Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani coming to Raghu’s mom, she address her as aunty and says can you keep this jewels for sometime. She says I mean, can I keep it somewhere? Raghu’s mom notices that Shivani didn’t wear the mangalsutra and is without the sindhoor. She says stop and asks her to come along with her. She takes her to the inhouse mandir and puts sindhoor in Shivani’s forehead while Shivani closes her eyes. She then makes her wear the mangalsutra and tells her about the importance and significance of having sindhoor and mangalsutra for a married woman. She says she knows that she don’t have parents as she lost them in childhood, and that’s wants her to call her maa like Raghu. She says if you don’t want to call maa then it’s ok, Shivani

says no no and calls her maa. Shivani gets emotional and teary eyed while listening to her words and feels motherly attachment towards Raghu’s mom. She looks at her with longing eyes. Maa too gets emotional. She says whenever she see Raghu and her together, then it clearly shows their love for each other. She asks her to keep the love and trust forever, Raghu will fill your life with happiness. She asks did you miss you Daju and brother. She says Raghu told me that your family is upset with you, but don’t worry anger will go away with me. Then you can meet them.

Maa says she is upset with her. Shivani asks why maa? She asks why you didn’t wear the bangles given by me? I asked Raghu to give it to you. She then makes her wear the bangles and says it is her ancestral valuable. Maa says don’t take it out as it means you are connected with us from your heart and body. Maya thinks you are connected to us with body, heart and wealth. Shivani then asks where shall I keep the jewels, Maya comes and says I will keep it safe. Raghu’s mom says she will keep it with her. Maya tells her if you wants to keep safe anything, then give it to me. Shivani says ok. Shivani says sorry to Raghu in her mind and thinks she is betraying them.

Jazz requests Daju to eat food, but Daju is not in a mood to eat and asks them to leave. Mahima starts acting and says she won’t eat if he don’t eat. Daju says he don’t care and asks them to leave. But then stops them and says he will have breakfast with Abhimanya, shocking Jazz and Mahima. Daju feels bad and looks sad.

Raghu’s sister Gini says that maa prepared so many dishes for you today, Maya says she brought the vegetables from the market. Shivani is touched by their gesture and remembers in a flashback how Daju used to take care of her every wish. Maa says what happened? Did anything left in the menu. She says she wanted to prepare much more. She asks the kid to call Raghu, he says Raghu mama left sometime back. Maa thinks why he left without saying anything. Raghu is in the shop buying the mirror and thinks it will be good for Baby ji, Sumitra comes and says you won’t get a mirror in the world where you will get to see your real face. She says she was unaware of her deceived face. She says why you humiliated me and my family infront of everyone. Raghu says listen to me and then come to the conclusion. Sumitra says she don’t want to listen anything and gives curse to Shivani that she won’t be able to live happily. Raghu is shocked.

Daju recalls how Shivani married Raghu and looks at Shivani’s photos. He gets angry and breaks it. The Servant comes and sees him wrathing his anger on Shivani’s photos. She immediately calls Jazz. Jazz, Abhi and Mahima comes there and asks him to relax else his health may deteriorate. Daju says take this photos as he don’t want to see Shivani’s photos anymore. Mahima smirks. Mahima tells Abhi that Shivani didn’t do anything wrong by not marriage you. Did you see how much Daju is upset with her, He dont want to see her photos, lest go of her face. Mahima asks Jazz to come, while Abhi is left wondering whatever Mahima told him.

Raghu’s tells Sumitra to punish him but before that listen to the truth. Sumitra asks him to leave from her way. He tells her that baby ji will go back home in 2-3 days. Sumitra is shocked.

Raghu’s mom makes Shivani eat the food with her hands. While Raghu’s sister says that baby ji have eaten the food at their home.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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