Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 98


The banquet hall is decorated with roses and big picture of couple in heart shaped frame. Guest starts coming inside with gifts and happy faces.

Karan : wow what an arrangement, my idea was superb about doing marriage here in Bangkok

Preeta : excuse that only happened because Sahil got contract here okay

Karan : what are you doing here by the way? that day you were saying proudly that I am on groom’s side what happened

Preeta : excuse me then you should speak with respect because I am from groom’s side

Karan : baby doll the more you irritate me the more I will take revenge remember

Preeta (stamps basket on his feet) : fine go ahead I am not scared of you

Karan : so much violence I won’t spare you

Mahesh : what are you both fighting like this?

Karan : dad didn’t you see how she is always bullying me and now her son will do same

Mahesh : you leave it, now go and start the announcement panditji said time is running out

Karan : okay dad

“Attention everybody today is very special night because my youngest sister and princess of Luthra is officially getting married” Karan does the announcement

Preeta : so please welcome the bride and groom very beautiful and gorgeous Ruchika and very dashing handsome groom Sahil

The couple enters as royalty of evening and getting bind in lifetime commitment.  Dance performance starts

All the siblings makes grand entry

Pe Pe Pe Pe..

O Tutti Bole Wedding Di

Pe Pe Pe Pe..

O Tutti Bole Wedding Di

Ghunghte Mein Chupi Hai Gori

Dil Mera Karke Chori

Tere Kangne Ka Meetha Meetha Sound Soniye..

Tere Kangne Ka Meetha Meetha Sound Soniye

Tere Aage-Piche Maarun Main To Round Soniye

Shadi Waale Dham Dham Dham Karke

Dhol Bajde Hain All-Around Soniye

Teri Ankh Naal Meri Ankh Set Ho Gayi

Saare Kehne Lage Jodi Perfect Ho Gayi

Pe Pe Pe Pe..

O Tooti Bole Wedding Di

Pe Pe Pe Pe..

O Tooti Bole Wedding Di

Pe Pe Pe Pe..

O Tooti Bole Wedding Di

Jhumka Mera Mera Leta Hai Naam Ye Tera Tera

Ek Bas Teri Liye Liye Dil Mera Senti Huaa

Tujhse Mila Mila Sara Zamana Toh Jala Jala

Tujhse Jo Setting Hui Hui, Har Ko Anti Hua

Na Dore Daal Tu Gori Pe

Full Stop Laga Love Story Pe

Romance Mein…

Ruchika dresses as diva with red and white bridal designing on border. They walk on rose petal holding hands.

The garland ritual starts when siblings bring them in front. Karan and Rishab lifts Roo up

Karan : Sahil be aware you are getting married to atom bomb

Sahil : thats the case? now I will do this task, question of my image (reaches Roo)

Dhruv : thats my brother, so proud of you

After the ritual, priest call them to enter the mandap and finish the rest of ceremony.

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnuh, Mangalam Garunadhwajah। 

Mangalam Pundari Kakshah, Mangalaya Tano Harih॥

Priest : now you both stand up for rounds, with every round a vow will be taken you will support each other, respect both families

The rounds complete when couple take blessing of all the elders. Rakhi and Mahesh gets emotional seeing their last child get finally settling

Rakhi ; Take care of yourself

“Mom I don’t want to leave you” Roo cries hugging her mother

Mahesh : dear now you are honor of another family make sure nothing can break that

Roo : promise dad

The siblings share another emotional moment while bidding farewell to Roo.

Rishab : look now you also got a responsibility in hand, take care of everything

Roo : bhai (hugs both her brothers and goes to Kritika) didi till today after mom you were the one who taught me real life thank you for everything

Kritika ; don’t be so emotional, I know after today you won’t remember me

“I can forget everything but not my sister’s given value nobody can do so much even if it was my own sister” Roo gets teary eyes

Both girls share affection

“Bhabhi you all are my inspiration after Kritika didi, I got courage to fight for right, thank you” Roo hugs all her sister in laws

“Sahil you are taking brightness of our family make sure she never miss us” Karan request him

Sahil : from now she is my responsibility, I will give her all happiness

Sameer : so newly wedded couple your room is booked in hotel

Karan : Sahil best of luck

Sahil : for what?

“Becoming scapegoat like us” Dhruv says

Kritika : he is right, poor guy has so much trouble in his life very sad story

Roo : di, this people doesn’t know they are lucky to have us

Shrishti : oh hello Ms dream land, come out to reality you are married

Preeta : for first time i am feeling sad for my poor brother he got world’s biggest craziest girl

Roo : bhabhi

Karan : yes and you are dumbo? don’t know who gave you doctor degree

Rishab : Karan, same logic applies to you, how did you became cricketer

Preeta : perfect question, thank you Rishabji by the way where is our FM station

Karan : oh yes thats why I was wondering why is this conversation silent

Rishab : she went back to room, her daughter has made too much tantrums

Karan : thank god this dumbo’s son is at least not bothering us

Preeta leaves in huff with this constant bantering

Karan : now what did I say that madam left?

Rishab ; duffer you are still kid now go, everybody is tired

Karan : okay bhai

Dhruv : good night guys bye

The siblings goes back to the house they booked leaving couple in hotel.

Roo and Sahil gets ready for their nuptial night. She sits in middle of bed giving big smile

“I should have know my wife is unique piece while ago you were shedding tears and now see that smile” Sahil gets changed

Roo : one more thing I am not from those brides who are shy, now I am Ruchika Sahil Khanna

Sahil gets something out for her

“What is that show me” Roo insists like kid

Sahil : wait go back over there, only then I will show you

Roo : thats not fair

Sahil : okay fine I will put it back

“Okay I am going back” Roo sits on bed again

Sahil sits next to her and puts ancestral bangles on her hand

Roo : what is this?

“My mom’s bangle, dadi gave to her now it belongs to you, this is not just bangle but honor of this family, which belongs to you” kisses her hands gently

Roo : I don’t have anything to give you but one thing a promise my heart and soul belongs to you

Sahil : you must be tired from whole ceremony lets take some rest

Roo : I know this wedding dress is so heavy, and jewelry

Sahil : let me help you (helps her removing heavy jewelry and dress) I was thinking you can sleep on bed

Roo : hello we are married, we can share same bed okay

Preeta arranges the room properly and puts Dev to sleep. She feels hand on her waist

Preeta : I am not talking with you, go and sleep

“I am sorry, you know I have habit of joking by the way I have surprise for you” Karan tells her

Preeta : where?

“On terrace five minutes hurry up and here is your dress okay love you” Karan leaves hurriedly

Preeta : this guy is still kid (opens the box to see beautiful blue saree)

Karan decorates whole terrace with flowers and candles of his baby doll’s choice. He feels her presence coming towards him. As usual the simplicity impresses him

“Karan this is amazing but for what occasion” she asks confusingly

Karan : to bring smile on my baby doll’s face, one thing strike me last time our marriage was not smooth and I could not do much

“Who said that, nobody can do this much than you, I don’t need all this when I got two precious gift of my life” Preeta kisses his forehead

Karan : wait a second I will be right back

Preeta : now where are you going

Karan showers roses and flower on her from other side to see her precious smile.

The couple rejoice their romance again

Ge Ge Re, Ge Ge Re, Ge Re Ge Me Ge Re

Re Re Sa, Re Re Sa, Ni Sa Ni

Ghunji Si Hai Sari Fiza Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiyaan

Leherati Hai Mehki Hawa Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan

Sab Gaate Hain Sab Hi Madhosh Hain

Hum Tum Kyun Khamosh Hain

Saaz – E- Dil Chedo Na

Chup Ho Kyun Gaavon Na

Aao Na.. Ao Na… Aao Na… Aao Na…

Tan Man Mein Kyun Aise Behti Huyi

Thandi Si Ik Aag Hai

Saason Mein Hai Kaisi Yeh Ragini

Dhadkan Mein Kya Raag Hai

Yeh Hua Kya Humein Hum Ko Samjhaoo Na…(2)

Sab Gaate Hain …Khamosh Hain

Dil Mein Jo Baatein Hai

Hdton Pe Laoo Na

Aao Na… Aao Na…

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