Pavitra Rishta 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th August 2013 Written Update

Purvi passes by Soham, but fails to see him. Soham clashes with a guest and drops juice on him. Arjun comes there to cool down the guest. He turns and sees Soham and both are surprised. Soham quickly walks away from there. Arjun follows him.

Purvi sees Balan and hears his conversation about killing someone (gauri) and then Balan talking about Vishnu. She decides to talk with Arjun about this.

Arjun is trying to talk with Soham, but he’s avoiding him. Purvi comes and is surprised and happy to see Soham. She asks him if everything is okay as she saw Balan here as well. Soham avoids her question as well, but in end he tells everything that Gauri is kidnapped by Balan and Balan wants him to steal a necklace. Arjun says, they will call police, but Soham says, no. Arjun then asks Soham to think of a place where Balan can keep Gauri. Soham remembers one place and goes there. He tells Arjun and Purvi just to make sure Balan doesn’t find out about it.

Arjun and Purvi come back to the function. Arjun tells Purvi not to be panicked. Balan cannot see Soham and wonders if he left, but his man tells him that Soham cannot leave and risk Gauri’s life because his life is in her.

Arjun and Purvi tell everything to the person who arranged this function.
Soham comes to the place and sees Gauri is tied up. As soon as he releases her, she hugs him. Soham and her then quietly try to leave from there.

Balan sees Arjun, Purvi talking with the guards and wonder what they are doing there. He says, it’s better to leave from here. Arjun and Purvi see him trying to leave and ask the guards to catch him. They catch him, but Balan’s men fight with the guards. Arjun tries to stop Balan, but he’s able to run away. Arjun tells Purvi to call Manav and he goes behind Balan.

Archu returns home and Manav is very happy to see her. He hugs her. Archu asks for Soham. Manav tells her to go and get fresh first. Archu is leaving, and right then Purvi enters and tells Manav to save Soham from the goons. Archu hears it and asks where is Soham. Purvi is surprised to see her. She says, I will tell you everything later. They leave.

Soham and Gauri are trying to leave the place, but Balan comes there with his gang. Gauri hides behind Soham. Soham tries to fight, but him alone cannot fight with everyone. The goons are beating him, but right then Arjun enters and fights with Balan’s gang. Soham beats Balan and then points gun at him. Archu enters and asks Soham not to fire from a distance. Other side, Balan provokes Soham to fire a bullet. Archu screams and tells Soham not to fire. Soham listens to Archu and puts the gun down. Archu and Gauri are relieved. Manav comes with police and they arrest everyone. Manav warns Balan that this time he won’t be able to escape. Manav goes with police to sign formality papers. Archu tells Arjun to drop everyone as she wants to talk to Soham.
Archu asks him to come to home, but he refuses. Archu says, Purvi told me everything, but there are fights in every house.. you need to forget them and move on. Soham says, it’s not that.. no one takes me their own except you. I am an outsider for them.. why should I come there? I had fight and I forgave everyone, but I won’t come back to that house. Archu says, fine.. then I won’t go there either. Soham says, why won’t you go there? They are your family. Archu says, you’re son of that house. Soham says, if you love me, then you won’t force me for this. Archu asks, then where will you go? Soham says, I will go to mai (Varsha). He leaves from there.

Archu returns home upset. Purvi asks for Soham. Archu says, he didn’t come.. and will never come (looking at Manav). Purvi asks why? Archu says, because neither his house nor this family is his. Manav says, he left by himself. Archu says, but no one tried to stop him. Manav asks, you think he will stop if anyone had stopped? Archu says, maybe not, but at least he would have felt that there is someone in this house who doesn’t want him to leave. No one tried to stop him. She reminds him that this is same Soham for whom they waited for 18 years. He was changed as well and why are we doing this with him? He went back to Varsha and will never return. Archu goes to her room.

Sachu comes to Archuand apologizes her. He says, because of me Soham left this house and you’re hurt because of that. Archu asks, whats our relationship? Sachu says, what are you asking? Archu says, tell me. Sachu says, of a mother and a son. Archu says, I am mother of Teju, Ovi, Soham as well, but you’re the one who called me aai first. When you were a kid, I thought that you will keep all your family together. Sachu says, if you think mistake is mine, then.. Archu says, I am not saying that.. but you’re elder and it’s elders responsibility to forgive youngers and move on.. try to make them understand. Sachu says, but that doesn’t mean.. I take his arrogance. Archu says no but there’s different in showing authority and hating. I am sad because until today, you never took Soham as your brother. You didn’t scold him as an elder, you just hated him. He’s your younger brother and always will be. You have to make him understand, but with love.. not with hate. I just want all my children to happily live together. If you understand your aai, then try to understand. She leaves from there.

Precap: Gauri’s family is happy to see her back. Her father joins his hands to Soham, but Soham says, why are you joining your hands to me? In fact, I should be apologizing.. because of me, Gauri was in trouble..

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