Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 8th August 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Emily pressing the final digit as three & everyone is tensed… She presses three by luck & the locker gets opened. Everyone is surprised & happy too including SurYa… Abhi announces emily to be the third final contestant. Adds that they will get to watch Devrani jethani in finals too. Sandy & emily hug. Abhi shows off the trophy. He then locks it. Abhi tells that they must know how they found the eight digit. He goes on to ask Emily first

Emily is tensed. Fakes of dozing off. Asks Sandy to explain. Sandy asks how is she feeling?/ Emily says ok. Sandy tells that abhi told them that it is of 8 digit & 8 from ashtavinayak, 2 from double decker bus, ring for 0 , tricycle for 3, iktaara for 1 & when they combine the get 08 2013

& she remembered the phrase Aaj nahi to kabhi nahi & it is the time which never returns… So she decided that it is the date & that too today’s dat 08-08-2013… Abhi claps saying that it is right… Praises sandy too. Adds that the three contestants are deserving He adds that the next day will be the final & adds that there will be a special person who is like bazigar & is a badshaah now. Asks whether they are interested to look out for him. Everyone nods. He asks them to have patience & come tomorrow. He adds that only one can win this trophy & 50000 Rs. Adds that for sandy & Emily it would be dificult today & also for their family… But there should be no relationship in the battlefield… They should fight… Everyone clap…

Sandy b day

Surya room.
Suraj thinks that sandy would get happy seeing these gifts… He hides those under the bed cover… He opens the door & quickly moves to have a glance at sandy coming after bath. He then rushes & stands near the balcony doing something with his nail. Sandy comes in & closes the door expecting suraj to iwsh. She does hick ups. but suraj doesn’t turn. Sandy wonders about the same. Makes some noise with bangles. Suraj enjoys all with slight smile (naughty). Suraj turns back slowly & they play hide & seek. Sandy goes near suraj & brushes her hair with the towel harshly. Suraj is surprised. She says that today is… Suraj tells that what??? Sandy tells that the monsoon is good. Suraj tells that it is as usual. Sandy wonders that suraj doesn’t even remember her b day


Suraj tells that climate looks good only when mind is good. Tells that it is the final day of competition … sandy leaves … While suraj continues saying(without knowing) that he has full faith… when he turns he find sandy left & worries that he can’t even wish her properly on b day. Asks her to get ready soon.
Sandy then goes on to do her work..Sandy searches something. Starts cleaning the mirror. Suraj gets shocked & asks her to start her work from the bed not as usual… Sandy nods & goes near bed. Suraj looks at her.

Sandy gets some doubt. She cleans sides of bed & watches suraj through mirror. She slightly removes the bed cover & finds gifts. Then sandy starts her nautanki She says that she must do different today & she will go out. Suraj is shocked & tries to convince her SAndy agrees & starts hick up.. Asks water from Suraj. Suraj finds the jug empty & leaves to get water & then sandy quickly looks at the gifts (so much gifts)

Break: SurYa seg contd…

Sandy is surprised & happy… Picks up a boquet & quickly thinks of something & keeps all the gifts on one bed spread & hides those under the bed Then arranges the bed quickly… She picks up one diary & leaves to mirror for cleaning.
Suraj comes & gives her water.. Sandy denies saying she is ok now…
Suraj asks sandy who is in front of mirror how it was??? Sandy with naughty smily says that he is looking good. Suraj tells that he is talking about the gifts. Ask about how was it.. SAndy then shows that she got his diary. Suraj gets shocked Sandy asks whether he kept money. Suraj tells that she must be playing. Sandy tells that she will help him. Suraj tells that he bought 21 gift for her b day… Sandy smiles…

Precap: Sandy ensures bhabo that she will do all her duty as the first DIL of rathi’s even if she iwns the challenge, becomes an IPS. Bhabo looks at her with pride or confusion

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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