Pavitra Rishta 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi calling Prashant and asks him to come home. Prashant says he won’t be coming back until Naren is there. She tells him that Ankita is waiting for him. Prashant says he can’t control himself seeing Naren and he don’t want any complications. Mansi tells him to come home for their tayi who has done so much for them. Naren is flying kite and the kite gets stuck on the tree. Naren tells the kids that he will get the kite. Prashant confronts Ankita for her lies. Ankita says she was fed up of the responsibilities and that’s why married Naren for his money. Prashant tells her that he knows she is lying again and says you have taken care of us as a mother. You married him for our happiness.

Naren tells the kid that he will get the kite and goes to

get it. Ankita says she doesn’t have any other option and tells them about the promise made to their mom. She says she worked hard but couldn’t make them happy. She says our baba is a drunkard and we have a loan to repay. Mansi says but you should have ask us. Ankita replies, that you would not have permit me. Naren gets the kite. Kids get happy. Ankita says she married him for her baba as he was in jail. She says, your happiness matters to me. Prashant asks, but why you ruined your wife. Naren comes and asks, why he is scolding Ahana. Naren tells Prashant that she is his wife now and asks him not to scold her. Ankita asks, where you went and asks about the clothes being dirty. Sonu tells her about jiju getting their kite back. Ankita scolds them. Naren asks her not to scold them. He enacts Ankita and scolds the kids.

Prashant calls Shashank and asks him to come home to teach him. Shashank says he is in the meeting. Naren comes and offers his help. Prashant says you can’t do. Naren says if I do it then Prashant will give treat to us. Naren says he is a algebra genius. Naren takes the book and solve the problem. Prashant tells him that you are a genius. Naren asks for Icecream. Prashant leaves. Naren gets Rushaali’s call and she tells her that he is enjoying at Ahana’s place. He tells his doings since morning. rushaali asks him to go to mandir. Naren says, we will go.

Soham comes home and asks Mansi to serve the food. He says he will eat and leave before Naren’s comes. mansi asks him to tell Naren that he is Ankita’s father. Soham says he will not give her respect if he comes to know that I am her father. Prashant says, when did you start caring for her? Soham says he cares for them. Sonu tells that she will tell Naren. Soham explains her giving an example of golden egg.

Mansi comes to clean the room. Naren speaks with her and says you didn’t talk to me. Mansi says it is not like that. Naren says he will feed his number in her phone. He gives his phone and asks her to use it. She says he designed the phone softwares and asks her to give review of it. He says I wonder why people tell me mad. They are mad as they called Ahana as Ankita. Mansi says why you are giving your phone to me. Naren says because you are Ankita’s sister and asks her to call him.

Naren and Ankita come to the mandir. Naren goes to get the coconut for Puja. Ankita goes to get it. Naren starts ringing the bell continuously to everyone amusement. Naren tells Ankita that he rang the bell for 27 times. Naren asks the couple about the rat maharaj. That couple explains him about the wish. Naren wishes for Ankita’s happiness and their togetherness. He asks Ankita to make a wish and Ankita wishes their togetherness forever. Ankita smiles. Naren enacts the person who is praying . Ankita and Naren prays.

Ankita sees Shashank’s mom and goes to meet her. Shashank’s mom tells her that she wants to talk to her something about Shashank. She says Shashank loves him even now. Ankita says she is married now. Shashank’s mom tells her that Shashank is not ready to move on and is always depressed and lonely. She asks for Mansi’s hand for Shashank. Ankita says Shashank has to agree to marry Mansi. Shashank’s mom asks Ankita to make Shashank agree for marriage. She begs Ankita for Shashank’s happiness. Naren comes and asks her, don’t you feel ashamed? Ankita turns around to see him.

Purvi comes to meet Arjun in his office. She enters the cabin and says I want to talk to you. Ovi is sitting on the chair and turns to face Purvi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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