Do you like Bahu Begum’s current track?

Colors’ Bahu Begum is getting a heart-aching track of Azaan and Shayra’s separation. The mysterious entry of Adil ruins it all for Azaan’s happy marriage. Azaan and Shayra stood by each other and fought many enemies together. They have encountered the conspiracies of Asgar, Surayya and Gazala. They have won always because of their love and faith. Azaan even saved his relationship from Noor’s obsession. Noor wanted to marry Azaan and become Bahu Begum. She married Azaan by compelling Shayra and him. Noor had taken a wrong path before. She now wishes Azaan and Shayra to live happy together. Adil strikes on their faith to break their relationship.

Adil first makes Shayra doubt on Azaan and Noor. Azaan convinces Shayra that Noor is just a friend for him. After Shayra’s misunderstanding gets resolved, Adil conspires to grow the seed of suspicion in Azaan’s heart. Adil befriends Shayra to prove their affair in Azaan’s sight. Azaan gets regretful of his marriage on realizing that Shayra is cheating him. Azaan decides to end his relation with Shayra. He makes Adil succeed in his motives. The drama gets to the peak after Adil’s evil plotting. Do you like Bahu Begum’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Its disappointing. I think they must keep away Azaan and Shayra and should concentrate on Noor’s love story which could be simple no need of much over drama. Even Ghazala, Surayya’s drama are bit good.

  2. If adil could put a chip to control Azaan .. Does not it do the same for Sharya .. It’s too easy. CVs cheats us so easily .. In short .. Mitigated I am .. Perplex is the story .. In short, all that feels the shot up ..

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