Mere Sai 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishwanath Sees Sai’s Miracle

Mere Sai 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni scolds villagers and asks Munim to write 3 tolas gold on villagers’ name. Munim asks them to leave their thumb impression on the papers. They all give their thumb impression. Vishwanath is shocked and can’t bear injustice. A boy comes to Sai and tells that his brother is unwell and his father has sent to get vibhuti for me. Kulkarni asks old man to give his thumb impression as well. An old man tells that he has nothing and whatever he had, he has spent in his daughter’s marriage and his wife’s treatment. Kulkarni says what I could do and tells that it is a british rule and he has to give. Old man says if he had been well, then he would have work and pay some money for the gold, but his legs are like lifeless and painful, he barely could walk. Kulkarni says if you had lep then you would be walking by now. Old man says I don’t have money. Kulkarni says I will give you lep and keeps it up on the ceiling. Old Man couldn’t get it and falls down from the stairs. Anta and Banta are happy. Old man writhes in pain. Kulkarni says he got the lep. Vishwanath is shocked. Banta says you can get only trouble for free. Kulkarni goes to the man and tells that his order is an order and they have to give gold even if they are poor or handicapped. Vishwanath sees old man’s misery.

Madhav asks Jhipri to give answer cleverly. Jhipri says she will write her test well as Sai taught her. Madhav thinks his students haven’t come and thinks to check. Old man comes to Sai and tells that he has severe pain in his leg and tells that Kulkarni is troubling him a lot. Sai tells him that no pain will stay for long and he will get rid of it. Old man is going. Sai follows his footsteps. Vishwanath thinks why is he walking following on his footsteps intentionally. Sai takes his pain with his divine powers and makes old man fine. Om Sai plays…..Old man gets grateful to Sai. Sai is bent down as he feels pain. Vishwanath smiles.

Raghav’s father comes to Sai and asks about him. Sai says he came and took Vibhuti/Oodi. He gives him Vibhuti and tells that he will search Raghav and will send him home. Madhav comes to Sai and tells that all his students are missing. Sai says lets search together. All kids and elders are hearing music from the gramophone which Keshav played. Sai and Madhav come there. Sai reminds them of their responsibilities and tells that he can understand their attraction towards the new instrument. He says technology is getting new day by day according to our needs, but we shall not forget our work. He says invention is an aim to make human’s life easy, but if we make it important than we shall think that we are in competent. He asks them to decide if they will use this instruments or make instruments use them. Everyone looks on.

Vishwanath comes to Sai and tells that he is leaving shirdi. Sai blesses him. Just as he is about to leave, his clothes bag opens up twice. He thinks why this is happening.. Sai looks on.

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