Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi conducts Mata Kaalratri’s aarti

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 28th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi waking up and thinks she slept all day. She thinks it is evening, I have to hear katha from pitashri. I was sleeping all day. She gets up from bed. Pisasch Raj tells Moor that the girl will come in the evening again and asks him to go and do something unusual. Devraj asks Pisasch Raj to leave from there. Pisasch Raj says I will be here and will tell you both. He says truth is that, even you will be defeated from that girl, when you go to that village. Asurs get angry. Devraj indra thinks if Moor went to attack Vaishnavi then it will be a disaster. Vaishnavi collides with Chandra and the puja flowers fall down. Chandra tells her that he will not tell anyone about her. He says I saw you going out of room, but when I took mum inside your room, then you was sleeping peacefully in your room. He asks when and how you reached there. Samrudhi comes there and asks them to hear the katha. Chandra says I am not coming and will rest now. Vaishnavi thinks how to tell Chandra that I am doing this to save village from that pisasch. Pisasch Raj asks Moor if he has become powerless. Moor says I asked you not to let that girl reach village and gave you ideas, but you….Pisasch Raj says you don’t know anything than to order and asks what you can do, just order others.

Devraj Indra asks him to go. Pisasch Raj asks him not to think of himself coward as him. Vishnu thinks how is Moor controlling Pisasch Raj and thinks to find out before alerting Mahadev. He closes his eyes and sees Moor’s death, Vaishnavi telling about Bhandasur, Kali/Moor controlling Pisasch Raj. Vishnu thinks he has to alert Mahadev as soon as possible. Pisasch Raj tells Asurs that Moor has no strength to do anything on his own, but can just laugh on others. He challenges him to go and face the girl. He challenges him. Moor says you have done a big mistake by challenging me and tells that the girl will know who is against her. he says tonight will be her Kaal night.

Ratnagar tells Vaishnavi that today’s katha is about Mata Kaalratri. Samrudhi asks him to tell about Durgmasur. Ratnagar says Durgmasur didn’t realize the importance of Devi maa’s vachan and tells that he was ruling on the three lok and became king. Chandra sees Vaishnavi going in night. Ratnagar says he couldn’t won in kailash and thought to win there also by marrying parvati. Chandra is hurt by Vaishnavi’s move. Vaishnavi sees him and leaves in the cart.

She reaches village and tells everyone that tonight is Mata Kaalratri’s katha. Moor comes there and says now nobody can stop me. Mahadev says I will stop Kali, how can he enter Moor’s body to fulfill his motive. Vishnu says it is not confirmed yet. Mahadev says I will do it myself and goes. Vishnu gets worried. Vaishnavi sings jai kaal ratri mata and do aarti.

Moor says today it will be tested whose powers are superior, your or mine. Devi Saraswati says if Vishnu is right then Pandal will be in trouble. Brahma dev asks her not to worry and tells that Mahadev will make everything fine. Suddenly Vaishnavi sees everyone in the Pandal frozen in the same position as they were standing or dancing. She gets shocked. Mahadev comes there and hits Moor. Everyone becomes normal and continues dancing. Vaishnavi thinks may be I have an illusion. Bharti and Bhakti do aarti. Bharti sees Vaishnavi as Sherwali mata rani again and gets amazed. Bhakti calls Bharti. Vaishnavi says we will start katha after aarti. She recalls Samrudhi’s words and tells that this katha says that if even a big man don’t listen to someone’s good saying then he dies. She says Durgmasur doesn’t listen to Parvati and he was killed. The boy sneezes and apologizes to Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi says Mata kaal ratri tried to make Durgmasur understand to stop torturing the three loks and leave his stubbornness to marry Parvati, else he will be killed. Moor thinks Mahadev realized that I am Kali and not Moor.

Precap: Mahadev tells Kali that if he wants then can destroy this world and you too. Kali says his end is impossible.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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