Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bella washing clothes and gets angry on clothes as she recalls Jazz’s words that Raghu is Shivani’s servant. She says she wants to throw Shivani out of the house. Lata asks her, will she tear the clothes?Bella says she can’t bear the insult meted by Shivani and her family. Baburaam says they have to bear her for the money. Vivek and Maya supports Baburaam. Bella says she don’t want the money which comes with a insult. She says she won’t bear if Shivani insults Raghu again. Baburaam asks her to keep quiet. Jazz gives Shivani’s jewellery to Mahima and says it is the initial installment of the property which will come to them. Mahima smiles. Aunty comes and takes the jewellery saying she will keep the jewellery. She says it is Shivani and we will return it when she comes. She says we shall not cut up the golden hen. She explains Jazz that Shivani shall trust them and hate Raghu. Lata gives the prasad to Nishi, Bella, and others.

Shivani comes and takes the water from the pot. Lata tells her that she should have tell her to get water. Shivani tells her that she can do her work. Bella says it is a good thing and taunts her indirectly. Shivani drinks the water and is about to go to her room. Lata gives her aarti and prasad. Raghu comes and takes the aarti. Shivani looks at him. Lata tells Raghu that prasad is over. Nishi tells him that babyji mamiji have the prasad and asks him to take from her. Everyone looks at her. Shivani gives the half ladoo to Raghu while the do dil bandhe plays. Raghu takes it, Shivani tells him that Daaju used to say Prasad should be given to all even if the person is enemy. Raghu gets sad with her words. Lata asks him not to worry about Shivani’s words. Raghu says he is fine. Lata asks Raghu to replace the garland on Maliksaa’s photo. Raghu complies.

Raghu prays to Malik saa to have faith on him and is about to garland his photo. Shivani comes and stops him saying he betrayed him. She says Daaju might be hurt seeing your betrayal. She angrily asks him not to come to her room again. Raghu thinks Maliksaa will find a way to proof his innocence. Shivani asks him to get out. Raghu looks at her sadly while the do dil bandhe plays…..Mahima and Jazz’s servant informs Abhi about Shivani forgiving Mahima and Jazz and about Shivani’s misunderstanding with Raghu. Abhi wonders how could it be possible. Raghu sees Shivani is having a bad time with the mosquitos in her room. He wonders what to do as she is not getting sleep. Raghu burns the mosquito repellent foil and make the smoke go inside her room. Shivani sleeps peacefully.

Raghu looks at her lovingly, just then he gets Abhi’s call. He picks the call and asks Abhi, why he called him. Abhi asks him, why he is tolerating the insult by Shivani. Abhi says how can she be so selfish. Raghu asks him not to speak anything against babyji. Abhi asks him, why he is doing this for her and asks his relation with Shivani. Shivani wake up and hears everything. Raghu tells him that Shivani is my wife. Shivani says oh,you are dreaming to be my husband and promises the betrayal will be costly for him. She says she can’t forget anything….Raghu disconnects the call and gets tensed.

Baburaam tells Lata that respect and money will come to them, once they get Shivani’s half property. Shivani overhears and thinks they are after her money and have been fooling her with their fake goodness.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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