Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun seeing Shravan. He shows Ishita to Ruhi. Shagun gets angry seeing Ishita while Ruhi gets sad. Mihir smiles. Shagun starts shouting on Mihir and asks whats this, so you got me here. He says believe me, I did not know Ishita came here, its coincidence. She says how can it be, I don’t want Ishita and Raman to meet Ruhi, I will leave your home if they do. He says fine, calm down. Ruhi refuses to meet Ishita. Shagun asks Shravan not to force Ruhi if she does not want. The lady comes to meet Mihika and says its preventive vaccination of flu, there are no side effects and shows the brochure. Mihika gets convinced and asks her to come. The lady gives her the injection. She looks at Mihika and smiles. She asks can I get water. Mihika says ya sure and goes to get. She starts feeling dizzy and faints. The lady holds her and brings her to the sofa. She calls Suraj and says work is done.

Ishita asks Shravan why did he get so late. He says I was talking to Ruhi. She asks where is she. He says she is with Shagun. Ishita is unable to get up and cries. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………………. Plays…………….. She sees Ruhi sad. Shagun asks Ruhi to come and takes her. Shagun meets a friend and talks to her. Ruhi looks at Ishita and walks to her. Ishita smiles. Ishita forwards a hand and asks her to come. Ruhi gets upset and calls out Shagun mumma and asks her to take her. She leaves past Ishita. Ishita cries.

Shravan says Ruhi will come soon, don’t cry, I will tell her in class. Ishita says tell her not to be angry with me, I love her a lot. He says fine. The servant asks what happened to Madam, she was fine. Suraj says nothing to worry, doctor came, you go. He asks Aparna is she fine, and the lady says she have her Anesthesia. She says she will take her to clinic and do the process. Suraj calls Ashok that they are taking Mihika to hospital, come there. Ashok says I have a meeting, Raman is here, I will come soon.

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The client tells Raman that the kids should be innocent. Raman says yes, she will find the perfect face, she is the model coordinator. Raman ends the meeting with Mr Kapadia. Ashok comes and greets him. Raman says if Ishita knows I m with Ashok, it will be problem. Ashok says we will discuss. Kapadia gets a call and goes to attend. Ruhi bumps into him and says sorry uncle. He asks his name. She says Ruhi. He says very sweet name, just like you. Shagun comes to Ruhi.

Kapadia asks Raman and Ashok to have a look here, that girl, her name is Ruhi. Ashok asks what about her. Kapadia says I discussed with Raman that I want an innocent face, exactly like her. Raman says its not possible. Ashok says its ok, we will audition her. Kapadia says no, she is perfect for our product. Ashok says we will get her. Raman says no, she is my daughter. Ashjok says yes, it will be done. Kapadia asks whats the problem. Raman says I don’t want her to lose her innocence. Kapadia says its not bad, if she can become the face of our product. Raman refuses and Ashok says he will manage. He argues with Raman and says Shagun will decide will Ruhi work or not, you sit in sidelines and see the matter, its none of your business.

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He says this project is very imp for me and I will get it at any price, you have to work for me, you are also responsible, and leave about Ruhi to me, I know how to convince Shagun. Raman says I don’t have any right on my daughter, I know Shagun, she will use Ruhi to hurt me. Raman comes to Ishita. Shravan tells him that Ruhi did not greet Ishita. Raman asks her not to be sad. Ishita acts normal. He says he knows she is hurt and he is sure Ruhi will come back to her. She cries and says I hope she does not forget me. He says it can never be, don’t cry, people will think the food is really bad and you are crying. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………

Ashok comes to hospital and asks whats happening. Suraj says I m washing your sins, the problem will end today. He asks about meeting. Ashok says Raman works so well and client liked Ruhi. Suraj says he might be happy. Ashok says no, he refused for it, you see how I trouble him, I will snatch Raman’s daughter and here Mihir and Mihika’s love sign, lets celebrate. Raman calls Shagun and tells client saw Ruhi and wants her to do ad, Ashok gave the commitment and I refused, if Ashok calls, you refuse. She asks why. Raman says she is my daughter. She says I will decide, don’t teach me, don’t give orders, I m her legal guardian. He says no, I m requesting. She says she will handle this. The guard tells her that they are taking her car. The man says they have bank orders and asks for her car keys, as Raman stopped payment for car EMI.

She says I will pay. He says your account does not have money. She says give me some time. He says I can’t help it. She gives the car keys and they take it. She gets angry and says I will see Raman.

Ashok and Suraj think how to celebrate. Dr Aparna says she got ready to do abortion on her husband’s saying, as they said she has medical problem in her pregnancy, but she is not pregnant. Ashok asks is she sure. She says you might be joking, or you might be first husband who is not sure. Suraj says no, she is pregnant. Aparna says stop this joke, take your wife, she took risk in friendship and they are not serious. Suraj says great, Mihika fooled you Ashok since many days, I told you these girls will ruin you, first that Shagun and now this Mihika.

Shagun calls Raman while he is driving. Ishita asks him to take call. Shagun asks him why did he stop car payment. He says he did not pay for her luxuries, he will take Ruhi, till then she should manage on her own. She gets angry and says he thinks I will beg to him, he will bend to me, and even his wife, I will see them.

Shagun says she will live her life in same standards as before and sees Ruhi sleeping. She sits by her side and says my daughter, and if kids are not of use for parents then what, lets see what fees Ashok pays for the ad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lagta hai kisi ko mujh se baat nahin hai. ……….bye. ……

      1. Are prayosha ruhi ye bolti hai ki. .shagun mamma hum dusri car se nahin ek hi car mein jayen ge. ……..

      2. Ruhi kehti hai. .shagun mamma hum kisi aur ki car mein nahin jayen ge. …hum ek sath jayen ge. …
        ….husakta hai ishita ne kaho ki woh uss k sath Chale. .iss liye ruhi ne aaisa kiya hoga. ..

      3. But uss video ka title to yeh hi tha ki Ruhi Ishita ki insult karti hai…& tumne dekha ki uss scene me Karan ka duplicate tha…

      4. Haan dekhi uss mein karan ka duplicate tha par bahut fat lagraha tha hamara kp kitna fit hai.

  2. Hi everyone .How r u all.

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    1. Bahut achcha gaya exam. ..aur mein thik hoon

  4. mi kisi bhi show usi vakth par chod dhethi hu jqb muje lage ka show boring ho raha hai ya tho phir bahuth jyada rona dona ho par kash me yhm ko bhi esa chod dhetha par sirf k.p d.t and r.d ki acting ki vaje se ye show ko nahi chod pa raha hu aur agar mi show ko dhek na bandh bhi kiya tho aap logom ki frndshp ke liye cmmnt kar raha hu…….kash ye purana yhm ho jaye……..jab ishra ke beech koi pyaar nahi tha thab show ko dhek ne bahuth maja atha tha pAr aab tho pyaar hai par show me vo baath nahi hai……..

  5. Hey ….Mizun………..humari Heydrabad ki trip final ho gai……

  6. Railway ka paas ho gaya hai…reservation baki hai……paas ki date 25/3 se 25/7 tak ki hai……Date final hote hi mai bataungi….

    1. Mere papa Railways me job karte hai…iss liye hume pure India ke liye free traveling pass milta hai..but hum kabhi gumne nahi gaye…..last time jab me 4 years ki thi tab Rajasthan gaye the….

      1. Hmmmm ok. .tumhari ankh ka Dard kam hai

      2. Yeah kal mummy ne Balm se malish kar di to sardard kam ho gaya & aaj der se uthi to aankhe bhi thik hai…..

  7. Bye…11:00 baje bat karenge…..

  8. The ‘adarsh nari’ Ishita of ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ is now following
    Shagun’s footsteps and very soon
    viewers will see Ishita getting drunk in
    one of the forthcoming episode.
    Shocking isn’t it! But hold readers.
    There is a twist behind Ishita getting
    drunk. It’s Mrs Bhalla who will force
    Ishita to do this and that too with noble
    intention of relieving Ishita of her pain
    and sorrows.
    Ishita is going through a tough phase.
    There is no end to her tears. Ruhi’s
    separation and her accident her left
    her both mentally and physically
    drained. Mrs. Bhalla could not see
    Ishita in such pain and offers her to
    drink alcohol. Ishita doesn’t want to
    drink but Mrs. Bhalla forcibly makes
    her drink so that she forgets all her
    pain and sorrows. Ishita gets high and
    even after getting high she only talks
    about Ruhi. Everyone is shocked
    seeing Ishita in such condition but
    later on everyone gets to know the
    truth behind the story.
    But as per sources Ishita’s and Ruhi’s
    separation will not be there for long.
    Everyone including Mihir is trying
    hard to convince Shagun to give back
    Ruhi. There will be a situation created
    when Shagun will be forced to give
    back Ruhi to Ishita

  9. thankyou everyone.phir se blue ho gaya wow.

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