Amita Ka Amit 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 28th August 2013 Written Update

She starts telling Neeraj I told you I wont change my decision. Neeraj cuts her in between. We can talk all this later. Right now Sid Sir is on his way to your home. Amu gets shocked. He explains how Sid Sir tried so hard to find another Radha but it wasn’t possible in a day’s time. So he is on his way to your home to convince you. Amu is shocked. I am not at home. She disconnects the call. She tells the same to Jigna who is equally taken aback with the news that Amu quit and also about Sid lashing out at Amit. Amu is worried what if he reaches Shah House before me. plus no one at home knows I quit it. Amu immediately rushes for her home.

Sid comes at Shah House. He says he wants to talk to Amita. Fallu tells him she has already left for the rehearsal hall. Tina too joins

them now. Sid asks them why she would go there. She left the show yesterday only in a huff. I am trying to find a new Radha since then but no one is worth it in such a less span of time. So I thought to come over and try to make her agree. I request you to call me as soon as she is home. Fallu is taken aback yet manages to reply in agreement. Sid takes their leave. Tina smirks happily.

Amit is busy working in his office when he gets a call from Fallu. She tells him that Amu quit the dance show. He is astonished so she repeats it for him. Tina is walking next to Fallu only (enjoying the situation). He is clueless as to what could be the reason behind her quitting. Fallu realizes even he doesn’t know anything about this. He tells her she was trying to talk about something yester night but I couldn’t give her time. Plus I returned late from Batuk’s place. Fallu is all nerves. Why did she show us those dreams when she was about to break them anyways. Now you tell me do I face or answer my relatives or acquaintances that are coming over to watch the performance. Amit assures her he will come and talk to Amu.

Tina takes the opportunity and starts talking against Amu. I shouldn’t be saying it but this Amita doesn’t realise this is her in-laws place not her home where a dauhghter-in-law must think intelligently. There is thing called responsibility. Fallu takes Amu’s side. She is quite intelligent. Tina continues….in your eyes. First she gave hope to all of us and suddenly she quit the show without even thinking everyone has been invited already. What about our family’s respect? She dint even tell anyone she left the show. Fallu is sure there must be some reason or wouldn’t do it. Yes but that reason can be told by her only. She leaves from there. Tina stands contended.

Amu comes home praying Sid Sir doesn’t come over before me. Everyone is seated in the dining hall and are waiting for her only. Fallu launches her questions at her followed by Tina. They both start talking about their family’s respect and worth as they have already sent out the invites to everyone. Baa and Nani want to know the reason as to why she left it like this. Amit enters just then. He stops them saying I will talk to her….that too alone. He leaves for his room and Amu follows him.

In their room, he asks her what’s happening. She declines. He very calmly explains her it is Gokulashtami’s dance performance today where you will participate as Radha. It is not only yours but our dream too to see you as Radha. When this dream was about to fulfil you are backing out at this very moment why? She says now you remember me? I was trying to talk to you since so many days and you were running away from me. How come you are so concerned all of a sudden? He replies he is worried about her. She doesn’t buy it. I have been seeing everything and know what you are concerned about. He tells her not to talk about him. She sarcastically agrees with him. Everything happens according to you only. When you wanted me to participate in the dance I did, you felt like not talking to me for a whole week and you did just that. And today suddenly you feel like talking to me and you came here. Things happen according to your own wish only right? No one hears me. He sternly tells her there was a reason behind him not talking to her. read full updates with pictures only at She wants to know and he spills out Sid’s name. Now you tell me why you quit? She is confused about his reply. He doesn’t want to talk about this. She says if you want to know why I am not going for the dance then you will have to tell. He thinks for a moment and then begins telling her. I thought he is way much better than me in every way. I feel like you should have married a guy like Sid….who deserves you….who is smart and knows how to talk good. At least he shouldn’t be a boring stock broker like me. I can never be like him however hard I try. That is the reason why I went to gym, started wearing contact lenses. I tried hard but couldn’t become. I have no problem with you but with him. I don’t know why but whenever I see him I feel jealous. True! She smiles. You know how silly you are. She walks up to him surprising him. You wanted be like him? Taking his hand in hers she tells him for me there is no one like you in this whole world. You are the best. Perfect for me. now you tell me how does one improve a perfect person? I love you. I always think about you. I see you everywhere. When I am with you I am very happy. When you are not with me I feel so alone. I keep writing your name on plain pages. Amit has a slight small on his face. I love knowing everything about you. I love you a lot. You are my life. He is nothing for me…he is just a teacher for me. You only tell me would I do this for him? Would I just fight and quit from the dance show for him? This all I can do only for you. Amit is overwhelmed but suddenly realises what she just said. What did you just say? She tries diverting it but he tells her to tell the truth just like he did.


She tells him she quit the show the moment she got to know about the way Sid spoke with him. He has no right to talk to you this way that is why I quit it and broke my dream of becoming a Radha. He says you left this for such a small reason. She says it would be a small thing for you not for me. For you I can leave 100 shows like this. This show isn’t important for me. You are important for me. amit is all smiles and so is she. He wipes her tears. A little while ago you were calling me silly right. You are the most silliest in this world. She agrees with him happily. But when you weren’t talking with me I was feeling very bad, I was very angry with you. I wont talk to you now. He gives her a very sweet look while wiping her tears and apologizes. She hugs him happily. They share a small eye lock as they come closer for a kiss. But it is interrupted as Amit’s phone rings. They both smile. Amit looks at the caller id and then glances at Amu nervously. He excuses himself for a minute. It is Sid. He apologizes to him. amit too apologizes as the fault is of both the parties. Sid is worried as it is about time to start the show and Amu isn’t here yet. It is impossible to find another Radha this soon. Amit assures him Amu’s Kanha will make her agree for sure. Sid thanks him. The call ends.

Amit comes back to Amu. Forget everything go and get ready. The show is about to start. She has decided she wont go in that rude man’s (Sid’s) show. He tries to make her agree but she doesn’t relent. She leaves from there while he stands confused / worried.


In the dining hall, everyone is present dressed nicely to go for the show. They ask Amit as to what has Amu decided. Will she be participating or not? we will be going or not? amit asks them if their phone’s battery is charged or not. They shoot confusing glances at each other. Fallu asks him he is worried about their phones when it is a matter of their prestige. Kirath stops her and tells Amit they are charged. Amit tells them to go to hall while he will bring Amu along with him. fallu doesn’t want to go as she will feel insulted if she decides not to come. How will she agree now? Baa and Nani tell her to trust Amit. Everyone has mixed reaction on their faces.

Sid is pacing nervously as he meets the guests. A few ladies greet him. we have come here to see your show only. We heard that Amu is very good in her role. They leave after wishing him luck. Neeraj tells him that everything is ready. Now he has to get ready for his role. Sid says what to do when Radha isn’t here.

Amu is looking for Amit. He comes and shows his phone to her. A video recording plays where everyone is saying something about their Radha. Baa says everyone is here minus Radha. Don’t know if I would be able to see Amu’s dance next year or not but what does it matter to her. Amu is surprised. They all are in the auditorium? Nani says I had so much interest to watch Radha perform. Now should I act as one? Next Fallu is saying gopi’s come before time. It isn’t easy to become a Radha and my daughter-in-law will be dancing as Radha. It isn’t a small thing. hemant is next. My daughter will become Radha today so I brought sweets for everyone. Amu smiles through her tears. Hemant is doubtful as he will have to eat all the sweets on his own now. varsha tells him not to do so or his sugar will increase. Its better if she comes here fast. Jigna jokes I cannot even cry or my mascara will drip. Come fast. Its Amu’s Dada ji now. I am watching Radha-Krishna’s show since I was a kid. At that time some old person present there used to say this is my daughter / granddaughter. Now its my turn to say its my granddaughter. Amit says let them say anything they want shall we go for dinner. He takes the phone from her while she stands there overwhelmed with emotions.

Precap: Hemant, Varsha ask for Amu from Amit. Ria says we have called the driver so now shall we leave. Amit tells them to look at stage once before leaving for home. They stop in their tracks and everyone looks at the stage. Amu is dancing!! (Yayyyyyyy!)

Update Credit to: pooja

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