Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno’s friends insulting Poonam. Kanno has a laugh. Poonam feels bad and bows down. Poonam prepares snacks for Kanno’s friends. Kanno talks with her friends, Kanno shows her clothes and jewellery to her friends. They like it. Mangla hears all this. Rani brings snacks for them. Mangla is angry listening their laugh. She asks Poonam whats going on. She says I knew Kanno would do this. She says I cannot say anything to Kanno. Kanno took your permission and now she is troubling you, but you don’t worry, I will think how to get out of this. Mangla pacifies Poonam and leaves. Poonam comes to Kanno and tells them to come for the puja. Poonam does the arrangements for the puja. Didi says we are helping you, but you have to do the abhishek. Mangla says its

good that she called everyone. Kanno’s friends like the idea of the puja. Few friends taunt Kanno.

Poonam does the puja and everyone attend it and pray. The puja is done well. Dadi is happy with Poonam. Mangla, Prathna and Kanno looks on. Kanno’s friends taunt her and Kanno gets angry on Poonam. Poonam gives the prasad to everyone. Kanno’s friends say they won’t come to her house again. Kanno fumes with anger and stares at Poonam. Kanno leaves. Mangla smiles.

Akash is doing his work in the office. He calls Poonam and asks her how’s her day. Poonam says everything is fine here. He asks her did you have food. Poonam says yes, I just had food. He says I want to ask something, she says yes ask. He asks how are you feeling today being the bahu. Poonam says its fine, I m enjoying the work. Akash smiles and says do you feel this house as yours. Poonam does not say anything. Akash says you and mum are understanding each other, my mum is trusting you, I feel glad. Akash kisses the phone and smiles.

Rano is cleaning Prathna’s room.She feels her makeup is gone and uses Prathna’s makeup kit. Poonam sees this and scolds her. Mangla comes there and comes to them. Mangla scolds Rani for stealing Prathna’s makeup kit. Mangla says pack your bag and leave this house, I don’t want to see your face. Rani tries to stop her. Kanno hears them and comes to see the drama. Dadi asks what did she do. Mangla says what Rani did. Everyone are shocked. Mangla says we will search your bag and see what thefts you have done in our house.

Rani says don’t insult me like this, don’t check my bag. Mangla checks her belongings and finds costly make up items and she shouts on her. Rani says she did not steal, jai brought these things for her, even Mama gave her few things. Everyone are shocked. Mangla asks Mama about what Rani is saying. Mangla says so you are lying about our son and brother. You should have asked me, the men here don’t do such things. Rani says let me explain. Mangla says leave the house. Rani cries. Mangla scolds Mama too. Mama denies that he did not do anything. He has just helped her. He says I did not bring makeup kit for her. Mama says ask jai about this. Kanno is shocked. Mama asks Mangla to trust him. Mangla says what should I trust. I kept Rani because she is a relative of jugnu. But Rani was trapping you and jai. Mangla says its because of Poonam that we got to know about Rani. Mangla praises Poonam. Kanno feels jealous. Mangla asks Rani to leave. Rani apologizies to her and says don’t fire me from the job. She requests everyone. Rani accepts her mistake and cries and asks Poonam to forgive her.

jai thinks he should leave for the house maybe Rani is waiting for him. Kanno calls him and confronts him about Rani. She scolds him. He gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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