Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 12th August 2013 Written Update

The first episode starts in a big , old house. Raghu is repairing the ceiling fan while his mom continuously pleads to him to have his breakfast. His mom leaves his plate on the table where he’s working. A lady asks Nidhi to get ready quickly as she’ll be late for school. She goes in the kitchen and takes the tiffin prepared for Raghu. She tells the mother to prepare an another tiffin for Raghu. Raghu mom tells Him that an alliance is fixed for him and the dad of the girl works in the industry of Raghu boss as door keeper. A girl and a man both in nursing officers uniform come in the hall. The man begin to eat his breakfast and the girl picks her tiffin to leave she takes all the breads of Ragu also leaving only one in the plate. Both of them leave, as they were getting late. Raghu father who’s a auto driver arrives home and sees Raghu plate lying on the table eats his food. He also taunts Raghu and his mother saying he’s the bread earner. The fan begins to works and Shivani wedding invitation card blows away but Raghu catches it before it falls down. His mom asks if it is Shivani wedding invitation card he nods yes and his father says he’ll definitely go to eat some good food.

His mom tells him that he must get married now as he already got all his sibblings married. He does not answer. His mom handles him the card and leaves while he receives a call from Shivani asking him to buy some stuff for her. She handles the phone to her maid and Raghu makes the list with the maid. Raghu brings what was needed and handles it to the maid who says Shivani needs all these in the kitchen. Raghu hears Shivani is cooking and decides to tell it to his boss, who’s praising the wedding planner for making a good plan of the mandap. Shivani dada says the whole Jaipur will always remembers this wedding above all it is his princess wedding. She’s always special and so must be her wedding. Raghu reaches the spot and tells his boss very reluctantly that Shivani is baking a cake in the kitchen.They all rush in the kitchen shockingly and his grandpa is worried if ever Shivani is cut or burnt… They arrive in the kitchen and Shivani says she was trying to bake an orange cake to surprise him. Their cook gave her this idea… Shivani dadaji asks Raghu to make the final payment of the cook as he’s dismissed.

Raghu saves the cook saying that it was indeed Shivani idea and the latter also admits… She cries and placate her grandpa to grant her the permission to bake the cake and finally he accepts but he wants to help her making the cake.
At Rahu place his father is happy reading at Shivani wedding card.He says he got the license to enter the wedding his daughter also wants to accompany him but Raghu mom says that Balwant will fire Raghu… His father says Rahu only needs to take them inside how will they get to know…
Rana family doctor tries to explain to him that in India after a wedding any girls must know how to take care about her household and he’s preventing Shivani from cooking. Balwant says Shivani isnot leaving. The doc asks whether Abhimanyu is ready to stay as his place permanently? He says no but he’ll make him agree to it. Balwant sees the picture of his son and daughter in law and remembers not allowing to leave for a meeting and they died in a plane crash while Abhimanyu parents also died along with them in the same crash. Balwant takes Shivani picture and says nothing of this sort will happen to her as he always has an eye on her and will always decide for her. The doc says he’s blocking her way b reventing her from doing anything a normal do. Balwant does not agree…and says he already planned and thought about everything very carefully.
Shivani wats to go to the airport to receive Abhimanyu and she asks Rahu to accompany her. Raghu wants to take Balwant permission but he says no need as Balwant will never agree to let her go and they need to go right away as they are getting late.

Balwant is saying after wedding Abhimanyu will take all his business from London and will settle in Jodhpur. Then the couple may leave for a world tour. The doc says sometimes which is being planned nerver happens as destiny also plays a big role. Balwant says he does not believe in destiny and whatever he has planned for Shivani will definitely happen per time… He receives a call and excuses himself from the doc.
Raghu opens the front door of the car for Shivani in the meantime they see Balwant who come to answer his call and Shivani just hides behind an another car. Balwant sees Raghu and asks what is he doing near the car? Raghu says nothing and Balwant asks him to see if the preparations is going on well. Shivani still hiding tells Raghu to go. While Raghu is leaving Shivani takes the car keys from him saying she’ll go alone to take Abhimanyu.. Raghu is a bit reluctant.
At a certain point of the road the car breaks down. Balwant is choosing jewelleries for Shivani and asks Raghu to call Shivani.. He’s shocked and receives a call Shivani tells him the car has broken down…and there’s no one to help… She asks him to come. raghu is shocked and Balwant notices him.

PRECAP: Shivani is accompanied by two girls for her engagement. The exchangeof rings between the new couple. Shivani is caught in fiire and Raghu tries to save her.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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