Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai asking Antara where are you going, what are you upto now. Antara does not answer her and leaves. Maai gives medicines to Raghu and says Raghu, I m asking you to stay in a room downstairs but you don’t listen to me. Whats the use of staying at the terrace. Raghu says I feel good to stay under the sky, I feel free. Raghu leaves. Maai smiles. Antara comes to a pharmacy and asks who bought this rat poison bottle. The man says I don’t remember. She shows him the photo of Maai’s family and asks him who came from these people.

The man shows Rasika. Antara says are you sure. Satya talks to someone on phone. Antara comes back home. Satya says hello. He asks so what did you investigate. Antara is quiet. Satya says jaan, my mood id not good always,

I told you to reply to my questions. Antara says I will answer you when I have the answer. She says I m gathering the proof to find out who mixed the poison in the milk. Satya says you told me that Maai mixed it. Antara says yes I know, but I want proof.

He says it means you are angry as Raghu pointed on me, or do you want to prove your lover wrong. He says anger suits you, I like it. He says but save your anger for tomorrow. Antara asks what is it tomorrow. Satya says surprise and leaves. Raghu and Ruksana are at the terrace. He says don’t be tensed about me. Ruksana cries. She says sorry and ask did you know who did this. Raghu says don’t know, but Maai did not do it. Ruksana says tell me the truth. Raghu says I m not interested to find out. Ruksana says are you interested to live or not, I think we should complain to police, they can try again to harm you.

Raghu says the poison is in Antara’s mind. Antara talks to Rasika and says I m sure you are the one who mixed the poison in the milk. Rasika denies. Antara says I came to tell you that I came to know everything. Rasika says so what will you do. She says Raghu gave the statement that it was his mistake, so you can’t do anything now. Antara says I have proof, the shopkeeper knows you. Rasika gets tensed. Antara says Raghu gave his statement, but the law gets this proof, it won’t spare you, I will file a case against you showing this proof. You tried to kill me.

Rasika is worried. Antara says I will be sad that you will go to jail. Rasika says save me, I did not want to kill anyone. Antara says then who mixed the poison. Rasika says Maai, she wanted to kill you, she asked me to add the poison and give the milk to you. She says Raghu drank it by mistake. She holds Antara and says don’t send me to jail. I m sorry.

Everyone are having lunch. Antara serves everyone. Raghu comes and sits for lunch. He looks at Antara. He keeps the proof and the poison bottle under his plate. Raghu looks at it. Rasika looks at Maai. Raghu is shocked to see the proof. Raghu crushes it. Antara is shocked. He throws the paper. Maai asks him to sit and not leave from the table. Raghu sits obeying her. Maai scolds Antara. Satya looks on. Maai serves Raghu. Antara records Rasika’s statement and plays it in the hall, everyone hear it. Maai is shocked.

Antara says I hope now everyone knows that Maai mixed the poison in the milk. She says Rasika told everything to me. Antara says Raghu, now you know that Satya did not do this, Maai did this. Raghu gets angry and says tell me what do you want to say. Antara says Maai tried to kill me, you drank the milk and even then she was quiet. She hates me and you love her, she did not react even when you drank the milk, she did not care about you. She says she tried to kill me and my mum, and left you dying, she is not a mum, she is a murderer.

Raghu is about to slap Antara and Satya beats him for slapping Antara. Maai asks Satya not to beat Raghu. Maai asks Antara to stop it. Raghu says no Maai, you won’t request to anyone. Raghu says I will tell you the truth of my life, she is my Maai who did my upbringing and gave me a life, if anoyone points at her, I won’t leave them and he says I knew it that Maai mixed the poison. Maai and everyone are shocked.

Raghu says don’t interfere in between me and Maai. Maai looks at Antara and says sorry folding her hands. Rasika is relieved. Manohar acts as if he cares for Satya. Satya comes to Antara and gets angry. He says did you see what happened, now are you feeling happy, what did you get proving the truth. He says you are being foolish. Satya leaves. Antara gets upset. She comes to her room while Satya is resting.

She says I m sorry. She says I got the proof so that everyone knows the truth and Raghu see Maai’s real face. Satya says I supported you today and I wish you support me in future, I hope you won’t do this mistake again. He leaves till she turns. Maai sees Raghu meeting Ruksana and is happy. Ruksana says she forgot the keys in the parlous. Raghu breaks the glass of the door and is hurt, He gives the keys of the parlour to her. Ruksana is tensed seeing her wound. He says you got the keys and this hand got the punishment for raising on Antara. Maai thinks of using Raghu. She smiles cunningly.

Satya scolds Raghu for being near his bedroom. Antara says Sahib….. Satya signs stop. She looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. This serial getting “bakwaas” day by day
    Plzz i want to see Rantara together,i can’t see raghu in so much pain

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