Do you like Gumaan’s entry in Udaan?

Colors’ Udaan recently got the new entry of actor Mohammad Nazim. The actor is much famous for his role of Ahem Modi in Star’s superhit show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. He was last seen in an episodic in And Tv’s Laal Ishq. He is portraying a never played before negative character Gumaan, a totally crazy and dirty-minded guy. Gumaan disrespects women as his hobby. He works for Colonel Yashwant to make a living. He supports Colonel in his illegal dangerous activities. Gumaan is also related to Suraj by his family roots. Gumaan is Suraj’s relative. He knows everything about Suraj and Chakor’s background. He wasn’t seen in the story before.

Gumaan learns Suraj is cheating Colonel and Naina. He doesn’t think for Suraj once and exposes Suraj’s truth to Colonel. This makes Suraj and Chakor fall in grave danger. The duo get at Colonel’s gunpoint. Gumaan doesn’t care for anyone’s life. He likes being bad and ruining people’s happiness. He believes in loyalty towards his boss. He wins Colonel’s trust by revealing the big truth. Colonel and Gumaan will be the new villains targeting Suraj, Chakor and the country. Gumaan’s entry brings an unusual twist. Do you like Gumaan’s entry in Udaan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. It’s too early to tell, it depends on the plot and how soon Sukor will fight back, keeping Sukor in the dark won’t work.
    I hope the colonel stays longer and that there is no leap.
    I hope Gumaan doesn’t end up being Imli’s stooge.

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