Jee Le Zara 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Jee Le Zara 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 16th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pradeep waking up from the sleep and asks Deepali, where she is going? Pradeep says she is looking good and says he won’t let her go. She says she have to go else Bappa will get angry. Pradeep gets angry and says are you going to Saanchi’s house? She says she have to go, Pradeep taunts her and says go to your father’s house instead. He says asks the kid from your bappa and a clever mind. Deepali says she will asks patience for him. While Dhruv is talking with the grannies, Deepali comes there. Saanchi welcomes her and shows her to aaji, nani. She then asks Advait about her leg. Advait says it is fine. Aaji says it is good that Devil Pradeep didn’t come. Saanchi says she is going to make tea and asks Dhruv whether he will have? Dhruv says he don’t drink

tea, Advait says his sister’s make the wonderful tea. Dhruv agrees and says she will have to make it daily for him. Saanchi smiles. Dilshaad comes there, Ulka gets irritated by her talks. Prachi meets with Sunil and asks why did you lie to my sister that you are in Mumbai. Sunil says he lied because he wants to come to her house formally with his parents and he would feel awkward to come like that alone. He asks her what she asked from Bappa. Prachi says she asked for the career ride for Bappa.

Sunil says it means you accepted the offer. Prachi says yes, and says Saanchi makes her understand that she can’t be happy binding her career moves. She says let her work until their marriage. Sunil tells her that he spoke to his parents and they agreed to meet her tai. Prachi says she will go and tell her tai Saanchi. Sunil says will you tell everything to your tai after our marriage. Prachi says yes, Sunil says it is different thing that you always do things after informing and taking her permission.

Meanwhile Saanchi is preparing the sweets, Dhruv comes and they have a good moment. Dhruv asks what you prepare on your birthday. Saanchi gets sad and says she don’t celebrate birthday. Dhruv listens to her. He says he don’t know whether he will get prasad this time. Saanchi says she said sorry to him. Dhruv says you said thanks many times than sorry. Dhruv says that the halwa is ready, but Saanchi says it is not yet prepared. Deepali tells Saanchi that she will leave else Pradeep will get angry. Saanchi asks her to take the prasad and says come someday, we will talk. She talks nicely with her, addressing her as bhabhi. Dhruv says she is Pradeep’s wife naa and you talked to her so nicely. Saanchi says she is her bhabhi.

Prachi comes and says it is the best day for her. Saanchi asks did you said yes to the job. Prachi says Sunil talked with his parents and they wants to meet them. Everyone is called to start the puja. While Saanchi is doing the aarti, Dhruv is standing behind her. Saanchi gives the aarti to Dhruv and everyone else. She then gives the prasad to everyone and then gives double prasad to Dhruv, saying for yesterday’s and today’s.

Panditji says it is time for the Ganapati ji’s immersion and asks them to do the final darshan. Nani and Aaji asks for Saanchi’s life partner and child. Kaka brings chocolate for Saanchi. Meanwhile Advait is holding Bappa idol, Saanchi helps him. They go near the river in the car, while Saanchi and Dhruv is walking with the car. Saanchi do the puja again before bidding the Bappa. Advait holds the bappa, but feels pain in his leg. Saanchi says she will do the immersion, but Pandiji says it is against the customs. Advait says he will try but feels pain. Dhruv takes his cap and says he will immerse Bappa and takes the idol with him in the river. Saanchi looks shocked and surprised,while everyone is saying aloud Ganapati Bappa moriya. Dhruv do the immersion successfully, Saanchi smiles at last. She looks at him adorably.

After coming back from visarjan, Saanchi says she will prepare tulsi tea and everything will be fine.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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