Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th August 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts with Raghu and Antara spending some time together. He asks her to drink by the straw. Antara looks at him. Aaji looks at them. Noor and Arshad have a talk. Antara laughs on Raghu as his cold drink falls. MachMach looks at Arshad and Noor and tells Aaji can you see what I m seeing. Aaji is looking at Raghu and Antara. MachMach is talking about Noor and Arshad. He says look at them, they are having an eyelock. Aaji looks at Noor and Arshad and smiles. She says you were talking about them. MachMach says about who were you talking. Raghu asks Antara are you fine now. Antara is lost in thoughts and tells him I used to bet with my dad and win over him. She tells Raghu about the bet. Raghu says is it ok and tries to finish the cold drink first.

Raghu wins. Antara tells

him about her and her dad. Raghu smiles listening to her. Raghu says so your dad was mischievous. Antara shares about her dad and says I miss him a lot. Raghu says I understand. She says I feel some miracle will happen and my dad will come back. She says when you read the letter I felt my dad wrote it. Antara starts getting emotional. Raghu looks at her. Antara says I m sorry, just like that. Raghu says its ok. He says come with me. She asks where. He says you trust me right. He brings her to the same cliff from where he threw the tape recorder. Raghu says this city has people who cry from their heart, and if its unheard, then it looks like a burden on the heart. He says take out your pain, be open and cry without any inhibitions. Antara looks on. Raghu asks her to cry. She says I can’t. Raghu says I m not joking, he says you have to cry loudly and forget the pain.

Raghu says no one is here to see you crying, you have to cry and be normal again. Antara says I can’t do this. Raghu says what do you remember about your dad the most. She says his smiling face. Raghu says tell me more about him. She says every moment, he always used to smile. She shares about her dad. She says now I can’t see him. Raghu looks on and hears her patiently. She says her dad did not keep his promise. She says I got peace when he kept his hand on my head. She starts crying. She thinks of her dad. Raghu says tell me more about your memories. Antara says she used to sing songs, he had the best voice in the world. Raghu says are you getting hurt. Antara says I have so much anger in me. Raghu says bring out the anger and put in infront of the Lord and the world. Raghu says shout aloud so that the world hears you. Antara shouts Papa and says why did you leave me alone. Antara brings out her frustation and cries.

Raghu sees her devastated. Raghu gives her a napkin to wipe her tears. He gives her his hand. Antara looks at him. Antara holds his hand and gets up. Raghu says now your heart is free from the burden. She says I m feeling better now. Raghu says now you are left only with the memories. He says you have to worry and think about your family. Raghu explains her how to be positive towards life. He says you are lucky that you have your family with you. Antara thanks him. Raghu and Antara come back at the chat house. Aaji says I will pay. Antara says I will pay as its my dad’s birthday today. Aaji agrees. Aaji and everyone are on the way. Arshad asks Noor to say his hello to Ishaan. Antara says how do you know Ishaan. Raghu makes an excuse. Aaji asks Raghu to sit with Antara. Antara looks at Raghu.

One guy is keeping an eye on Raghu. He gets a call from someone and he tells them he is Aman and he wants to meet him urgently. Everyone come home and Raghu gets down the jeep. Antara thanks Aaji. Aaji says come home regularly. Antara thanks Raghu for explaining her life. Her bag falls and both of them sit to pick it up. Raghu says wait, gives her the photo. She says this is the last memorable thing I have. She shows him her dad. Raghu thinks and asks is this your dad. Raghu says I have seen him somewhere but I don’t remember. Raghu thinks where he saw Antara’s dad. Aman meets someone and says I have seen Raghu. He says I m afraid, if he knows about me, then I will be in trouble.

Antara asks Ishaan did he solve the maths problems. She says Noor will bring the admission form. Ishaan says I will pass the admission test, you don’t worry.

Antara is smiling. Her mum sees her smiling and asks her the reason behind it. She says I m your mum and always want you to keep smiling. She talks about her dad. Antara says my smile came back. Antara says the same man who explained me about life. Antara’s mum asks who. Her mum says that person is very lucky for you. She says you should be with someone who makes your difficulties easier. They talk about Rakshabandhan. Antara says I m very happy today as my life still have something good in it. Antara’s mum ties the rakhi to her brother. She asks him money. He says sorry, I know its less but I have only this much. She says this is so much for me. She says I want another gift from you. He says tell me, I will try my best to give you. She says you should focus on your family also. He says yes sure. He says now I have to leave. He greets her and gifts Antara also. Antara stops Mama and asks you did not give Mami anything, give her a hug. Antara jokes. Everyone laughs. He leaves.

Antara says even I m going now. Her mum says you did not tie the rakhi to Ishaan. Antara says I will tie in the evening. Mami says Antara is looking happy, she should be like this only.
Raghu sees Antara bargaining for the rakhis. He looks at her and thinks she started again. He smiles. Raghu comes there and asks whats going on. Antara bargains. The man gets afraid of Raghu. Antara says she does not want any discount. The man says take it whatever you like. Raghu says whats your problem. Raghu says why are you fighting. Antara says I don’t want to fight with you. Raghu says is this your love then. Antara looks at him. Mera Mahi Tu… plays in the background.

Antara and Raghu are on the terrace. Raghu holds her hand and gets closeer to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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