Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th December 2013 Written Update

epi starts with surya and sarun returning from KT in a jeeep
sandy has FB of bb reminding about EV
surya are upset

BB asks BBsa whether he has safely kept the black sacred thread BBsa says no
sandy says he has kept it sfely
but BB not impressed

sandy says not to worry the driver will take us safely to pushkar
suraj says that she needs to have vishwas in this driver9 himself) and he will take her to the right desitination and not to wrorry about BB

NM( nautanki meena) says she lost the egg shells and she knows that kK had stole them and and vik is not interested in her nautanki

KK says she has fed pari and now she will play and she needs to go to shop
NM waves the keys and says that what will she do now

finds there are no keys but its just the chain
NM says it must be where she threw the egg shells

omg kanha is attracted to the fan in the shop
poor baby why is he not crying which usually children do and moreover its dark inside the shop

KK says she doesnt want to argue and wants her keys
again KK NM fight
chavi intervenes and says to give the keys

chavi is worried that she might be caught
while thy are fighting BB enters and taunts them that she was praying foar them in KT and they are fighting in RM

NM turns the plate and says she was not fighting but was taunting sweetly KK

chavi is praisng NM and KK and says they took care of her very well
BB not impressed

BB plays with pari

she asks for kanha and meena says he is with chavi and chavi says she was taking care of pari and doesnt know about kanha
they pick up fight

meena says kanha was playing in the street with frineds()
vik says he will sue NM if kanha is lost
NM says that KK had stole her dabba and there were egg shells

omg this is too much kanha is missing and NM is blaming KK at this time

bb is shocked
break: everone search everywhere but kanha is missing

NM is still in complaining mood and bb is all shocked
and KK is blaming NM for staining the bed sheet

both again pick up fight
bb is worried that kanha is missing

bb taunts NM and KK for kanha missing
she breaks down

omg kanha is sleeping on the floor and his hand is very close to the wire
mohit returns home ( dont know from whtere)

he enquires about the fiasco
NM and KK again pick up fight

sandy is trying to search everywhere and sys that not to bring personal matters while hie is missing
break: emily says that she jhas called the painter to paint at home
kanha is about to touch the non insulated part of the wiring

can women be so selfish
when kanha is missing they are busyi blaming each other

bb prays kanhaji for kanha’s safety
vik is upset
seh sends everyone to search again
meena cries to sandy saying that she cannot live if knaha doesnt return and says he hasnt ate since morning

a lady says that someone had earlier picked up a child from cradle
bb asks did any strnger enter RM
KK says she has called a painter to pain their room
mohit says he needs a pic of kanha to give complaint

scene freezes with kanha about to touch the non insulated part of the wiring

precap” Nm is crying she hears the sound of the musical chappals of children everyone run outside to see

Update Credit to: ramasuresh78

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