Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara seeing her dad’s tape recorder. She thinks of her dad and their togethernessss. She gets sad. Noor comes to her and sees her sad. She asks are you fine. Noor says we will go out for sometime. Antara says I will go alone. Noor thinks its Antara’s dad’d birthday today. Raghu talks to MachMach. He asks Raghu did you talk to Raghu. Raghu does not answer. Antara sees Raghu outside her house and they look at each other. Raghu walks towards her but Antara leaves from there. Raghu follows her. Raghu bumps into someone and misses Antara. Antara comes to a silent cliff and cries thinking about her dad. She sees the tape recorder and listens to her dad’s voice. She hears the interview she took once of her dad. Antara cries listening to his words. Raghu comes

there and sees her crying. He takes the tape recorder. Antara turns and sees him. She asks him to return it. He says I won’t give, did you forgive me. Raghu says you did not forgive me, why. He says I m fed up of saying sorry, whats your problem.

Raghu says do you remember what you said about my upbringing, but I had forgiven you. He says you forgive you, then I will give your tape recorder back. Antara says give it back to me. Raghu throws it down the cliff. Antara cries. Raghu says you are dying for the tape recorder. He says stop crying, I m sorry, I will buy a good tape recorder. Antara scolds him saying stop it, its not a joke. Antara is about to jump down the cliff. Raghu holds her hand and takes her. He says are you mad. Antara says yes I m mad. Raghu says calm down. He says why are you dying for such an ordinary tape recorder. Antara says this was the last thing of my dad, why should I forgive you. She says today is my dad’s birthday, that tape recorder had his memories, and you took them away, who gave you the right. Antara says I was living those moments again, its because of you I lost it. Antara says you have taken away everything from me, the most precious thing of my life. Antara cries and leaves. Raghu looks on realizing his mistake.

He thinks about Antara’s words and looks down the cliff. Some guy’s intro scene is shown and the song Ali Maula plays… in the background. Antara comes there with Noor. Raghu jumps down the cliff to find out the tape recorder. Raghu after much difficulty finds the tape recorder and gets hurt while reaching it. Antara comes to the Dargah with Noor. Raghu is back with the tape recorder. Raghu thanks Bappa. Antara and Noor pray at the Dargah. Antara cries. Raghu comes back and looks out for Antara. He comes to the Dargah too. Noor pacifies Antara. Antara ties the sacred thread to the wall. Raghu comes there and sees her from the other side of the wall.

Raghu stares at Antara while the song Ali Maula plays….. Antara closes her eyes and stands praying. Noor comes to her and says no onw goes empty handed from here, I prayed that allah listens to your every prayer. Antara feels bad saying I m alone. She says I feel like life has complains about me. Antara is disheartened. Raghu hears everything.

Noor says be strong Antara, everything will be fine. We have to take care of ourselves. Noor takes Antara with her. Raghu looks at the threads and goes to tie one himself. She touches the thread Antara tied.

Antara and Raghu have an eyelock at the Dargah. Mera Mahi tu… plays…


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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