Do you like the upcoming leap in Muskaan?

Star Bharat’s Muskaan is gearing up for the second major leap. Ronak and Muskaan will be seen as parents to two cute little girls. Both of them will be having one daughter in their lives respectively. Ronak raises his daughter, who resembles Muskaan much in personality. Muskaan raises her daughter in Ronak’s style. The girl living with Muskaan possesses Ronak’s daring attitude, striking personality and fearless approach in life. Ronak and Muskaan live happily in their different worlds. The leap will be introduced post their separation, that happens because of Sir ji’s evil conspiracy.

Sir ji separates them forever by a misunderstanding. He wants them to burn in the fire of lost love and loneliness. Sir ji takes his revenge on Muskaan by snatching family support from her. Ronak and Muskaan cross paths when their daughters meet up and become good friends. The girls praise each other’s qualities inherited from their parents. They are fortunate to become cupid for their parents. The struggles in Ronak and Muskaan’s lives don’t end. Sir ji happens to be the cruel villain. The show gets interesting twists post leap. Do you like the upcoming leap in Star Bharat’s show Muskaan? Let us know your opinion.

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