Jodha Akbar 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In jungle Fazal and soldier are finding Jalal, they say dont know where he is, Jalal comes there on his horse, Fazal says thank God you came, i thought something happened, Jalal says what you thought that i got some ghost in jungle? i found a girl and helped her, this jungle is bushy thats why people are afraid of her, Laboni comes there and finds them going from jungle, she drowns herself in lake and washes her face, she says Jalal you can go away now but you will come back to me soon Jalal Uddin Muhammad Akbar. otherside Jalal stops and says to Fazal that i felt like someone called my name, he says ignore it, Laboni smirks, an owl sit on her shoulder.
In Agra, Jodha comes to Hamida’s room and finds her sleeping, she folds her hand infront her and is about to leave, Salima comes there, Jodha says i came to see her, how is she now? Salima says health is not good, she ask Jodha are you going somewhere? Jodha says going to Mandir to pray for Hamida, Salima says maybe your prayer will work, Jodha is about to leave, Salima congratulate her about Navrose day, Jodha says you too, Salima i pray that everything becomes, Jodha thinks that i will set everything right.
Voice over says that Jalal was coming back to Agra, otherside Jodha who didnt know it, was going to change her religion. Jodha wears same Muslim style dress and goes to mosque to change her religion.

Scene 2
Jodha comes at Dargah, Sufi songs are playing there. Jodha comes in Dargah and recalls how she came there with Jalal, Jodha prays Allah i have come to you, take me under your guidance, make Hamida fine, she ask Dasi to call priest, she thinks i have to do this for my mother, for my son, my nation, i have to do this, priest comes there and says you have to wait for a while, let good time start then we will start rituals, Jodha says ok.
Jalal with his soldiers reaches the same Dargah. he washes his face and leaves from there.
Jodha says to priest that i am ready to change religion, start ritual. Priest says ok, he ask Jodha have you willingly come here? Jodha says yes, he ask did someone force you? jodha says no, its my decision, priest says earlier you didnt accept Islam, i want your guarantee, she says yes, he says Islam have five basic pillars, first is Kalma which means that God is one and Muhammad is his last Prophet, 2nd is Namaz, third is fasting, 4th is Zakat(charity), fifth is you have to offer pilgrimage if you have money, he ask are to repeat all this and accept Islam.
jalal’s horse stop moving, he says maybe God wants me to stop there, he says i will offer Namaz in Dargah, i want to thank God for making me win this war.
Jodha start reciting Kalma reluctantly. Jalal has come there too, he is on otherside, Jodha doesnt say full Kalma, priest says you have to recite whole Kalma to accept Islam, but she doesnt. otherside one priest comes to Jalal, Jalal ask what is going on otherside? Priest says one lady is accepting Islam, Jalal ask if she is forced? he says no, he ask Jalal to congratulate her, Jalal says if she comign in Islam on her own will then its good, i will tell her she is safe in Mughal saltanat.
Jodha is still mustering up courage to say whole Kalma, Jalal comes there and says congrats, he is shocked to see its Jodha.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that you were accepting Islam under pressure, you have disrespected my religion and me, you have insulted me and my order, he leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. अरूण

    Is Shahanshah late, will he divorce Jodha as shown in promos ?

    1. OMG…. bro arun plz tell me where did u see this promo… is it true…?

    2. Will jalal really divorce JODHA?????
      This serial is really rubbbbbish!!!!!

    3. Really ……will jala give talak to jodha.

    4. Where did you see this promo?

  2. come jalal be really mad at jodha and show her that she disrespect your religion and your nation just to please old ass hamida if hamida chooses to die so be it but do not convert just to please her so jalal stand firm with jodha and chastise her for what she is about to do and as for that witchipoo girl and her mother get rid of them so that they would not hurt any more people do not fall prey to their evil

  3. This is crap this show n jamai raja was my two fav n only show that i does watch but now it not worth watching anymore it gone from bad to worse the writer only spoil these beautiful show with their stupid ideas

  4. Jodha doesn’t say ful kalma that’s mean she is a half Islam hahaha the story is not that great somehow they show jodha is strong and smart & other hand very week even husband & son go to war for her right …. & still follow hamida…. isn’t it foolish?

  5. अरूण

    Promos can be scene in…

  6. oh my…….only in the muslim serial there is black magic
    I wonder who comes up with these f**king garbage

    1. Sach mai yar ye to islam ki bezathi hai aur ye writters na sirf islam wale ko hi villian rakte fir hindu bohut acha hai kya?????! Sach mai to hindu hi ganthe hai!!! Hate hindu!!

  7. angy you’re a villain in real life.. I didn’t want to say this but you instigated me.. dare not, I repeat dare not say a word against my religion. The protagonist is also a muslim.. yet he has been trying to stop the don’t want to acknowledge that ? People like you just look for an excuses to vent out their frustration and incite hatred.
    You hate hindus, sad you can do us no harm. Period. 😉

  8. I just want to make it clear that I didn’t intend to offend anybody.. I have no issues with followers of any religion, but solely this person above.
    Angy you need to understand that not all hindus are good neither are all muslims. There are all sort of people in every religion, good bad both.
    So please refrain from making any derogatory comments in future.

  9. Shut up antra

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