Daayan 28th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Serial Ends With Jahnvi Killing Daayan

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Jahnvi tells Aakarsh that she wants to go home as it is impossible to get mani anyways. He goes to princess room. Princes shouts and calls soldiers. Aakarsh pleads not to shout and slaps her when she does not stop. She falls down, and he picks mani from her and seeing her still alive realizes Satroopa lied that princess will die if mani is taken out from her. He apologizes saying he needs mani to save his wife and child and disappears. Princess calls soldiers. Satroopa enters and kills princess thinking she can get Aakarsh forever. King enters, Satroopa says Aakarsh killed princess to get mani. King orders to catch Aakarsh and Jahnvi. Aakarsh gives mani to Jahnvi. Soldiers attack them, but Aakarsh calls Patalini who uses device and calls them. Only Jahnvi emerges on earth with diamond. Jahnvi asks where is Aakarsh. Patalini says Aakarsh signaled her only to call Jahnvi and not him. Jahnvi requests to call Aakarsh somehow. Patalini tries, but device destroys; she says Aakarsh cannot return to this world again and he himself destroyed it, so she needs to understand what happened in Anaam lok. Jahnvi informs how Satroopa gave half mani to princess, etc. King tortures Aakarsh and orders soldiers to find Jahnvi. Aakarsh says Jahnvi is a human and king should torture him and spare her. King says he will bring her from prithvi lok and kill her. Aakarsh pleads to harm him and not Jahnvi. Satroopa enters and says Aakarsh killed princess for mani. Aakarsh says when he took mani and left, princess was fine; he uses his magical powers and finds out Satroopa killed princess, informs king that his so called guest killed princess. King does not trust him and orders soldiers to cut Aakarsh into pieces and hang them on wall. Jahnvi pleads Patalini maa to send her to Anaam lok to bring back Aakarsh. Patalini says she cannot. Asha emerges and gets happy seeing mani with Jahnvi. Jahnvi requests Asha daayan to save Aakarsh from Anaam lok as Satroopa played a trick and trapped him there. Asha says she will bring back Aakarsh only if she gives mani. Jahnvi asks if she is not ashamed to ask mani instead of worrying for her son. Daayan attacks. Jahnvi counterattacks with mani followed by Patalini. Daayan disappears saying she will take mani at any cost.

Jahnvi walks to Prachi and feels sad seeing her condition. Brijesh shows Veer who is turning into stone. Jahnvi apologizes Veer for his condition because of her and prays mani to cure Veer if it really has any powers. Daayan in her den thinks how to get Aakarsh from Anaam lok and take mani from Jahnvi. Betalini says she should not bother about Aakarsh as he is her disloyal son. Jahnvi requests mani to send her to Anaam lok to bring back Aakarsh. Mani Daitya emerges and asks Jahnvi to give mani to Daayan. Jahnvi says she will not until Aakarsh is back on earth and her family is back to normal. Mani Daitya attacks her and asks where is mani. She says it is behind pillar and when he heads towards pillar, she picks mani and warns that it is with her and she will break it if he does not help her. Mani Daitya agrees to send her to Anaam lok for 24 hours and sends her there. Daayan emerges only they both disappear and bursts Prithvi and Dipank’s stone bodies into pieces. Family cries seeing that. Patalini emerges and hearing their cry says they can be revived as death and birth is in god’s hands, asks them to gather all stone pieces together and wait till Jahnvi returns with mani. Daayan emerges again and kills Patalini and says nobody can save Prithvi and Dipank.

Jahnvi disguised as pari/angel searches Aakarsh and finds him engraved in a wall. Aakarsh sees Jahnvi and asks her to go away before king sees her. Jahnvi says not without taking him back. King walks in and orders to capture Jahnvi. Jahnvi addresses Satroopa that she knows Satroopa is here itself and is playing dirty games to save herself, she will call mani Daitya and expose her truth. King orders to take Jahnvi away and takes mani from her. After sometime, Satroopa enters to steal mani. King emerges and tying her calls Jahnvi and says Jahnvi was right that Satroopa will try to steal mani to hide her truth, he will not spare her for killing his daughter. Satroopa lies and attacks Jahnvi. King attacks Satroopa and she falls unconscious. Jahnvi with Aakarsh returns home and requests mani daitya to cure her family. Mani daitya asks her to use mani to cure them. She cures Prachi, Veer, and gets back Pritvhi, Dipank and Vishaka to life. Daayan with Betalnii emerges and attacks Jahnvi to get mani. Aakarsh and Jahnvi counterattack them with mani and Aakarsh’s super powers. Daayan orders her evil aides to kill Jahnvi’s family. They attack Jahnvi’s family. Daayan then attacks Aakarh. Akarsh counterattacks. Half mani from her hand flies and reunites with other half part in Jahnvi’s hand. Mani daitya says she saved his life by reuniting mani and as promised reunites her baby and disappears into mani. Daayan orders Jahnvi to return her mani. Jahnvi says whenever daayan emerges on earth, Jahnvi will come to end her. She kills Dayaan and Betalini with mani. Aakarsh feels sad seeing his mother’s ashes. Jahnvi says we are normal human and if we keep mani here, some evil come and try to destroy world, so Aakarsh should mani to a safe place permanently. After 1.5 years, Jahnvi and Aakarsh play with their baby. Baby uses superpowers to get toy to him, and they both are amazed to see that.

The serial ends with Jahnvi killing Daayan and living happily with Aakarsh and their baby everafter.

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  1. I use to look at this series I never expect it to end so soon, thanks MA for the update.

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