Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone stopping the people from getting Sooraj’s shop name board. The man says Sooraj has sold this shop to me. Ved cries and hugs Bhabho. Bhabho recalls his words and yesterday night’s party. Sooraj tells everyone that he wants to make his dream true to make a hotel, and he has shut all doors so that he does not feel weak and think to return to his shop. Sandhya says he has thought well, his dream will be fulfilled.

He says he does not want any other way to come back, his shop will stop him from going ahead, he wants to move on towards his hotel dream, and for him, its like do or die. Babasa asks Sandhya whats Sooraj saying, why did she not stop him if she knew this. Sandhya says I did not know this, I came to know yesterday night, I was also shocked, but he is right, his decision made my trust more, no one can stop him from fulfilling this dream. Ved says Papa will take risk and become hotel owner, right? She says yes.

Sooraj apologizes to them for not telling them and says he did not tell as they may feel bad, but he is also a father and did not tell Babasa, so that he can’t see worry on his face, forgive me. He gives the sweet shop papers and asks Bhabho to give her thumb impression. Bhabho says yes, I will be sad to accept all this, its not easy. The shop made this house and fulfilled the family’s needs. She cries and says she is very proud of his bravery. She says he became a big businessman, she can see his dream coming true.

She blesses him. Sandhya cries. Sooraj hugs her and cries. She gives her thumb impression. Aryan talks on phone and comes home. He sees Mohit and ends the call. Mohit asks why is he happy. Aryan says about kabbadi match. Mohit says so much happened at home, he does not see Sooraj’s pain. Aryan asks what is he saying. Mohit taunts him. He says about the shop sold by Sooraj to make hotel. Bhabho says Sooraj sold shop, not his talent, when a person goes to do big, life asks for sacrifice.

She says its Sooraj’s shop, if he decided so, we should respect it. He asks Aryan not to feel bad of Mohit’s words and asks about kabaddi match. She says I will pray for you. Aryan says its big tournament, many teams will come. She says you should dream big, like Sooraj. Aryan smiles. Meenakshi works in Ankur’s home and talks to Vikram. She asks what, Sooraj sold his shop, why am I away from all this.

She gives milk to Vansh while he is playing. Bulbul asks him to have it. Meenakshi thinks she has to make Ankur scold Vansh and get proof. Ankur comes and says he will send client docs. He keeps his laptop there and sees the battery gone. He goes to get the cord. Meenakshi thinks if milk falls, then… She makes the milk fall on the laptop. Ankur and Bulbul are shocked. Meenakshi starts recording. Ankur sees Vansh.

Bhabho sees Sooraj’s pic and recalls him working at shop and his past moments. The man brings all the utensils and fryers there. Babasa comes and sees her sitting with those things. She asks why did he not sleep. He says he is afraid for Sooraj. She asks is he not sure of his decision. He says I m happy he is working for his dream, but he is feeling sad seeing his sweet shop shut. He says he was happy seeing him working well, it was his dream, if he fails in this dream, the family will shatter. Sooraj comes and holds his hand.

He asks them to get up and come, he has to show him something. He says he will call everyone. Meenakshi says what will happen now, what did Vansh do. Vansh says sorry, I did mistake and is scared. Bulbul says its my mistake, my hand touched the glass and milk fell, sorry. Ankur says you both did mistake, and you will be punished for being careless. Meenakshi smiles. Ankur says your punishment is…. You will come to watch movie with me. Meenakshi says movie? Ankru says he has sent his work file by phone and hugs Vansh. Vansh says Papa I love you. Ankur asks Meenakshi to clean the milk from the table. She thinks what will she say Bhabho now. Bulbul says Papa you are the best and hugs him. Sooraj gathers everyone. Misri says Meenakshi will come soon. Sooraj sits to show them something.

Ved says Papa does not have money. Taisa asks why can’t Sooraj eat it as its by his wife’s earnings and taunts him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid Director y don’t you use common sense….. Sooraj just now shuttered his shop. ….to reach his big dream. …but you started taunting sooraj. ..that he is surviving with his wife’s earnings. ..
    There is another person who is really need those taunts Mr.Mohit Rathi. ..after leap he is the one who surviving on wife’s earnings
    But you left mohit and started on sooraj. Always y lead role has to face all these non sense. ….use some sense. .which god had given

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Nothing to comments The story stands still.

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