Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu drinking wine. Antara comes to her mum. Antara’s mum asks about Satya. She says ask Satya to come here as I have made kheer for him. Raghu comes to Ruksana. Ruksana hides seeing him. Raghu sees her and confronts her about yesterday night. He holds her hand and gives her dupatta back. She gets hurt and talks to her. She says leave me, did you drink again. He says I understand everything, what you are thinking. He pushes her and drinks. He puts wine on her wound and you will not get anything, love only hurts, nothing else.

He cares for her wound and says I loved Antara but what did I gave her, tears and pain, and I would give the same to you, so I m asking you to forget everything. He says don’t love me. He says you will be happy then.

Ruksana looks at him and cries. He leaves. Antara hears all this. Raghu looks at Antara while leaving.

Maai is holding the poison and says I should have given you before. Antara is crying thinking about Satya’s and her mum’s words about him. She thinks about Raghu’s words also. Rasika comes to Antara and sees her crying. She says Antara, are you fine. Antara says yes, why, what happened. Rasika says the milk was boiling over and you were lost in thoughts. Rasika taunts Antara. Antara asks did Satya come. Rasika says yes, he came, why are you looking for him, what happened. She says go to him, I will serve the food. Anatar says fine and leaves from the kitchen. Rasika smiles.

Rasika mixes the rat poison in the milk and adds sugar in it. Antara comes back and Rasika is shocked and hides the rat poison. Antara says I need water for Satya. Rasika says its there, have plenty. Satya asks Rasika to serve food. Rasika keeps the milk glass on the table and goes to bring food. Rasika is tensed. Antara says I will serve food, I will help you. Antara asks for whom is this milk. Rasika says its for Raghu, Maai said.

Satya takes the milk glass and says I will have it. Rasika says no, its for Raghu,not you. Satya says I will have this and leaves with the glass. Noor and Antara’s mum are talking about Antara. Noor says Antara has bear a lot after her dad passed, now I wish she is free from all problems. Antara’s mum says the house is good, but there is something missing, when I went there, I found the house odd. Noor says there are always some changes in our house and theirs. Noor says the time has passed very fast, be patient.

Antara talks to Satya about her mum. He shows her a lunch box which her mum has sent for her. Antara laughs seeing it. Satya smiles. She asks him to have the sandwich. He says why do you want to share. She ys my mum taught me to share and eat. Satya says fine, lets make it half. They eat it half and eat. Antara says its my mum’s love. She stops Satya and thanks him. He signs the ketchup is on your face. He wipes it. She thanks him. He says Antara, thanks you for sharing your sandwich with me.

He says this milk was for Raghu, give it to him. Antara says no, you have it, as you were hungry. Satya says no, I don’t want it. He says I m happy with what I have, I don’t want to take Raghu’s thing.

Antara looks our for Rasika with the glass of milk. She keeps it in kitchen and leaves. She hears Maai scolding Rasika. Maai slaps Rasika and says that milk glass was for Antara, why did you not give her. Antara comes back and takes the glass. Antara says its strange that Maai snet this milk for me, but why was she annoyed with Rasika. Antara sees the rat poison bottle in the dustbin. She is shocked. Maai says if anyone drinks the milk, it will be a problem. Antara comes to Maai with the poison bottle and asks what is it. Maai pretends and says I don’t know, you brought it, what is it. Antara says you know it very well that who brought it and for whom.

Raghu is thinking about Ruksana and calls her. He says she is not taking my call. He calls MachMach and asks him did you see Ruksana. MachMach says I have not. Raghu says I will go and see her. Maai says are not mixing the poison. Antara says I got this from kitchen. Maai says did you mix it in milk, where is it. Maai blames Antara for everything. She pretends infront of her and smiles. She says tell me where is the milk, someone will die. Antara says you know everything, stop acting. Maai says you are pointing on me, you are telling the truth but how will you prove it. Maai smiles. Antara looks on.


Antara tells Raghu that Maai added poison in the milk to kill her. Raghu does not believe her and drinks the milk. He vomits blood and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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