Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 5th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani recalling the recent happenings and is shaken. She recalls Jazz and Mahima words that Raghu betrayed her. She comes to her room in Raghu’s house and takes Daaju’s photo. She tells Daaju that Raghu betrayed their trust. She asks, why did he do this? She cries and says now she won’t trust anyone while the sad song of Do dil bandhe plays in the BG. Raghu is still sitting on the temple stairs and is shocked with Shivani’s heart wrenching words. Shivani throws her soft toys and all on the floor and cries miserably. Raghu gets Doctor uncle’s call and Raghu asks him where is he and how he is? Raghu meets Doctor uncle and he informs Raghu that Jazz tried to kill him as he came to know about his evil intentions against him and Shivani. He says I recovered and wants to tell you about their plans. He tells about the real will of Balwant. Raghu says he knows and he has the will. Doctor uncle thanks God. Doctor uncle shows him Shivani’s bag holding her wedding jewellery. he says I was worried about her and that’s why wants to meet her. Raghu says babyji is fine but everything seems to be unwell. He tells everything and says babyji started hating him. He says he can’t betray her and Maliksaa. Doctor uncle says we will meet Shivani and let her know about the truth.

Mahima and Jazz come out of hospital after meeting some Shalini and are shocked to see Doctor uncle with Raghu. Jazz recalls how he tried to kill him. Raghu asks, why you are shocked to see him as if you saw a ghost. Jazz says why they will fear him. Doctor uncle says because you both tried to kill me. Mahima says don’t talk nonsense. Doctor uncle asks them not to lie and says he will show their real face to Shivani and asks Raghu to come along with him. Mahima calls Aunty and informs her about Doctor uncle being alive. Aunty suggests they shall reach Shivani before Parimal reaches her. Raghu brings doctor uncle home and says we have to clear the misunderstandings. Doctor uncle asks him not to worry. They enter the room but doesn’t find Shivani. raghu asks Lata about Shivani and asks about why the room is messy. raghu says we have to go and search her. Bella asks, what is the matter? Raghu says they don’t have time. Doctor uncle asks Raghu to call Shivani. Raghu says she isn’t picking the call.

Doctor uncle sits on Raghu’s bike and they leaves. Shivani is walking on the road, Raghu and Doctor uncle is searching for her while at the other side, Mahima, Jazz and Aunty are searching for her. Mahima tells that Shivani isn’t picking the call. She sees someone else and thinks she is Shivani. But then says she is not Shivani. Raghu calls meghna and asks about Shivani. meghna says she is not here. Shivani comes to haveli and cries sitting in Daaju’s room. She asks daaju, why he left her. She says I am restless after you have gone. She talks about their past moment and cries saying she needs her. She asks Daaju to put his hand on her head and assures that everything would be fine.

Shivani hears Daaju’s voice calling her name. Shivani tells daaju that she knows that he is here with her. She looks at Daaju’s photo and says you are here with me. I don’t fear anything now. I will face every situation with strength. This house is not the same, everyone have changed and tells Daaju that she is going to other city and will start her life afresh. She asks for Daaju’s blessings. Aunty, Mahima and Jazz come back home and shocked to see Shivani there. They shows fake concern towards her and Aunty starts her melodrama. Mahima says she was trying her number since long. Jazz says they were worrying for her. Shivani asks them not to worry for her and says she came here for the one last time. She says she is going from here for forever.

Shivani is walking on the road and other side Raghu and Doctor uncle are searching for her..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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