Qubool Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 3rd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan is again attentive to nikhat, as he makes her sit down for dinner. she asks him to sit too. She is happy that everything is normalising now that they are having dinner together. Suddenly her eyes fall on a shadow staring at them. she is shocked, and farhan catches her expression and turns backwards but isnt boggled. she is surprised when he starts walking towards the door, where the shadow is, and intun starts playing on some romantic music, overlooking the shadow of sameera staring at them. he says that he didnt dance well at the honeymoon and asks to be given another chance. She is tensed and shy and happy too at his gesture, she gives in her hand to him and they start dancing together, in the romntic candlelight setting. She asks

him the reason for this. he eyes the watch, as it strikes 12 and wishes her a happy new year. Nikhat thanks him for this wonderful gift. as she hugs him, she is again scared, as she sees the shadow staring at them. Her hands automatically start clutching at farhan’s and hse starts trembling. He asks her what happened. She says that its nothing. she finds the shadow moving away. She goes after her, excusing her from him for a minute. She follows sameera, while farhan is tensed in his room. as she leas upto that room, where sameera goes in, farhan comes from behind and asks whats she doimng here in this room. She makes up an excuse and takes him away from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Meanwhile, zoya too wishes dilshad and hopes for asad to be here too, while dilshad hopes that rashid gets better soon. Meanwhile, haider tries to tie the rope of toffees nicely, but isnt able to. while humaira is frustrated, haider gets his spray gun out, much to huamira’s frustration and she runs with haider after her wishing her a happy new year. The guests start recognising zoya and dilshad, and razia is embarassed to face their comments. Razia is tensed. Zoya is mingling with the guests. Zoya wishes mamu a happy new year but he deliberately ignores her. then he complies and says that there’s nothing happy since asad and zoya moved in. zoya says that him being elder, she respects him, but her motive isnt to give them trouble. Mamu tells zoya that she has been nothing but trouble to them, and thats when she doesnt know anything about them or their past, where she is nowhere concerned with it. he says that he has to play this game as everything for them is on line, but why’s she playing. She says that she’s playing for asad, who’s her life. He asks her who gave her the right to destroy and disturb others’ life. he reprimands her to be brash and egoist, taunting thats its due to her questionable upbringing. zoya retaliates back saying that just like she doesnt know abything about him or his past, he too doesnt know anything about her or her past. mamu and razia are shocked to hear her speak so fiercely. He asks her whats so intense in her past, that she’s willing to have such a big fight for asad. Before she can answer, razia takes him aside. Zoya thinks that she is here to fight for asad, as she doesnt have a family of her own, as she had come to search for her father, but it still is unsolved, and in the way, she found asad and dilshad and she wont leave any stone unturned to help them.

Mamu wonders about that person’s words, and tanveer’s babling, and wonders if there is any truth in it. razia finds him tensed and wondering, and thinks that he’s definitely thinking about that other daughter, and now he thinks that his daughter is alive and in this city only. She thinks that its very dangerous for zoya to stay one more day, and makes up her mind to do something.

Zoya asks razi and confronts what can she possibly do. Razia asks her to look back. As she does, zoya is shocked to find a fleet of policemen along with mamu at the main gate.Mamu asks the police to arrest zoya. Dilshad asks whats zoya’s crime. He says that she has been accused of forgery, of faking property papers. The police asks zoya if this is true that she and asad had given these fake papers to demand a claim on razia and mamu’s property. zoya is speechless remembering haider’s advise that they have just two days to find the real papers. Zoya complies to having done it. The police tells her that they would have tp arrest her and instructs his contsables to do so. As they comply, dilshad is tensed. the screen freezes on zoya’s distraught face.

Precap: Zoya begins to berserkedly call out to badi bi and others, and tries to convince the police that the real papers are there and that her claims arent false. But the police doesnt listen to anything, and drags her out, while the entire family watcehs distraught. Just then, the bag of toffees, fall spilling the toffees wrapped in the property papers also astrew. some of the papers and at zoya’s feet. as she picks them up and goes through it, she is shocked and proclaims that these are the real property papers. Razia and mamu are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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