all right now….i just quit watching show after Sanveer marriage.Seriously i don’t like Sanveer’s chemistry nd even Saanchi looks like Veer’s elder sister.It’s my personal point of view.I hope Sanveer fans will not mind this.

    1. Mona146

      true i dont hv a feeling of elder sis but chemistry was never there. helly was perfect with varun

  7. After watching today’s episode I am 100%sure Kabir is doing all this to teach sanveer a lesson and Jaya and savitri bhi usaka sath de rahi Hain. Sanveer ki shadi k bad bhi Jaya ne sanchi see Isha today diya that but is time pyaar main andhi sanchi ko koi Fark nahi pada but she was affected. And Jaya ne apane share k paper Kabir ko kyun diye. Veer bhi sanchi k bulane pe nahi ja raha tha to savitri ne usse janboojh k Kabir ki looser wali bat yaad dilai. I think all 3of them Kabir Jaya and savitri r doing this to make sanveer realize ki pyaar main insaan ko itana andha bhi nahi hona chahiye keep galat sahi main Fark NAZAR na aaye. As sanchi forgot everything for veer and to save him see didn’t trust Kabir whom she considered as her best friend.

    1. Ur getting too much if hopes from sanchi plz don’t do this bcoz har bar ki tha raha iss bar be sangeet phir se ek hoge

    2. I didnt got ur comment pls say it clearly dear

    3. I mean not to keep so much hopes from saanchi she is a selfish women and also from the jaya and savitri this show again belongs to breakup and par chup drama

  8. Priyanshipp

    Hellooo the writer of this article… first tell me who r u… bcoz u r not saying from a viewers point. U are supporting your so called favourite couple Tomchi oops sanveer. So go to hell with your sanveer?? coz there’s no meaning of giving my opinion about the track as you have only done this for your enjoyment…

  9. Totally boring. I hate sanveer go to hell with your show l quit watching the show after sanveer marriage.

  10. Kabeer and sanchi make a good pair. I think people will start watching the show again with this track.

  11. TaniaFairy

    I remember watching few epis just for Kanchi.but when I started getting hint that there will be saanveer I quit.this show was never interesting.they made wrong cuple and wrong decision. that’s why it never got chances on trp chat within top 20……

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