Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara in the haldi ritual. Mami asks Antara not to feel bad by her mum’s words and says she has selected this saree for you. Maai asks Mami to give others a chance too. All the women gift Antara something and do the ritual. Satya sees Ruksana talking to Antara and Maai moves her. Satya looks at Antara. Mami asks Antara to take her husband’s name. Maai says whats the hurry, first lets have some singing and dancing. She asks MachMach to play the dhol.

MachMach brings the dhol and plays. Everyone looks on. Maai says its not fun. Raghu comes and plays the dhol well. Maai smiles. Antara feels bad and everyone look at him. Raghu thinks of their love and looks at her angrily. MachMach stops Raghu. Raghu leaves from the hall but Satya stops him and taunts him. Satya says stay here for some time, the rituals did not end, Antara has to take her husband’s name now. He says how will she and whose. Maai asks Antara to take her husband’s name. Maai taunts her.

Maai asks Satya to come as Antara will be taking his name for the first time. Satya comes to Antara and Antara gets up and looks at him. She says some lines about Satya and says his name is Satya. Maai is annoyed listening to her lines. Antara looks at Maai and some lines about Maai taunting her infront of everyone.

She says my relation is of trust, hear my words, don’t believe what you hear. She asks Maia are you happy now. She tells Ruksana I m very tired, will you take me to my room. Ruksana takes her to her room. Satya looks at Maai and leaves. Rasika says Antara is stuck in Maai’s neck, she might be hurt, sad for her. Antara comes to her room and Satya also comes after her. Ruksana sees him and leaves.

Satya says when someone makes a mistake, he should accept it, not make an issue infront of everyone. She says I did not do any mistake yesterday, but earlier when I loved him. Satya says shall I forget what I saw. Antara says think, you saw what was shown to you, go and ask your mum, maybe she will tell the truth to you. Maai comes and says you are making my son against me, is it all my fault. Satya says Maai, please, not anymore. Maai taunts Antara and says you did everything and its my mistake.

Antara asks why are you playing this game with you two sons. Maai says even Satya wanted to tell your mum the truth. Satya is shocked. Maai asks tell Satya, were you about to tell her the truth on your marriage day. Antara is shocked to know this truth about Satya. Satya thinks about it and is silent. Maai says Satya did the same thing as I did. Ask her why he tried to tell her the truth, maybe he will have any reason. Maai says Satya, you are same like me, you tried doing it and I did it, then why am I bad, if not you. Maai cries and makes Satya emotional.

Maai says i had a reason, I was angry on her so I told her the truth, but why you wanted to tell her the truth, why. She says answer Antara about this and leaves crying. Maai smiles going out of the room. Antara looks at Satya. She says I want fresh flowers in our room from tomorrow. Satya looks at her. She does not ask him anything and asks him to go out as she has to change. She acts normal and Satya says what do you want to prove. She says I did not understand. He says really, are you so innocent, you want to prove that you don’t have any question, why I tried to tell the truth to your mum.

Antara says whats the use to ask you, my dad used to say hate the sin, not the sinner. Satya says wow, you are great. He says then you would have forgiven Raghu. He says your mum would have died because of me, say something. Antara closes the window and says when someone close and special hurts you, then it hurts a lot and Raghu did that, I was hurt, as I had hope from him. But I did not had any hope from you and so what you did, I m not hurt. She says I can’t forget what Raghu did.

She says I don’t love you, so how can I hate you. Satya is upset. He says I will repair the door and I don’t have any problem if you want ti keep the flowers. MachMach is drunk and calls Ruksana a item and tells her about his and Raghu’s childhood. Ruksana laughs hearing the story. MachMach kisses Raghu and says he is my everything except girlfriend. MachMach talks about Antara and Satya.

Raghu gets angry and gets up. He asks MachMach some questions and asks him what can you do for me. MachMach says I can die for you and kill anyone, you try sometime. Raghu says tell me who killed Dr. Kaul. Ruksana is shocked. MachMach is silent. Raghu says I killed Antara’s dad, I m a murderer. Raghu asks MachMach to shoot him with a gun. Ruksana is worried. MachMach and Raghu have a fight to put off the gun and the bullet strikes someone. Ruksana and MachMach are shocked.

Maai aims at Antara with a gun and plans to kill her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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