Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 10th September 2013 Written Update

RanTara are staring at each other and Aaji is enjoying watching them stare
Raghu tells Antara that one rose is from you and the other is from me
Antara says u are one number ka kanjoos
Some people are staring at RanTara and Antara spots them stare
Antara tells Raghu that they are staring at us and Raghu turns and says a hi to them
Raghu says wherever I go, people say hi to me and says u looking hatke today
Antara says I look hatke everyday and Raghu says the other days u look like sutli bomb
Aaji tells Mach Mach both are ghoor ghoor ke looking at each other
Mach Mach says but they arent doing the work they have come here for

Raghu says u look like biryaani today and Antara smiles
Antara suddenly feels awkward and moves

back and leans against the wall
Raghu says wat happened and Antara tells him to call Aaji
Raghu says Aaji is not seen anywhere here
Raghu says do i have to beat up someone
Antara says I cannot tell u and I need Aaji
Antara says dori and Raghu says I cannot see a dori anywhere here
Antara hits him
Antara says my dori has come out
Raghu says so tie it and Antara says my hand cannot reach

Raghu says lets go there
Antara says how I can i go there, everyone will see me
Raghu holds Antara by her shoulder and takes her to secluded place
Antara is leaning against a wall
Raghu tells Antara that I shall try and Antara says am fine and I will manage
Raghu says so are u gonna stick to the wall the whole night
Raghu says I shall tie and promise I will not see

Raghu spots a mirror and says I will look at the mirror and u can look at where am looking
Raghu says u trust me and Antara nods a yes
Antara takes her hair ahead
Raghu touches her bare back and Antara jerks a little
Raghu takes both the strings and tying it
Raghu tells Antara that Amir Khan is standing infront and Antara says where
Raghu says I wanted to distract to so that u do not concentrate on my hands
Raghu is looking at Antara in the mirror and Antara is looking at him in the mirror

Raghu says am done
Antara turns to face Raghu
Raghu smells the rose and says u didn’t tell me how do i look today
Antara says u always says that I look good always and what shud do i say
Raghu says wat did i say right or wrong
Antara says if i argue with you, would u let me win
Raghu says but still tell me how i look
Antara says u look like a kabad
2 random people ask Raghu as to whose side they belong to
Raghu says we are from the guys side
Antara says we are from the girl’s sde

Raghu takes the 2 people and says I will tell you everything
The bride groom’s father yells at the bride saying how could u love ur sis’s husband
Antara hears the entire convo
Raghu says where did this yedi go and bumps into Rukku
Raghu asks Rukku if he has seen Antara
Rukku says she ran away very fast
Raghu says Antara is not like that and says Rukku says lets find her
Antara reaches by then and says ur friend is in trouble and Raghu mis-understands it as Mach Mach
Antara says am talking about the bride
Antara tells Raghu about the entire convo she heard

Antara says u need to talk to Nargis the bride
Raghu says y shud i interfere
Antara says how could u say this
Antara says does it not matter to u that ur friend is marrying a person who she doesn’t love
Antara says here 3 lives are getting spoilt and wont u help
Raghu says I said no
Antara says had she been my friend, I wud have helped her but she is ur friend
Raghu says I do not wanna interfere
Raghu drags Antara and pins her to the pillar
Raghu says have u taken the responsibility of helping people
Antara says u are not like this
Antara says u helped me, my mother and Noori Aunty

Antara says had this been happening to me, would be behave like this
Raghu says u are different
Antara says why am i different

Antara says whatever we decisions we take in life cannot be always right
Antara says it could be wrong as well and we cannot live our life with this burden
Antara says some people are sent in lives who could help people chose the right path
Antara says God has sent u in my life for the very same reason and not only my life but everyone’s life
Antara says but I have been thinking wrong about u
Antara runs away from there and Raghu stares as she leaves

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  1. Wow,really amazing episode..
    I luv RaNtara vry mch
    dono dance kab karege

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