Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manohar bringing a work file and giving it to Satya. Satya asks did you had breakfast. He says no, it does not matter, we are getting late. Satya says you are right and they leave. Vedika tells Satya that she is going for the class. She sees the time and thinks why did Vidhaan not come till now. Satya says its strange, she got up so early and got ready. He says music….. Vedika waits for Vidhaan and thinks how did he become late today. Vedika sees him coming and asks what happened to you. How did you get hurt.

Vidhaan says nothing. He says don’t throw water on me today, I have only two sets of clothes. She says tell me about this wound. He says I sleep on the footpath and people get angry if they lose out. Vedika says I have to take you to doctor. He says I m fine. She says you be here, I will do the dressing. She brings the first aid box and does his dressing. She asks did you had food last night. He says yes and lies to her. He says some people have beaten him and took the money from him. She says a fake story. She got wounded by hitting his head to the wall. She acts like he needs a place in Naik Sadan. He fools her in her words.

He says lets start the class. She says let it be, we will just talk today, tell me about you. He asys yoi are interesting in music or me. She says tell me about yourself. He says I hate music as my mum and dad loved music and I heard this brought them closer. She says then why don’t you like it. He says I earn my living by music, nothing else.

She asks are you not educated. He says I have to go. She says don’t sleep at the footpath tonight. He asks them where. She says I m thinking. He walks towards her. She says tonight…. He says don’t worry, I will come on time tomorrow, see you. He leaves.

Its night, Satya thinks about how he killed Raghu and tied him to the pole. MachMach comes to Satya and looks at him angrily. They get into an argument. Satya says I will send you to Raghu. he sees Vedika and comes to her. She says what as that man saying you, I don’t like him. Satya sasy don’t worry, he won’t do anything. Vedika talks to him about Vidhaan being homeless. Satya says what do you want. Vedika says I want you to give him a home. She requests and Satya agrees. Satya sees the place where Raghu used to stay at the terrace. He fixes a punching bag and sees Antara’s house open. He then sees the door open and close. He is shocked.

Satya sees a red chunri at the door. He thinks about Antara. It disappears. He then hears music playing and sees someone playing the mouth organ like Raghu used to do. Satya says Raghu, this can’t be true, I have killed him. Satya goes to Antara’s house to find out but there is no one. He sees Antara’s photo there and throws it. He leaves saying how can it be. He sees MachMach sleeping and goes to him.

Satya beats him in anger saying you will scare me as Raghu’s ghost, I will send you to Raghu. MachMach warns him and this makes Satya more anger. MachMach taunts Satya for killing Raghu by cheat. Satya aims his gun at him. Vidhaan comes and sees them. Vidhaan says what are you doing, don’t do this. Satya says what are you doing here. Vidhaan says I stay with him. Satya says I m going to kill him. Satya is about to kill MachMach.


Vidhaan shouts Vedika Satya Naik, Music is a way to reach you, your dad is the devil whom I came to kill, I m Vidhaan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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