Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya and Sooraj holding hands and a man holding her hand coming in between asking her to save him. Sooraj asks him to sit. Maya asks her to see everyone is fine, just one groom got killed, who was going for honeymoon, see his bride with bangles. Sandhya sees Shalu and cries. Maya asks Sandhya to take her 60 passengers and leave. Sandhya asks what does she mean. Maya says just 60, rest 5 will be here with me, till we reach a safe place. She says she does not trust her and her Indian govt, if she acts smart, then they will keep 5 dead bodies ready for her. Prema says there is something here. Zakir/RK signs Arjun to be cool. Prema gets the device and asks Arjun whats this, GPS device to follow us. She says all clear now and smiles seeing RK.

She throws the GPS device far. She walks to the plane. RK asks Arjun not to worry, as second GPS is still working. Maya says she will choose the 5 passengers. She says Gautam, stand up. Kavya also joins Gautam. Maya says so much love to live and die together. I can’t tell you will live or die. She says Sooraj and Bhabho, to control Sandhya and with them, Shalu will come. Mohit tells Emily that he can’t leave his family in trouble, see Babasa and Vikram, they are not even eating food. Emily says everyone will be back fine, I trust Sandhya. Mohit says even I trust her, but I hope they all come safe, I m feeling scared. She asks her to go and take the job.

He asks shall I think about myself and leave my family when they need me the most. She asks will he always take care of family, you regard Sandhya his idol, what did she do, she has given importance to her duty, Meenakshi told me that Babasa told her to choose between family and duty, she has chosen duty, if she can do this, why are you thinking so much, and asks him to go for Pari’s sake, else she will leave him and take away Pari with her.

Maya takes the 5 passengers and goes to deal with Sandhya, to take RK. Sandhya says Zakir, all the best. Zakir says I think they are believing us. Sandhya says we can’t think we won till we get the deal done. Prema asks her to send RK. Sandhya says come, take care and takes him out of the chopper. Prema and Disha smile seeing him. Maya says stop….. and walks to Zakir. Zakir says congrats for successful operation Grahan. Maya says congrats to you too and asks Sandhya to open his handcuffs. Sandhya opens his hand cuffs.

Zakir hugs Maya and says the credit goes to you, you guys did not lose courage even when the weapons were called, he is proud of them. He tells Sandhya to see RK’s team. Sandhya says they know the importance of innocent lives, else he was in jail since 5 years. Zakir says this is your weakness and tells Maya that they won, and now its time to end this game and fly. He says lets go. Maya says no Bhai, complete our team rules first. She says she can’t trust anyone. Sooraj and Bhabho curse RK and says why is Maya checking him, he is the devil. Maya says they will go when she is fully satisfied. Zakir says fine, get satisfied, then we will go.

Maya calls Prema and they ask RK about whom did he bump into first at Sooraj’s house. He says Chaturi. Prema gives him biscuit and tea, and Zakir eats it like RK. Maya tells about childhood story how they have fought for biscuit, she was 10 years old, does he remember. RK says no one can catch your lie even today. Maya says right. Sandhya gets tensed. Maya says as I stayed at Nani’s house and you were in child detention centre, we did not meet for five years. Prema says RK did not change, he is still having biscuit dipped in tea. Maya says where did you get shot first.

Zakir shows the mark. Maya says one last question, who is the real target of our mission. Sooraj or Sandhya? Sandhya thinks even Zakir does not know this answer. Zakir thinks Mission Grahan, its on Sooraj. He says Sooraj. Maya slaps him and shocks everyone. Maya looks at Zakir angrily.

Maya asks Prema to shoot Bhabho. Sandhya says if she shoots Bhabho, then she will kill RK here. Maya asks is RK here?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. unbelievable!!! This show used to have some quality. Why in the world would Maya and her team suspect Zakir when he looks and acts exactly like RK. We know it, Sandhya knows it but they don’t know that Zakir is acting as RK. And this doesn’t happen almost anywhere. So why would they suspect him.

  2. Load of nonsense, bull serial absolute rubbish. Enough of this bakwas

  3. disha is going to marry shanky at the end

  4. Chandrasekaran N

    Pull Pull pull this story like rubber

  5. It is Arjun … who is the culprit behind the leak

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