Do you agree with Ishita’s decision to choose Adi over Ruhi?

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Ishita has been always a strong mother and a supporting wife. When Raman breaks the fact to the family about Adi’s weak mental state and his thoughts of suicide, the entire family is shattered. Ishita chooses Adi over Ruhi. She believes Adi is in teenage years and he is more to think about such negative things and six year old Ruhi will take care of herself being strong than Adi. Ishita and Raman have let Ruhi go off to Shagun to save Adi’s life and give him a secure feeling. Adi has gone for football camp and Raman now thinks of focusing on Ruhi.

Ruhi has been extremely hurt by Raman and Ishita’s bad decision and is punishing herself in her annoyance. She does not meet Ishita and ignores her. She lets Ishita feel unwanted in her life and shows Shagun’s importance. Ishita gets let down by Ruhi and feels she deserves this for her mistake. While the viewers have been seeing just negative things in the show since much time, the tracks are still going the same way. Do you feel what Ishita did was right? Do you agree with Ishita’s decision to choose Adi over Ruhi? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. If Shagun is the reason for Adi’s weak mental state (well Adi was with his mother from the begining), then how can ishita n raman give the custody of that innocent Ruhi (who is much younger than Adi) to Shagun? This is absurd.. Just bcoz Adi read an article of a suicide attempt that doesn’t mean he wanted to commit suicide? Besides, Adi always loved & adored Shagun, where as Ruhi did not like Shagun at all! Forcing Ruhi to stay with Shagun is a kind of mental torture to that Ruhi.. They should have taken Ruhi’s custody first and the re-appeal for Adi’s custody.

    Ishita always over acting for raman’s decisions, Raman somehow wanted Adi to be with him, that’s what he blidnly agrred to Shagun’s deman of 450,000/- (it’s quite unrealistic) and also signed without reading it…What he did to get the lawyer’s letter from ishita is a mere cheating , he could have talked to ithat stupid ishita n Bhalls’s about Adi before cheating/stealing the document…

    If Ishita so loved that poor Ruhi and if ishita thinks that only a 6 year old Ruhi is more capable of understanding the situation and take care of herself than that 12 year old arragont Adi, then ishita should have explain the same to Ruhi before / after she gives her dicision to the judge.. It was so sad to see how Ruhi got shattered in the court. How could Ishita watch the way Ruhi cried in the court…even judge felt taht it’s now right that’s why he kept on askinmg whether ishita is sure of her decision…

    What ishita did was not good at all……….

  2. Only strong heart can do what ishita did… She is not a selfish woman who thinks of herself but for her entire family even though she knows it will break her heart into pieces…. After all these are just a serial but it teaches us of family values –

  3. If Ishita has come to the house for Ruhi, she needs to divorce her husband and take custody of Ruhi. After all the court had given her custody. But now her husband who cares a damn for her (after all he leaves no chance to humiliate his wife and the family never intervenes at this) is more important…

    Adi has the whole family. The granny always wanted Adi so now even she should be happy. After all she got what she wanted. The ghar ka chirag. After all Ruhi is paraya dhan. All tears for Ruhi are crocodile tears.
    Also Ishita expects the kid to understand. But does she not have to clarify with Ruhi. Above all this why is Adi not shown now as happy??? He is only shown when he feels sad. As usual Again all importance to boys. Just showing this absurd situation for TRP sale.

    Nonsense it is time we quit watching this absurd stuff. After all they will show how Shagun will exploit her daughter and Raman and Ishita as usual helpless ( having no back bone) will only watch.

    At the end of the day they will also continue showing Adi’s love for Shagun and also will remain only her informer in the house.

    1. I totally agree with u…..
      and by the way i already stop watching ths show……

  4. Situation ke hisab se Ishita ne thik kiya……but kisi aur tqri ke se bhi kar sakte the…….Ruhi ki custody le kar…..Aadi ki health ke bare me judge ko bata dete… bhi Aadi IshRa ke paas reh sakta tha……Ruhi ko kurbaan karne ki kya jarurat thi………

  5. I dont think adi is so sensitive wen he can plan so well how to teach ishita a lesson example ashok marriage n lohri how can such a boy b cald sensitive his too smart and how can ishita think a 6 yr old can understand evrythng n handle the things what nonsense the show is the makers are geting brainless

  6. No mother does this .. Stupid serial making cash out of episodes. Please ban this episode. If adi is sensitive doesn’t mean ruhi is on his way. She is adi’s own sister. There are many other ways to handles this.. But they are just exaggerating. .They are showing boys are important than girls which is not true in the real world. Both are equal.
    Pls stop spending time on this damid serial

  7. mihika is mainly responsible for ruhi ishita seperation. niether she marry ashok nor shagun comes to bhalla house.

  8. raman made ishu to take this……….and wrost how they can send ruhi to shagun knowing that she will do evereything for money……….ramans track was.wrost………the serial is not able to read the written episode also it makes……..i think they r showing how a couples should take decision if they want to apart……….is this going in the society now………?……..plsssss………..make this some thing worthable ………….r just stop it………

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  12. first of all ishita has ruhi’s permanent custody so what will raman’s sign do in that contract with shagun…. ishita runnig away with ruhi and then court drama, leaving her for adi and now feeling that she is happy without her and raman consoling her my god is he the main lead or character artist in the show
    this is not actual plot of yhm tired of this mess in the show
    y dont cvs shut it down when they have nothing new to show it will be remembered as eht

  13. This is unfair with Ruhi. You are playing with the emotion of the kids and create a negativity in their thought. Adi was a spoil brat then later her realised his mistake for accepting what shagun has lied to him. Though he is a teenager, his mental state through which he has gone through is different. It is often said that what parent do children pay for their consequences, the serial is showing the same but it should not be Ruhi who has to pay for that. Both kids should act as shield to Ishita to show the real meaning of what a mother is though she has not given birth to them.

  14. Ishta spoiled her step mom image… so sad for Ruhi

  15. Stupid twists. The beauty of the show was the bonding between Ruhi and Ishita. I stopped viewing the show.

    1. s I agree….its stupid of ishita and raman…
      I too have stopped watching this serial….

      I guess it doesnt matter if few of us do not watch this serial….

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