Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 13th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with MachMach and Raghu drinking wine. Antara leaves from the house. Raghu hears Ghungroo sound and looks around. Antara comes to the hall and takes out the ghungroos. Raghu and MachMach have a talk and laugh. Raghu hears the ghungroo’s sounds. Antara takes the ghungroos and ties it. Antara starts dancing. Raghu asks MachMach can you hear something. He says I can hear you. Raghu says ghungroos sound. He says no, we are drunk. MachMach asks him to drink more. Antara is sees dancing on the music. Raghu still hears the sounds and wonders from where is it coming. MachMach comes to the house and tries to figure out his room. The scene is hilarious.
MachMach comes in Aaji’s room. Aaji gets up and asks him what he is doing here. MachMach is drunk and thinks who spoke.

He sees Aaji and realises he is in Aaji’s room. Aaji scolds him and asks him to leave from the room. Aaji asks him are you drunk. He says no. She asks where is Raghu. He says Raghu heard Ghungroo’s sounds. Aaji gets tensed. MachMach says who will wear ghungroos at night. Aaji thinks its Antara. Aaji says lets go to the terrace. Antara is smiling and practicing well. Aaji comes to Raghu and asks him. He says I did not drink, MachMach forced me to drink. Raghu asks Aaji can you hear these sounds of ghungroo. He says I will go and see. Aaji gets worried that he would see Antara. Raghu goes outside the house following the sounds.

Noor is talking to Arshad in her dreams. She wakes up by the paper ball which Aaji has thrown. Noor comes in the balcony. Aaji asks where is Antara. Noor says she is sleeping. Noor gets worried saying Antara is not there. Aaji says Antara is in the community hall, go and help her. Noor does not understand. Aaji says go there before Raghu goes there. Antara is shown dancing. Raghu comes there and looks through the door. MachMach comes to Aaji and asks her where is Raghu. She says Raghu went outside. Aaji pretends that she got hurt. She asks him to call Raghu. She says call Raghu and ask him to come here.

Raghu is about to open the door, MachMach calls him. Antara sees Ragha and is shocked. She hides. MachMach says Aaji is unwell, come fast. Raghu says she was fine, what happened to her. MachMach says I don’t know. Aaji shouts. Raghu says I m coming. Antara removes her ghungroos. Raghu sees Noor going outside. Raghu comes home. Aaji tells Raghu that my leg is paining a lot. He asks how come. She says how can I tell that. He says lets go to your room. Aaji says yes sure. Noor comes to Antara and asks her what is all this. Antara says I have to hide from Raghu. MachMach and Raghu are walking towards the hall. MachMach says I can also hear sound. They go to see there. Raghu thinks who it might be. MachMach says lets go back, who will dance, it will be a ghost. Raghu says we should check. He opens the door and sees Noor and Antara. Antara is tensed.

Antara and Raghu get closer. Antara jokes on Raghu saying you are afraid of insects. Raghu asks her to stop it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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