Do you like Suhani’s drama twist in IKNMP?

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After Nishi’s grand wedding with Jignesh, the track now is on Suhani’s critical state, when she gets shot and Neil-Ragini’s divorce truth comes out. The revelation episodes will surely bring in some new twists. The story goes like.. Neil was approached by a patient’s husband who wanted him to operate on his wife. Neil excused himself because he was under the stress of Nishi’s wedding and Suhani’s arrival to India. That man assumed that Dr. Neil is not operating on his wife because he is poor and cannot afford it. In order to seek revenge, he kidnaps Suhani and calls Neil to inform him.

Ragini and Dr. Aman see Suhani being kidnapped and follow the guy. They catch up with him, and he starts panicking when he realizes that he is caught. The man takes his gun out and threatens to shoot Suhani, but no one pays any heed to him. The man then shoots Suhani and kills himself.

Nivedita uses this incident as an opportunity to create more problems between Neil and Ragini. Without realizing, Pam will play a role in her plot and create more issues for Ragini. Mihika Verma, who is currently seen as Mihika Iyer in Ye Hai Mohabbatein, is all set to enter Ekta Kapoor’s other show Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar. She will play Suhani’s mother, Rupali. There is a back story to Rupali. She will be part of a flashback sequence and will have a connection with Ronit’s character. She will be shown as Nivedita’s sister. The track will show Rupali’s deep connections behind Neil and Ragini’s separation.

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  1. Raeesah Ray Akbar Amod

    Can’t wait for it to happen

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  3. Oh my gosh…sad..will Neil/Ragini get together is the karoophit question????I hate Nini/Pam!!! Grrrrrr.Nivi so cheap forcing herself on DrNeil …shitt man she gotno class thin as a blank haha lolss

  4. isnt dis too much??? i mean yes ronit is good looking but it doesnt mean HE IS D NLY GOOD LUKING GUY IN WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!! y does ekta exxagerate evrythng so much??? cant it b kept simple n down to earth??? sumthng more realistic???? useless

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