Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying you are his helplessness, he is bearing you. Suhani says no, you are mistake. Dadi says no, you are mistaken. She says I have always given my children what they deserve, and even Yuvraaj should get something that he gets love in his eyes, not anger. Suhani says Dadi…. Dadi says Yuvraaj does not love you, but he cares for you, he does this as he is good hearted, tell me did you not understand this or you did not wish to understand, or did you still did not wish to leave Yuvraaj. Suhani says you are saying wrong, its all lie what you said. Dadi asks her to see the truth.

Suhani cries and says this is lie, tell me Dadi. She turns and sees Yuvraaj. He is stunned seeing her. She goes to him and asks did he hear what did Dadi say now. She says Dadi wants to separate us. Everyone come and is shocked. Saurabh asks Rags whats all this. Rags says I don’t know. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to say what did she say. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to say. Suhani says Dadi said you don’t love me, and you did not wish to marry me. Saurabh asks what is she saying. Suhani says I m saying truth, Dadi said the puppet show was on me and Yuvraaj.

Rags asks is she mad to say this. Suhani says I would have not believed if Dadi did not tell me this. Rags says that puppet show was my and Menka’s surprise, you want reason to create an issue. Suhani says I m not lying, and asks Dadi to say everyone. Suhani says Dadi made me open new bank account so that we both fight, and Dadi told me mum that we have some problems and we have to stay away, so Lata made illness excuse and made me stay there. Pratima asks Suhani to be quiet. Suhani says Dadi told me this.

Dadi asks her whats in her heart, why is she saying nonsense. Suhani says Dadi told me this, and Dadi denies everything. Rags asks Dadi to come to her room, as she can’t see her getting more insulted. Menka says yes. Suhani says wait Dadi, what do you want Dadi, why do you hate me, I have always tried to win hearts of everyone here, not make my place, I did my duty as a wife and bahu, why do you hate me, you tried to break our relation and used Soumya. Dadi says stop this nonsense, Yuvraaj is my grandson, I will die before doing this, and how can Yuvraaj hear all this when his wife is blaming him. Dadi holds his heart and they all worry for her. Rags gives her water. Dadi says I did not say anything to Suhani. Suhani asks why is she lying.

Saurabh says Dadi is not fine, let it be Suhani. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to trust her. Dadi says I was quiet till now, but I have to say. She says this girl came to me with Yuvraaj’s complaint and asked me did Yuvraaj marry her being helpless, she even asked me on press conference day, as she had doubt on you. Suhani asks how much will you lie. Dadi acts being unwell. Yuvraaj takes care of Dadi and asks her to end the matter. Dadi asks him to say his wife. Yuvraaj says you know well that Suhani does not lie. Dadi says oh, so do I lie, why does she tell everyone that you both don’t have husband and wife relation. Suhani is shocked. She says this is not right, I did not say this.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani is this true. Dadi says how do I know if she did not tell me, she had doubt so she told me this. Suhani says Dadi said he does not love me. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to stop it, as she is crossing her limits. Sharad says Suhani can’t do this. Yuvraaj gets annoyed and does not listen to Sharad and Suhani.

He says she created many scenes, I request …. She cries. Dadi says sorry, I could not be quiet, you can bear my insult, but I can’t bear, so I had to get this bitter truth infront of everyone. Suhani asks why is she doing this, what will she get doing this. She says she did not say this, Dadi told me this. He says yes, and shouts in anger saying I did not love you, I did not wish to marry you, I was not happy with you. Dadi smiles. Yuvraaj asks do you want to hear anything else, be quiet now if you are done. Suhani is stunned and cries.

Dadi says now I will go in my room, its much drama here, I need rest Rags. She signs Soumya. Soumya smiles. Yuvraaj leaves in anger. Suhani sees Soumya and leaves. Soumya recalls in FB how she has planned this with Dadi, that Suhani will not trust Soumya that she has blamed her, and she will take all blame on her, to clear Soumya’s name. Rags asks what did she think then. Dadi asks Soumya not to do any mistake. Soumya says I think I should go from here. Dadi asks where will she go, Krishna or mum, this is even her dream to make her bahu, her happiness is with Yuvraaj. Rags asks what does she mean. Dadi says Suhani should believe Soumya, she should know its me behind this, she should tell Yuvraaj that I want to break her marriage, I will make her helpless, Yuvraaj will say her the truth that he does not love her.

Pratima asks Soumya about her relation breaking, Suhani gave her a place in their house, she did not know she will do this. Sharad taunts Soumya and calls her a snake. Soumya asks what did I do. Pratima says I don’t know, your tears are showing that what you did was wrong. Suhani comes in her room and recalls Yuvraaj’s words and cries.

She removes their marriage pic from the wall and packs her bag. Rags tells Dadi that its great, I felt Yuvraaj will come in Suhani’s words, but finally, he said he is not interested in her. Dadi says our work is done Soumya, just one step and Soumya will become our bahu, its just we have to kick out Suhani. Soumya says no need to do this, I know Suhani, she will leave this house herself, this time its about her self respect, she can bear anything, but not let her self respect get hurt. Rags says you believe her a lot. Soumya says I know her since childhood. Dadi says this is more good, that work will be done without my efforts.

Suhani tells Dadi that she will bring out her true face out and clear all blames on her, lets see your evil plans wins or my values.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now suhani knows de truth she should leave the house n then yuvaaj will realize he loves her n not that wicked witch soumya n the evil in laws

  2. actually suhani loves yuvraj truly & soumya, only his money

  3. soumya always want MONEY MONEY MONEY. but money can’t buy happiness

  4. Oh god suhani don’t trust soumya she is a witch and suhani don’t cry plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ufff…. omg… litterally its hi8 nof stupidity plz, stp sch kind of nuisense…..

  6. y should yuvraj b blamed?He loves his dadi & is hurt by her unwell.i.e. y he shouted at suhani

  7. Rags & Menka should think that,if yuva’s & somu’s marriage happens,then somu will make them her servents

  8. Actually i don’t knw whether anyone vll come or not.but the director should change the boring topic.

  9. Already soumya is dadi’s fav. somu is acting like the queen in BH.So,Rags & Menka should go against soumya

  10. is tis a story or repeating game? Even kids makes better stories than this

  11. leave that house bold.i am sure u will get someone else who madly in love with u and trust u more than himself

  12. Come on writers! This is atrocious! What a predictable way of continuing the story. I am sure you are going to end up losing viewers than gaining them. It seems like the only story in this serial is about Suhani’s broken up home. Come on writers there are many other stories to tell with Suhani as the main character. You have pulled this line too long! Forget it!

  13. once dadi’s real face is out, yuvraj will surely regret.

  14. Knowing the old witche’s manipulative nature, Suhani should have confronted her having an alibi or atleast should have recorded it secretly. She acted hastily. She knew she was going to confront dadi, so should have been careful

  15. Yuvraj will even agree to marry soumya if dadi emotionally blackmail him

  16. suhani is a fool.Why did she shouted in front of everyone?She could have expose dadi,if she stand silently

  17. very nice post dear



  19. Hopeless dragging serial good for nothing . Horrible scripts every week there’s nothing suhani in this serial . Please rename this serial as bechaari n stop d show

  20. really so hopeless drama…dadi’s charactor is so horrible…terrific scripts, koi naya twist nahi in this drama…really stupid and unhappy family yar is serial ko koi bandh karwa o…

  21. yuvraj ka charactor itna weak???wo bhi new generation ??? koi charactor itna wear kese ho sakta he ???i really love yuvraj mother charactor..
    but script is so weak…hopeless serial

  22. I think is time for sushani to leave BH house and let another handsome and riched man enter d show the one will love sushani and make yuvraaj feel for sushani


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