Do you think Colors’ Shakti must end?

Colors’ Shakti is one of the longest running show with a repetitive story line. Viewers expect a lot more from the makers, but are fed with the same story again and again. Harman and Soumya’s love was much opposed by Harman’s mother Preeto before. This same track is running currently. Preeto wanted Harman to marry Surbhi first and then Jasleen. Harman marries Soumya and lives a phase of his life happily with her until they get separated. Preeto now gets Harman married to Mahi. Preeto has the same motive again, that’s to make Soumya away from Harman’s life. Preeto had given up her hatred for Soumya in the middle, when she accepted Soumya’s identity of a kinner.

With the looped track, Preeto wants a heir for the family. She compels Harman to marry Mahi with a hope that Singh family gets the heir. Preeto’s switching emotions poses troubles for Soumya. Preeto turns evil again and goes to the extent of kidnapping Saaya. Soumya already faces sorrow in the form of tormenting Vedant, her obsessed lover, just like Sameer who came between Harman and Soumya’s love story before. Shakti has nothing new to offer in terms of content. With unions, separations, unions and then separations, the show must put an end to the story in a good way soon. Do you think Colors’ Shakti must end? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Shesha485

    Makers have planned to give a fresh look by giving a major leap. Vivian left this show. Rubina aka Soumya to continue the post leap. Hope this show end very soon after leap.
    But Colors needed Shakti because they don’t have any senior shows.

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