Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maai telling Antara why Raghu gave this statement. Maai says I will make him sign now. Antara says he won’t sign on it, its your statement, not Raghu’s. Maai moves Antara and asks Raghu to sign on it. Antara says no. Raghu looks at Maai. Maai insists. Raghu signs on it which shocks Antara. Maai smiles. Maai shows the sign to Antara and says now its complete, now let Raghu rets, I will explain you later. She takes Antara with her outside Raghu’s ward and throws Antara on the floor. She brings her to the house and throws napkins at her.

She says cry as much as you want, I will give you napkins. She laughs on her and says this is what you worth, this is your fate. She says what she does to her enemies and says you called the police for me. She asks

Antara to eat badam and says remember that I m the law, court and judge of this locality and Raghu is my son. I m his Maai, he believes I m his Lord, I gave him life, he can’t think I will try nto kill you. He will think what I tell him.

She says you loved him, but I m his mum, I did his upbringing, how did you think he would go against me. He would have signed on any statement. She says don’t take any step against me from now on, you are his lover, stay that, don’t try to challenge his mum. Antara cries looking at Maai. Satya talks to Raghu and scolds him. He says I hate you a lot, but I don’t want to kill you. He says its good to keep you alive, to see you in pain. He says I married your lover to give you pain. Raghu asks who mixed the poison in the milk, if not you. Antara says you know it.

Raghu says Satya knows it, it was his plan. Satya says I wish your mum sent you to school, you are a fool, if I want to kill you, I will shoot you face to face. Raghu taunts him for sending goons to beat him. He says I know that he has sent the goons to kill me. Antara is shocked. Raghu says I know everything. He says I m silent as you are lucky to be Maai’s blood. He says I can never harm Maai’s shadow. Satya says give him medicines.

He says maybe he will understand you. Satya asks Antara to be careful and leaves. Antara gives medicines to Raghu. Raghu says I don’t want. Antara says have it, you are not well. He says I told you I don’t want. She insists. She makes him have the medicines by force. They have an eyelock. She acres for him and he laughs. She holds his hand and says even if you gave me poison with love, I would have drunk it, then why did you do this drama. Antara slaps him and asks are you fine, I m sorry. He kisses her hand and music plays…….

He says I saved you, not Maai. He says Satya tried to kill me, if I got him arrested, it would have hurt you. Antara looks at him. Raghu says I will not hurt you and your husband. He says I still love you, its my promise, like you loved me, I will always love you and also hate you from now on. Antara cries. He says its my promise that we will be together, we will have the relation of hatred now. He says I gave you a name Miss Kaul. I have full right on this name. I will always call you by this name so that I always feel our love and you should realize you made a big mistake of loving me.

He says you told me to hate you. I will make your every wish true. He says I will leave supporting you. Antara runs crying. She thinks of Raghu’s words and goes to her room. Satya sees her crying and says I know a doctor, he will cure Raghu well, will you take him there. He says you care a lot about him, what do you want, you want to kill him or have him, I don’t understand anything. He says you hurt him, then care for him. He says you made me break the door to save him. He says you are using me. Antara says Sahib….. He says don’t you understand, he is Maai’s, he gave the statement which Maai wanted and you still want to give him life, why.

Antara says because I….. Satya says tell me whether you are with me in this war or not. Antara says yes. Satya smiles and says its good to hear this, will you keep up your words. Antara says yes and cries. Satya says good. He says I will bring a new perfume for you and says I don’t like anything low. Satya leaves. Antara cries.

Antara gets up at night and sees Satya sleeping. She sees the rat poison bottle and thinks. Its morning, Antara brings tea for Satya. He wakes up and says good morning jaan, if I knew this would happen getting married, I would have married you in childhood. He thanks her for the tea. He sees the rat poison bottle in her hand and asks is there poison in my tea. She says yes, drink it. He says cheers.

Antara is investigating and Satya laughs seeing her. He falls on the staircase and Raghu holds her hand. Music plays…. Mahiya Ve………… plays……… He says Miss Kaul are you fine. She says yes. He leaves her hand and she says I m fine, did you take the medicines. Maai says Raghu’s mum is still alive, to take care of him and give medicines to him, you just give him poison.

Antara says Maai tried to kill me and my mum, she is a murderer. Raghu raises his hand on Antara and stops. Satya gets angry and beats Raghu.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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