Qubool Hai 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The doctor tells dilshad and shirn that rashid may be conscious but it would take some time for him to recover from the shock. Shirin asks him when would he be opkay. the doctor prescribes some meds and as dilshad is about to take them,` shirin takes it from him much to dislhad’s surprise. the doctor leaves. As dilshad begins to go, zoya asks why she lied about her acceptance in the family. Dilshad wipes her tears, and says that she’s here fro rashid and noone else. Zoya says that still its not right for them to ignore her like this, which is very irritating, and asks how does she bear this. Dilshad tells zoya that love teaches everything, and that now its on zoya, to get asad to learn the importance of this situation. Shirin and razia

overhear dilsahd telling zoya that she has to convince asad to stay here forever and not for a couple of days. while zoya is speculating, shirin and razia are shocked. As they leave, shriin tells razia that she was right in planning to stay here forever. razia says that its too deep now, and something has to be done.

When haider accidentally pronounces the name correct, its difficult for her to digest. Aas she is about to fall, whilke stomping from there, she is composed by haider. She remembers ayan also doing the same for her. She jerks herself away. Haider tells her that she could have hurt herself, due to the broken glass. humaira sees them and is irritated. Haider doesnt leave any turn to tease her. but humaiar gets serious, and says that this pain cant be more than the one she’s going through currently, and even if she feels pain, he should let that happen. In her ego, she starts walking Meanwhile, Haider takes humaira in his arms and takes her inside, despite her protesting fervently.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
nazma tells nikhat that the rationing on the kitchen is stopping and the maids too would come. When she finds nikhat disturbed, she asks if everything is all right with farhan, as she looks very tired. nikhat asks if she heard any noise last night, and tells about the anklet hearing. Before she can discuss further, haseena comes in interrupting them, saying that nikhat saw a bad dream, and how she put her to sleep. Nazma too asks her to go and rest. Nikhat complies and is about to leave, when her feet falls on a ghunghroo, and she is stunned.

razia cals up haseena, to invite her and chandbi for the religious ceremony that she has kept in the house. Haseena asks why this all of a sudden. Razia says that circumstances are like that in her house, and goes on to shock hgaseena also amusing her, about telling dilshad’s arrival in their house. She asks haseena to come, and she instantly agrees. Razia turns around and tells shirin, and says that this was her plan, as haseena would create such a drama, that dilshad would be forced to leave the house. shirin is tensed.

Humaira tells zoya that ayan didnt even look back one last time before going and now she has decided, that she wont care anymore for him. zoya is tensed. haider says that he knows how to get her to smile. Zoya says that if he really wants to do soemthing for humaira, then she’s here with him, in his plan.

nikhat comes to shirin that so much happened and she didnt even tell them. Dilshad and nazma too have the same talk. Shirin and dilshad both tell their daughters, that they cant trouble their daughters, in their own marital life. nazma motions nikhat to come along. nazma tells shirin and dilshad, along with nikhat, that this is a difficult time for them, and they can either fight, or be with and stand by each other, in this time. Nikhat too agrees, that if at this time, they arent together, then the outsiders would enjoy this. While they are getting affected, just then, haseena walks in screaming pretending to be horrified that the rumours she heard about dilshad moving in, are really true. They are shocked and surprised to see her. they turn around to face her. razia is happy to see her. the screen freezes on haseena’s flaming face.

Precap: In front of everyone in the family, haseena says that the entire city is talking, how at mamu’s house, a left woman is staying with the second wife, of her husband. she says that how it caused problems for one sister’s brother, as the other’s sister ruined the first’s sister’s family’s peace. she says that a left woman is staying with her own counterpart, in her husband’s life. While she continues talking, she is put to a stop, when asad’s voice calls out from behind asking her to stop. she is scared as she faces asad. He reprimands her as to how dare she talk like this about his mother. She is shit scared as she faces him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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